Posted by: Dalila | 2007/04/26

Puppy Breeding -

I know Im posting many questions.....
How do I go about finding out how to register a puppy for breeding. IE - I bought a Boston Terrior male last year December and Im getting his female partner in June this year - I know that they are pure breeds and Id like to try and make a little money by letting them breed maybe once or twice. How do I get this info?

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The dogs need to be registered with KUSA (Kennel Union of SA) and you should have a certificate of registration for both of them proving their parenthood. You will probably need to register a kennel name with KUSA as well. If you contact them they will be able to give yo all the requirements. About making money out of breeding animals - I'm not too sure about that most often you may breakeven.

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Posted by: WR | 2007/05/02

Hi there!

Dalila - If you wanna make money by breeding - STOP right there! You'll be lucky to break even, like Cybervet said! The only people who make money from breeding are the puppy-mill types!
A quick break-down on my last litter;
1) Have 2 registered dogs from KUSA - make sure you know the rules & regulations regarding breeding, and the breed's standard to perfection! And be sure to have the right equipment, accessories etc. that you will need - whelping box, IR-lamp (if needed), bottles (if needed), formula milk (if needed) etc.
2) Apply for an Affix (Kennel-name) from KUSA
3) They mated - you must witness these - so you can't just let them at it and hope a mating happened.
4)Mom-to-be eats like a machine - but you must watch this - cos if she eats to much, she gets too fat, and the pups could be 'tooo big' to be born naturally....
5)Stress...lots of stress....
6)Puppies born (took 13 hours) - I sat up - going to check on mum every hour or so.
7)Clean birthing kennel
8)Make sure all pups are suckling well
9)Get all 10 (9puppies) to the Vet for a check up
11)Mom eats more - Good quality food - R200 per week - Pay
12)Pups start eating - feeding 3 x a day - make sure they are all eating. - Pay
13) No rest.
14) Interview more than 50 people - making sure each pup goes to a VERY good home.
15) Each puppy innocculated and wormed
17)Tattoo each puppy
18) Pay
19)Register each puppy

You don't MAKE MONEY.
In between you must still try and stay awake at work, socialize each puppy, play with them, clean up after them (9x 4/5 poops a day..... - tearing up stuff...eating like pigs...) and still keep mom and dad happy as they are your pets!!!
And the worst of all - you have your heart broken 9 times as each puppy leaves (even though you KNOW that they are each going to the best home).

So yes, once you are ready for that (and a bit more) - breed, if you want - but don't expect to make money!


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Posted by: Joan | 2007/04/30

You must really think about doing this, its easy to say that you will not spend time with them so you wont get attached but beleive me my Daxies pups left us in 10 Feb and i still miss them so much, My daxie was very miserable while she was preggies and when the puppies were there cos they can't do their own thing anymore and are obligated to look after the pups, and when they start eating wow what a mess and its loads of work remember mom stops cleaning up after them once they start eating so you have to be on top notch keeping clean to avoid diseases etc. its a full time job if you want your pups have awesome up bringings. Please think about how you would feel if you found out that one of the pups you bred were starved and abonded or abused, not saying it will happen but think how you would feel if you didn't want to make that bit of money through breeding that you wont make then that pup would not have been in the situation it is in.
Please think about it carefully, i already had buyers for my pups before they were born and i'm still in contact with the owners snd i have an agreement with them that if they do not want the pups for any reason they are returned to me no questions asked. And worst of all it killed me to let them go, hubby couldn't stand seeing me cry like i did and my daxie looked for them day in and day out pining for them, it hurts them as well taking there babies away.

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Posted by: Carol | 2007/04/26

This can get complicated ..... are the parents both registred with KUSA ?? if so the entire litter would have to be registered .

oops ..... i meant if not

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Posted by: Carol | 2007/04/26

This can get complicated ..... are the parents both registred with KUSA ?? if so the entire litter would have to be registered .

If the parents arent registered with KUSA then although they are "pure bred" they arent registered .

Now you arent going to make any money whatsoever breeding puppies ..... it costs a fortune to make sure mommy dog is in top notch condition and to have regular check ups at the vet .... then the puppies have to be seen to ...... which also isnt cheap .

What im wondering is apart from making money why on earth do you want to add to the already overflowing pool of unwanted puppies ???????? lets assume both dogs are registered .... are you prepared to show them to make sure that they are indeed the best that the breed has to offer other words apart from making money are you equally intent on bettering the breed ?????

IMO the ONLY reason to breed cats or dogs is to better the breed ... no other reason.

Im trying to be realistic and not harsh ... breeding is best left to the experts .....

I rescue and I see the results of "breeding" daily please reconsider .

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