Posted by: Glenn | 2005/11/30

Post 11605 is highly offensive

Hi everyone - I find post 11605 highly offensive. Such comments do not belong on the Health24 site. While no threats of violence can be condoned, homo-prejudiced outbursts and threats of violence on the basis of sexual orientation are uncalled for and contravene the Constitution - they are thus illegal.

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Firstly, this posting and thread may now seem puzzling to newer readers, as I have indeed chosen to remove some unpleasant comments within the previous thread, which were or bordered on homophobia, and were inappropriate. And of course, then I need to remove at least within that thread, some of the other comments, even if wholesome, that make no apparent sense in the absence of the elements that they are specifically commenting upon.
Secondly, I think that all of us with an interest both in free speech and in discouraging hateful speech, should avoid flying into a rage about Constitutional contraventions at the drop of a hat. Many Government policies in action, especially the entire approach to AIDS of the Minister, Dept and Cabinet, contravene the Constitution, as I read it --- and as those faults actually threaten individuals lives very directly, I think our energies are better devoted to changing those idiotic policies and failures, rather than getting too excited about individuals expressing old-fashioned and prejudiced views. It is important to know that such views still exist, and to work in the broader sense towards changing them, rather than entirely silencing and denying them.
Thirdly, I'm fully occupied with dealing with this exceedingly busy forum, and don't have the luxury of time enough to visit the Gay/Lesbian forum. But, taking up the point zzz raised --- can you assure me that all postings in that forum are totally free of anti-straight, potentially offensive, comments, too ? If any such postings exist, they are equally anti-constitutional ! I'm sure you leap just as energetically to ensure that any such postings are removed from your forum, too ?

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Our users say:
Posted by: Nikki | 2005/12/01

Oh catch a wake up Rr !!!!!!!!!

Gay is NOT a CHOICE, lump it or live with it!

Reply to Nikki
Posted by: █ Parab۝☻la █ | 2005/12/01

The silly season has well and truly kicked in.

Reply to █ Parab۝☻la █
Posted by: Delene | 2005/12/01

Gay man, it was me who said its best to not start that discussion. Reason simply was...It is POINTLESS....its a debate that gets people fired up & say things that make them stupid and causes a fight on here.

Reply to Delene
Posted by: rr | 2005/12/01

Daai ding van ag ek is so gebore.Bull man!!!

Reply to rr
Posted by: zzz | 2005/12/01

I am not a homophobic at all. I have a lot of gay friends who I love and adore. I agree this posting was very offensive and we ignored it because we know it will start a argument and all hell will brake loose. I do visit the gay forum and boy the straight people get slammed there like crazy. One person gives a nasty comment and you are all over the place. There is a lot of very nasty remarks over straight people there and I just ignore it because I know not all straight poeple are homophobic and I know not all gay people hate straight persons so common guys don't let one nasty remark get to you. It is world aids day today and I am going to burn a candle

Reply to zzz
Posted by: ... | 2005/11/30

Well.. a debate on homosexuality cannot take place in isolation of heterosexuality....but you have to face the reality that homosexuality isn't as predominant as heterosexuality (at this stage)... and so for many people it still needs to be debated.. that's the reality.... but I get your point!

Reply to ...
Posted by: Straight Girl | 2005/11/30

Yep, I find that some people are only sensitive and tolerant to things that are personal to them. It takes nothing to be derogeratory, anyone can be. My respect goes to those who respect others and can be sensitive to their feelings without imposing / inflicting their one sided view points.

Take it from whence it comes...

Reply to Straight Girl
Posted by: Gay Man II | 2005/11/30

Instead of a debate on homosexuality, why not a debate on heterosexuality?

Reply to Gay Man II
Posted by: Gay man | 2005/11/30

Frusty, if the post had addressed race or religion you may not so easily refer to "...a big song and dance..." - think about it!

Reply to Gay man
Posted by: ... | 2005/11/30

I agree... part of that post is offensive... some people just don't understand tolerance at all... people don't have to agree with everything in this world... and I'd say that a debate on homosexuality is okay... but derogatory remarks are just immature... in fact... the post actually shows the ignorance of the poster... so perhaps we shouldn't get too offended!!

Reply to ...
Posted by: Frusty | 2005/11/30

Gay Man, I did protest. I do not condone violence, threats, nastiness or bad behaviour of any sort. We are all supposed to be adults and as such treat each other with respect. Each and every one of us is entitled to respect. It is a basic human need. However, there is also such a thing as freedom of speech. There are so many things said every day that I do not agree with or believe in, but I do not kick up a stink about it. That merely causes an argument. This forum is here for people who need help, not for arguments about who is right and who is wrong etc. We have a choice here to act like adults and just let it go, or to make a big song and dance.

Reply to Frusty
Posted by: Straight Girl | 2005/11/30

I agree with you 100%. In the past Ive received a blasting because I was offended by racist / homophobic / anti - simetic postings and said so. It seems as some people are so stuck in their narrow minded beliefs nothing can change their view point..which is fine, they are entitled to it but should learn to be more respectful. In the end it says more about themselves than it could anyone else on the receiving end.

Reply to Straight Girl
Posted by: Gay man | 2005/11/30

Thank you - I agree. Its also disturbing how few people spoke up in protest - one merely said it is best not to raise such discussions here, implying perhaps that the forum is too public but that such discussions are acceptable in private.

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