Posted by: What NEXT? | 2007/08/12

Please explain something....

Over the years I have become increasingly concerned about the high profile of homosexual people in the media.

We have to read about lesbians and homosexuals all the time, complaining and moaning as if they have the worst possible lives one could imagine; they're either in court or on TV or on the radio or in the news for some reason but they never seem to shut up.

Forty normal women get raped and murdered and no one says anything, A lesbian gets raped and they all start shouting. What's the issue - rape? So why not shout when ANY woman gets raped!

You seem to only think of yourselves and your own interests and seem pre-occupied with getting as much attention as you can.

Every single situation that arises is twisted and distorted so that you can complain and become oppressed victims again. You seem to have no pride and you certainly have no shame.

But today, to crown it all, I visit a respected health forum and what do I find? A forum for homosexuals!! For goodness sake - why? Are you all sick? Why on earth hve you infiltrated a serious health forum with your ridiculous complaints and etty little problems? Since when are you so special that you're unable to consult a CyberDoc or s CyberShrink or a CyberVet, like everyone else? Or do your poodles also require SPECIAL attention, just like you do?

And to add to my dismay, you even have a so-called expert in homosexuality! What on earth is that about? Where is the heterosexual expert on this site? Ah..... heterosexuals are not as special as homosexuals, I hear you say.

I did an Internet search on your expert and again, what did I find? Someone who is a loud-mouthed attention seeker commenting on everything from condoms, blood donations, sexual diseases, parenting, medical and legal issues, to the entire wide world when in fact he is neither a doctor nor a lawyer nor even a parent! But he does have a girl's name so perhaps that level of confusion qualifies him as an "expert" on this condition? The blind leading the blind, on a path that can only lead to ridicule and regret.

I will not honour your sordid forum with a question but I will post a suggestion to Health24 - get rid of the homosexuals and don't allow them to claim undue space. What is good enough for heterosexuals should be equally good for homosexuals (and let's be clear about this, all other deviants and perverts) and make them establish their own websites where they can get on with it without normal people having to be confronted by their sordid and unhappy lives.

No doubt the homosexuals and lesbians who post here will be up in arms and will scream and shout as they usually do but hey! life IS sometimes unfair, nature can be harsh but that applies to everyone. So stop complaining and get on with your miserable lives in private.

I hope that when I visit here again you'll be gone. It will be good riddance.

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Our expert says:
Expert ImageGay, lesbian and bisexual expert

Hi everyone... Mind your step, a particularly ugly, nasty and odiferous pile of poop has landed from Straightville. Just step over it - let's not dirty ourselves by trying to toss it back.

I'm not going to delete this post - it is a great example of the heterosexist ignorance and intolerance we often have to face in our daily lives.

The information provided does not constitute a diagnosis of your condition. You should consult a medical practitioner or other appropriate health care professional for a physical exmanication, diagnosis and formal advice. Health24 and the expert accept no responsibility or liability for any damage or personal harm you may suffer resulting from making use of this content.

Our users say:
Posted by: ollie | 2007/08/20

ag, just ignore the wannabee queers... they wish they were as FABULOUS as us.... f*ckholes

Reply to ollie
Posted by: Tiara | 2007/08/16

I'm mad and pissed off at this post, besides all the garbage it spews it also includes a very personal attack against our expert and I don't think that's on at all.... how can you call someone who bravely stands up and takes a stand against discrimination and prejudice and ignorance, and tries to help people, as an attention seeker? Does that make Zackie Achmat an attention seeker for speaking up for AIDS treatement and access to ARVs? "Shooting the messenger" is just gossly unfair and a cheap defence against the truth. We need MORE gay role models, people who will take a public stand for our interests.

Cheers to your response expert, well done.

Reply to Tiara
Posted by: Anon | 2007/08/16

Wow NatureFreak - a profoundly relevant statement and oh so true... a very wise reflection on society and where we're at. And to Lala - a warm hug for you and a very sincere 'thank you'. I respect straight people who take a stand against prejudice and that makes you a star.

