Posted by: Louisa | 2010/03/15

Pregnant - Help needed

Hi Doc,

I found out on Thursday that I am pregnant when the doctor did a urine test. Afterwards I had to go for a blood test. I am still waiting for the results of the blood. The doctor says it will onyl be ready in this week.

When should I go to the gynae? What are the next steps, what should I eat? Is there anything to help with nausea? I really have no idea about anything and really need your help.

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Unless you have medical illnesses or have had problem pregnancis, you can go to the gynae cologist between 8 -10 weeks. Ginger tea and ginger biscuits often help with nausea. Other than alcohol and raw foods, you can eat most things.

Best wishes

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Posted by: gynaedoc | 2010/03/17

Unless you have medical illnesses or have had problem pregnancis, you can go to the gynae cologist between 8 -10 weeks. Ginger tea and ginger biscuits often help with nausea. Other than alcohol and raw foods, you can eat most things.

Best wishes

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Posted by: Rae | 2010/03/16


I know a few women who have had nausea right until the end of their pregnancy ....

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Posted by: alison | 2010/03/15

i''m now 4 months pregnant. after 3 months your nauseu will subside. eat a few dry crackers/cornflakes in the morning - basically whatever you can stomache.very small snacks actually ease the nausea. Important to take folic acid for first 3 months - get at chemist.
i think gentle excercie is best, don''t go overboard - do what your body tells you. I rested mainly for the first 3 months.

very good book is DK'' " Your pregancy week by week"  ..its R300, very very comprehensive - tells you everything. and has lovely pictures/diagrams.
congratulations!! :-) soon you will be celebrating your pregnancy (it took me 3 months to totally accept it)

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Posted by: S | 2010/03/15

Hi. I see some good advice above. I would book the gynae visit for the 6 week mark, as i did, cause then the doc should be able to see the heartbeat. (before that it''ll still be too early). Stay away from anything with caffeine in it, including decaf coffee, chocolate, coke, then raw fish as well. You can have tea. My fertility specialist suggest i take Centrum materna, and 1 folic acid tablet per day. All the best!!!

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Posted by: Purple | 2010/03/15

Buy yourself the book " what to expect when you are expecting"  it has helped many, many pregnant women with the remarkably similar questions we all have (though you will still have plenty more to ask your gynae and plenty more to post here to gynaedoc).

As soon as you get the blood test results, phone your gynae for an appointment. Some gynae''s like to see you at this time and do a scan and check the heartbeat, others are happy for you to wait till 13 weeks. IF you don''t like your gynae''s approach, now is the time to find another gynae. Your gynae will probably also give you an info pack.

Book now for antenatal classes (they teach you a lot more than breathing). The good ones book up early, so ensure you have booked by the time you are 8 or 9 weeks otherwise you won''t get a spot. Your gyane will usually recommend someone who teaches things according to his preferences. I went to Tina Otte in Randburg - she is fantastic. If I still lived in Joburg I''d go again for my second pregnancy (still trying) as I" m sure lots has changed due to new research in the last 6 years).

Don''t smoke or drink alcohol. There are no safe limits of either. People who believe there are are just deluding themselves.

You can carry on excercising, but avoid doing things like bungee jumping, leaping out of helicopters, horseriding and so on, where you could fall badly.

Continue wearing your seat belt in your car. Even when heavily pregnant, you just put the lap belt under your bump.

If you don''t excercise, then start walking or swimming. You are training for something that takes the same energy as running a marathon. Try to walk or swim everyday, even if you just brisk walk around a shopping centre.

If you haven''t been taking folic acid and pregnancy vitamins, then start taking them. The folic acid is to prevent spina bifida and cleft pallet and harelip. You should take from 3 months before trying to fall pregnant, but we do get folic acid in cereal, bread, and some types of vegetables, so don''t panic if you haven''t as if you have been folloiwng a healthy diet it will probably be fine.

Don''t have very hot baths or sauna''s or use hot water bottles or electric blankets.

In terms of eating, you can pretty much eat anyting, but in moderation.
Avoid things that could give you listeria - such as soft cheeses that aren''t pasteurised, salads left sitting all day in supermarkets, soft serve ice creams.
Don''t eat anything that is raw.
Probably not the right time to try anything you''ve never eaten before.
Don''t eat liver as it has lots of vitamin A - but once again, moderation is key - if you eat a tub of pate its bad, if you have a few melba toasts with chicken liver pate on them, it''s absoloutely fine.
Cut down on caffeine.

Sip water slowly throughout the day as it keeps you hydrated but doesn''t add to the amount of times you are already running to the loo.

Nausea starts at around 6 weeks. Not everyone gets nauseaus. Some get badly nauseas and some vomit non stop day and night (me).
Ginger is very helpful with nausea. Buy the root and grate a bit into a cup and pour boiling water over to make a tea. Ginger biscuits, ginger ale also help.
The most important thing is not to let your tummy be empty as that is when nausea is at its worst, so in a tupperware next to your bed, keep provita''s, melba toast etc to eat before you even get up to go to the loo on waking.
Dry toast is great for breakfast.
Some people find mint flavoured things and sour things helpful but that didn''t work for me. They just tasted minty or sour.
The only food I could keep where it should have been was dry toast and banana''s.
I also liked orange juice that I had frozen to slush, it helped with my nausea - as did lemon sorbet (maybe the sour thing did work for me).
I found that sucking lollipops worked too.
The worry with high sugar things such as lollipops and marie biscuits is that although they work at first (so great in emergency), your sugar level drops again quickly and you then feel worse.
Something my gynae told me to take was essentiale (the hangover tables), as they are just pure vitamin B. It helped quite a bit.
Nausea stops at around 12 - 14 weeks.
Brace yourself, everyone tells you that isn''t long - well, if they have gastro for that long then they should pass judgement.

Its such an exciting time. Read up and arm yourself with knowledge, it makes what can appear scary at first much easier to deal wtih when you understand what is happening to your body.

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