Posted by: Natasha | 2008/02/04

Question about Feral kitten

Hello all
Just a question about that Feral kitten I caught. I have had him/her at home since Friday. It is settling down nicely, and even let me rub it's tummy this morning.
My question is about it's tummy.
It has a huge tummy, but is a VERY skinny kitten with almost all it's bones sticking out. The vet (not my usual vet - my vet is in hospital ) told me that the tummy is so big because of the malnutrition.
Is that normal, and will the tummy eventually go "back to normal" ?
It is not walking around to much, but when it does, the back legs are out at funny angles (kind of like it has been riding a horse for a long time !!). The front legs move normally under it's body, but as for the back legs, one is going North and the other is going South. The vet said this is from the malnutrition as well.
I am not saying that I don't trust the vet, but was just wondering what all you guys think about it ?

Any advise from you guys about taming and nursing a Feral kitten would be appreciated. The vet said it is about 10 weeks old.
I am feeding 2 pouches of Whiskas Kitten Food a day. It does not seem to know what to do with pellets, but is fine with the Whiskas pouches and seems to be trying to gobble it up before it dissappears. I have also been giving it some Kitty Milk Formula in the morning and in the evening as the formula is supposed to have lots of vitamins etc for kittens. I am giving the Kitty Milk Formula after the antibiotic stuff that the vet has prescribed for the next 7 days. It pulls a funny face after I give it the medicine, so I am sure that is why it is enjoying the milk !!
It is loving the kitty milk.
It is a gorgeous kitten, so I am really trying to make it feel safe and sound.
Have a good day all.

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Our expert says:
Expert ImageCyberVet

The abdomen can become distended from eating large volumes of poorly nutritious food. When fed a good diet the abdoment should return to a normal size.

Sounds as if it is managing well and that you are coping fine!

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Posted by: Blaah | 2008/02/04

the swollen tummy can also be caused by worms
but i am sure you have had it de-womed by now
the swelling should go down eventually
but in the meantime just becareful with the kitten try not to roll it or play too roughly as they can twist thier tummies sometimes (we lost a feral kitten like that ages ago), it could also be from constipation from the rubbish it was been eating before

try to space the feedings through the day if possible so the kitty doesn't over eat in one helping it will also learn eventually that there is a constant supply of food coming from you and will stop wolfing its food so badly with age (but not quiet completely)

soon it will be demanding its feeds from you :)

maybe try hidding pellets aoround the room for kitty to find during the day to keep it occupied

perhaps speak to you vet whether it i possible that the kitty has rickets, that might be why the legs are so funny, then again it could be from the swollen tummy

kitty seems to be relatively tame from what you say, but remember contact should be on its terms till it trusts you completely don't pick it up if it doesn't want to be picked up
that things slowly even just sitting in the room with the kitten will help it learn to trust you

try to avoid catnip in the beginning as this maks some cats hyper and agressive introduce i when the kitty is more tame

the tail as well is a sensitive spot for some ferals as many of them have had themm injured, don't stroke the tail till you know kitty doesn't mind
stroking kitty with a warm damp towel can help you bond, but some perfer cleaning themselves and may attack the towel, my feral on the other hand perfered warm baths to a damp towel but he was nuts

if you can't space feedins through the day
feed twice in the morning and twice in the eveing with anything between two-three hours between

good luck and enjoy
time will help you tame

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