Reply to Anon
Posted by: NatureFreak | 2007/08/16

We have just enough religion to make us hate but not enough to make us love one another.
- Jonathan Swift, satirist (1667-1745)

Reply to NatureFreak
Posted by: Sad | 2007/08/15

Sad that homphobes are still stuck in such a sad space instead of being able to embrace everyone as being wonderfully unique. I support you Lala, at the end of the day we all want the same things: love and security. It doesn't matter whether we are straight or gay. And well said Paul. Thanks everyone.

Reply to Sad
Posted by: Art | 2007/08/15

If it weren't for LGBT people, your straight lives would be utterly BORING!!! Who do you call to fix your beautiful bouquet at your wedding? US! Who do you call to come and change the decor in your drab homes? US! Who do you run to when your stupid straight hairdresser messes up your coiffure? US!!!!!! So, you say we, as the minority, are an abomination in your sordid lives???? It is our PINK Rand that keeps YOUR economy running!!! I REST MY CASE!!!!!!

Reply to Art
Posted by: Chameleon_boy | 2007/08/14

Lala!! Well said!!!

Hugs babe!!


Reply to Chameleon_boy
Posted by: Lala | 2007/08/14

I am straight but really we do not need to jugde other people, let us appreciate and respect each other, this is a free country and God is for us all. Peace!!

Reply to Lala
Posted by: Nikki | 2007/08/14


What are you doing here?????

I am much rather part of a minority then a totally sicko majority who continue to rape, steal, murder and abuse alcohol to no end.

You sound like part of the sick community that from Monday to Saturday sit and judge people and then take your "holy" twoface to church on Sunday without really understanding what your preacher says.

Now if you are so right and we are so wrong I challenge you to a national TV debate, bet you wont show your sorry face but sit behind a faceless PC screen and JUDGE, have you learned nothing from your holy bible as you certainly dont understand the word repent.



Reply to Nikki
Posted by: Deeve | 2007/08/14

Hey Julia.......we owe you absolutely nothing....! What answers you looking for....lost something that you hope to find while fishing around this forum? Not going to find your sanity here, Sicko!

Reply to Deeve
Posted by: Brad | 2007/08/14

GRrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr at Julia and your cronies. YOU need to repent for your arrogant judgement of us!

Reply to Brad
Posted by: Julia | 2007/08/14

You people are a sick minority who claim to have the answers, and here again you don't answer us but just make noise.

REPENT REPENT and give up your evil ways! There is still time to save your souls!

Reply to Julia
Posted by: Simon | 2007/08/13

Rather just ignore.... so how's the weather in your part of the country?

Reply to Simon
Posted by: Paul | 2007/08/13

WHAT NEXT, you sound like one seriously anally-retentive sexually depressed sour loser who hasn't accomplished anything in your life and regrets the fact that gay people have acomplished far more than you. Our expert is a case in point and has been quoted by the international media because of his accomplishments, insight and leadership. What have you ever done to make earth a better place or our country a better place for anyone? You say you did a Google search - how do YOU feature on Google? I doubt you've made any impact at all. Anywhere. So you try to be a big-shot here when in fact you'e just another meaningless infamous notihing.

Go away. You pollute our space with your attitude.

Reply to Paul
Posted by: Anon | 2007/08/13

Health24 had a contest about 3 years ago for the guy with a tongue long enugh to reach a straight guy's prostate and the winner was declared our expert - he got the most straight guys grunting. On average it took him 1.8 seconds to get a straight guy talking gibberish. Wanna give it a go What Next?

Reply to Anon
Posted by: FAN | 2007/08/13

To the queer expert you ROCK

Reply to FAN
Posted by: TeenQueen | 2007/08/13

We're going to take over the church as well. And we'll teach that eating pork isn't a bad thing, and that condoms are neccesary. Do the world a fave and get out of the dark ages. Indeed poop from straightville dated 500 BC.

Reply to TeenQueen
Posted by: Brad | 2007/08/13

Guys don't let this twerp and his cronies upset us, as expert said sometimes it is better to not get your hands dirty by even trying to engage with such people. And I agree it shouldn't be deleted, let people who say there's no homophobia see this.

As for the expert, you have our full support and keep up the great work of speaking out about gay issues.

