Posted by: Jon1992 | 2008/12/07

Psychological Disorders

Hey this is the first time ive ever spoken about this to really anyone but its gotten quite out of hand, causing me at times to self harm to either distract myself from my thoughts or help me gather a release.

I think i may have Schizophrenia or a psychological disorder like it. It would explain a lot, as a person who doesnt have any friends this is all I have to really say what' s happening. As my mum or my brother wont really believe me enough to take me anywhere to get it properly checked, so maybe just a " you need to get it checked"  from you will help persuade them.

Well here it goes. For awhile now ive always had a voice in my head, and every time i think of something it always tries to conflict with me and causes me to get really paranoid even now. This means that it takes me for ever to make simple decisions as i always have to fight it or it wins and i do the opposite or whatever it wanted me to do its kinda hard to explain so sorry.

The paranoia has grown, into me feeling that my former friends were all trying to betray me and all secretly hated me causing me to toss them aside, im not really bothered that i lost them as friends but now i cant really seem to trust anyone, and often times think the people around me can read my thoughts so when I start talking to this voice in a low tone to avoid getting looks, i panic because i think they can hear anways and are judging me even though they are not looking my way.

My mind just constantly racing and whenever i get a time to just sit down or lie down, like going to bed, i often visualise bad events in my head over and over and over again causing me to really get depressed and distressed and making it hard for me to sleep.

Anytime a stressful situatiion comes up small or big i want to run. If someone hands me a project to do, i cant ever get it right or get to the end and give up causing me to do quite bad currently in my A-levels.

Sorry if this all seems like a jumble of kinda thoughts then an actual written piece, im not all that great at english even though its my native language. Just i have lots of thoughts and its hard to kinda work them into one setting.

I dont really know if im tricking myself into thinking i have schizophreina or if i actually have it i think i have rambled on too long even though theres much more i want to really talk about but i dont want to waste all of your time reading this. Thanks for even opening this page, any kinda of response would be nice.

Cheers. Jonathan Roberts (UK)

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Hi Jonathan,
It's good to hear from you. You don't mention your age, which can be relevant in clarifying a diagnosis, as different disorders are more common at different ages. When you mention your mum and brother not being prepared to take you anywhere to get things checked, this suggests you may be relatively young, or you'd surge off on your own. Especially if you are based in the UK, where there are better and more widely accesable psychiatric services than in most countries. You could access these through your GP ( would they help you visit a GP without detailed discussion of WHY you wanted to do so ? ) ; or through any hospital casualty ; and if you are still at school, someone in school health would probably be able to arrange for you to see someone.
I understand the sort on thing you are talking about, and it is indeed difficult to explain or describe to others. But a psychiatrist or psychologist, with proper training and experience would be able to understand, to ask the right sort of useful questions, and to clarify what is happening. There are in fact several possible explanations for a situation like this, and all of them can be improved or cleared up with the proper professional help.
Interesting that this voice you hear apparently can't be heard by others near you, ( which could indeed be a variety of hallucination ), but you feel that when replying to it, you need to vocalize your responses audibly ( raising the problem of not wanting to be overheard by others ) rather than just thinking a response, assuming that whatever the voice is, it would hear you as well as you hear it. And as it is probably that the voice arises from within your own mind, a response from yourself is as logical.
From your description of how things are for you, I don't think it's likely to be schizophrenia ( thopugh that is always a possibility for many of us when we become distressed in this way ) and is likely to be something even more readily brought under control. But for effective treatment of ANYTHING, the first step is a full assessment by a competent specialist, then a sound diagnosis, and then a treatment plan discussed and adopted between you and the therapist. You have been wise and sensible to recognize that something is wrong and unhelpful, as well as uncomfortable and unpleasant, and that something needs to be put right. That is the first a crucial step, and you have taken that. DO arrange to see a good local shrink wherever you are in the UK. and do feel very free to keep in touch with us here on the Forum, to discuss what's happening, as you make progress and work your way through this. We look forward to hearing further from you as things start to work out.
Cheers for now

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Posted by: Just someone | 2008/12/07

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Posted by: Tired | 2008/12/07


Seems like we' re one of a few working on a Sunday. To make an extreme long story short, I am adopted an have met my biological mom. One of my first questions to her was whether depression runs in her family, as I suffered badly from it in the past and am still on anti-depressants. She said no, but mentioned long after that discussion, that her dad (my granddad) committed suicide. Now I think you will agree with me that you have to be severly depressed to commit suicide. Could my depression thus be inherited?

I' ve been for loads of counselling to sort out my adoption issues and have done so effectively. I have also been on Nuzak for the last 8 years, tried to go off it various time, and had to start taking them againb cause I became so depro.

Anyways - got married recently, work sux and I am taking a severe dip. I don' t want to do anthing, see anyone etc. Do you think I should visit my GP, I am wondering of this Nuzak is maybe not doing the job anymore.

I really don' t want to go see a therapist, there is just nothing to tak about.

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