Posted by: Thrax | 2013/01/11

Poor memory, concentration, avoidance, anxiety

Hi cybershrink I would like to start off by saying that I have started using fluoxetine agaon after years of staying away from the drug after pressure from my father to keep off it and I thought it would be weak to take it. I remember when I was working fullk time and taking the drug and I felt good I cant remember what happened but I remember being manic and not being able to relate to people because I was high, I only took one small tablet per day in the mornings and I remember I couldnt sleep at all. You have more energy when you are on prozac but it always felt fake, but at least its a lot better than being so depressed. I was prescribed the medication from tara medical facility. So now Im back on the medication for approx two weeks, I got the medication from discoverrers health centre a government clinic for free as I donthave medical aid and dont have a full time job. I suffer from anxiety and have coped with this anxiety for years by not having a job and by avoiding social contact and work for a long time. My symptopms on the fluoxetine is that Im amotivated, lethargic, and just more depressed. I dont know what to do as I got prescribed the medication by a private psychiatrist and she charged R1800 for 50 mins. She got a lot of phone calls in the mddle of the appointment and interruptions from her receptionist as well. However she did make time for the medical rep thats for sure before my appointment with her. Maybe these doctors are getting a kickback from these drug companies? So the prozac isnt going very well for me but however Ive only used it for two weeks, I cant live like this anymore. Im isolated, lonely and hardly making any money. Is there a psychiatrist that I could see through a governement instituion? I cant afford R1800 for another trial and error session with another psychiatrist. Cant I see someone through a varsity or so forth? Ive thought of weening myself off the prozac now by myself but is that wise? I just wish I had more money to handle all these things. Doctors are so expensive! Seeing a psychologist this saturday for a session and she is trained in cbt as I see you recommend a lot to people on this board, in fact its recommended a lot everywhere these days. Is my body now resistan to prozac? I remember myself getting depressed again after being on the prozac for like more than a yrear and half. Maybe I should try another antidepressant? Thanks for your help.

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Expert ImageCyberShrink

Never accept pressure from any ignorant non-professional person, father or otherwise, to take or not take any medicine recommended by a shrink or doctor for any good reason.
It is weak NOT to take any medicine one needs, and NEVER weak to take treatment that is needed and properly expertly recommended.
If you've seen someone at Tara, they should have made a proper diagnosis and treatment plan, and should have discussed this with you.
The cost of your private visit does sound high, and she should NOT have taken phone-calls or any interruptions during your session. Some drug companies may at times seem unscrupulous in how they promote some drugs, but usually there's no motivation to do so with a really old drug like prozac. Tara, being liked to the Wits medical school, should inded be able to give you access to a proper specialist psychiatrist.
You shouldn't be physuically resistant to prozac bu now ( and you're wise, by the way not to just suddenl;y stop mit on your own without proper guidance from a doc ) but there are many newer antidepressants which might suit you better. Properly chosen, such ADs can help with social anxiety, too.
Counselling / psychotherapy of the CBT format is shown by good research to be effective in depression, anxiety and a bunch of other disorders, without taking forever

The information provided does not constitute a diagnosis of your condition. You should consult a medical practitioner or other appropriate health care professional for a physical exmanication, diagnosis and formal advice. Health24 and the expert accept no responsibility or liability for any damage or personal harm you may suffer resulting from making use of this content.

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Posted by: Thrax | 2013/01/11

Hi there Dee thanks for a lovely and helpful reply, have you managed to get yourself out of a difficult spot, what lessons did you learn and how did you manage to do it? Many thanks again. hehe Where are these self esteem workshops? Maybe good idea to take up martial arts?

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Posted by: Deeve | 2013/01/11

Hi There, You mention you have an appointment with a Therapist - GREAT! Make sure this is the start of MANYsessions! There are self esteem workshops you can attend too. Fixing yourself could take a few months to a few years, however, if you don''t start now (and continue with it ) nothing will ever change. I promise, with Therapy and Meds you will sort this.
Your anxiety etc is also obviously adding hugely to your problems - you know and recognise all of that. Your Therapist should be able to send you in the right direction for help. If you get the right meds your life will start changing overnight, however you will still need to continue with Therapy.
Listen Fellow, there are solutions to EVERYTHING in life. You just haven''t found yours yet. Ending your life is NOT part of ANY solution. Take ownership now and get help. You owe it to yourself to sort things while you''re still young. You know the problems - you describe things brilliantly - now get help and FIX them! You''ll look back later and realise this was the best investment you EVER made! Best of Luck

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Posted by: Thrax | 2013/01/11

haha, hi doc have just sent this post and now read the subject matter and realised I have forgotten to mention my problems wwith memory and concentration. I battled terribly to study in school and had no interest in it, throughout my life I have battled to stick to something and maintin interest. I tried an office job and went mad, hated every bit of it. I battle to watch a tv programme and to maintain focus and of course to watch a movie or read a full book. I will start something and never finish, and when I try and start again I forget about it and then go and do something else as I forget about it or cant maintain inteest. I remember drumming at the back of the class in school cos I enjoy the drums, I also suffer from social anxiety and fear ridicule and embarassment, I feel totally inferior due to my poor grades and my inability to achieve anything worthwhile after being alive on this planet for 29 years! I have pitifully low self esteem and wil avoid something until it becomes a joke, like I have two motorbikes in the garage I need to sell but I still havent gone ahead and sold them. I still have loads of my mothers furniture from years ago that I havent sold yet. It just sits here in the storage room and I could make money for it. I have to build up great amounts of courage and force myself to do the most basic things, fix something, sell something, read a bok I want to read, go for some lessons on something and so forth. My life is a nightmare and I have been trapped like this for years, I feel like the answer is honesty to commit suicide because doctors dont seem to care and my mother has passed away, my sister is in Australia, my dad is in eastern cape and is 76 anyway so he should have his space. I hate my life and I feel intense shame, I want to hide and just save pennies so that I wont have to go out into the world and face the ridicule that I faced so harshly from my father and peers when I was younger. I have all the symptoms of avoidant personality disorder, and as you can see from that post regarding the girl I dated I tried everything to keep the rrlationship going for fear of failure and rejection. One of the symptoms of avoidants is hypersensitivity to rejection. Perhaps I was overanalysing things with this girl and when I couldnt meet her expectations I panicked and started looking for things to prove that I wasnt good enough? Maybe it was all in my head? Almost like a self fulfilling prophecy, she said that I want to see that she is rejecting me and its all in my head so there you go, maybe it was. This puts a whole different spin on my previous post so I wonder if Im the one at fault here?

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