Posted by: Just thinking:Bonga | 2013/02/19

POST 134 :Is it not shingles?

The post is confusing me.It sound to me his GF has shingles over the face.
that can be one development of a snake.People need to condomise to avoid such strains.If the shingles like symptoms spread all over the body one need to get medical attention.It is infected blood and the kidneys are not functioning properly.
I ''d advise further full blood count to ascertain the VL.
People need to condomise.........This sound like straind from multiple partners.Call it negligence.
Hope I didn''t offend

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Posted by: Prins | 2013/02/19

what a !!!
Ngoba : I don''t want to sound blunt but I think you {Ngoba} need to do something with those infections stretching all over your body.
You must have been offended.As I read this I see there is a point.
If I sleep with a person who have an hiv related strain of ringworm I may sure get the same strain.There is 90% chance.

Ngoba : You need to think before pressing the send button.You pathetic moron

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Posted by: Ngoba | 2013/02/19

Yes no Bonga, you both narrow minded. Take time to read before uttering such bul*
What is VL and condomising has anything to do with this? why not start by researching what is a ring worm in first place? What causes it? yerr maan!

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Posted by: Yes | 2013/02/19

I agree with Bonga in a way Lee.
Like ringworm shingles can be an after-effect of not protecting oneself.Can be a form of strain you get from an infected person hence the teachings about condomising.

What I want to know mina is whether lamisil is safe to use on face and back of neck.
I am worried about its composition

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Posted by: Lee | 2013/02/19

@ Bonga Whether or not its shingles is story for another day. yes they do look quite similar but in the case of shingles, the girlfriend wouldn''t stand the pain. She just needs to go to her GP he/she will know exactly what it is and what the best treatment for such will be.

As for the condomising part, i don''t see how it relates to ringworms/ shingles.

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