Reply to Brad
Posted by: Pleb | 2007/08/13


It is precisely because of imbeciles like you that we have our own forum - did you not realise that. You certainly appear to be as miserable as you portray the homosexuals to be - the world would be a far better place without the likes of you

Reply to Pleb
Posted by: Stef | 2007/08/13

U r all very very sad people. Just leave us alone! We arent coming after u, so dont come after us. The reason why our "news" always ends up in the paper is because it is HOT GOSSIP to all u homophobes, always wanting to hear and read about what one of those fags have done this time... how would u feel if ur life was always been spoken about in a rude and insulting way, when u have done nothing to deserve it? like the latest news, about gays not being allowed to donate blood, which is absolute nonsense... what about all those straight people not using protection when having sex, which donate blood... now u leave us alone, and if u so worred about our forum, then dont come here, the fact that u even took the time to write a post on this forum, means that u have some interest in homos! so ya, just think about it, and rather complain to people who actually care!

Reply to Stef
Posted by: DLB | 2007/08/13

Gotta love the church. They're so good at pushing people away - satanits will all soon be out of a job...

*Please note* This is a joke.

Reply to DLB
Posted by: Gareth | 2007/08/13

All I can say is, shame, it must be real hard to go through life with so much anger and so blindly. I really feel so sorry for these ignorant freaks... Unable to see past their own noses. Ignore them guys, like expert says, we will not dirty ourselves by trying to throw the sh!t back...

Reply to Gareth
Posted by: Hetero-phobe | 2007/08/13

Yes, that's right! I hate straight people! The sole purpose of straight people is to breed and to add numbers to our community. What NEXT, your son or daughter is probably gay/lesbian, and now you feel terrible, because you feel that you have failed. And therefore you need to take out your frustrations on others.

You call yourself a "Christian", but WHO gave YOU the power to judge? Who do you think you are judging other people? Who died and made you GOD?? Don't even begin to say:"But the Bible says so..." because if we followed everything that is said in the bible, then we are all DAMNED!!! Because eating pork is a sin, getting divorced is a sin....need I continue?

Your comment (as well as that of the others) are typical of undersexed, suicidal, hypocritical, pseudo-intellectual, middle-aged breeders who wish they were gay. You probably feel guilty as well because you had a gay experience when you were in your teens, and decided not to act on it. No you resent yourself, because you are living a lie....

Do us all a favor, drink some sleeping pills (the whole bottle should do) because you probably wouldn't have the guts to put a gun to your head anyway. And sleep soundly knowing that whenever your teenage son tells you he's going to visit a "friend", he's probably hanging out a fabulous gay club, sucking some hot guys' - | - Yummy!!!

The forum rules says:"No attacking". But hey, since you threw the first punch, you should be willing to take it as well.

Reply to Hetero-phobe
Posted by: Deeve | 2007/08/13

Hey "What's Next", and all your "Rinky Dink"' clan......., we moffies took a vote, and it was decided that you all have way too much everyone together, two, three
-|- OFF!

Reply to Deeve
Posted by: md | 2007/08/13

good grief whats up with the negativity from the straight people. man if my mom heard this shed give you a piece of her mind. the expert is right you know its because of people like you that sum of us are scared to even mention how we really feel. have you no consideration for other peoples feelings? and whats with this taking over churches if i believe in God whats the problem? start woryring bout those trying to dismember the church with their disbelieve. if your so rightsious to judge then trow the first stone!!!!!!

Reply to md
Posted by: Sonja | 2007/08/12

Yes Anglican, we already have your church so now we're coming for your wives.

Reply to Sonja
Posted by: CraZy | 2007/08/12

Yes... you are right...

We are busy taking over the world...

Be afraid... be very afraid...

Reply to CraZy
Posted by: Anglican | 2007/08/12

What really concerns me is that they even managed to infiltrate the Church, look at the harm they've caused to the Anglicans by insisting on the appointment of a gay Bishop in the USA. In South Africa we even have both gay and lesbian judges and I bet there are already a few in our Parliament. At what cost to society? We have lost sense of what is right and what is wrong. We are experiencing a moral crisis due to a small minority group trying to hijack us.

Reply to Anglican
Posted by: Julia | 2007/08/12

At last someone who speaks sense, these people have become far too powerful and even have legal protection so that normal people are afraid to be honest about what they think of homosexuals, lesbians and "gays" (I hate that word because it suggests that homosexuals are happy people). And they use their legal protection to extend their inluence in society while we all have to stand by and keep quiet. Enough!

Reply to Julia

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