Posted by: CP MOM | 2009/08/14


Hi Dear CS

I need direction (have I not always? hee hee)

Charne has a problem with her right foot (the disabled side) she complains it' s sore. But that could mean anything - you know she has a limited vocab. It could be numb, pins &  needles or really sore.

Usually when she gets up or has slept she can' t walk on it, due to her disability and lack of being able to express she gets frustrated and she' s started beating the foot.

I bandage it and rub it and make a big thing to help, but it doesnt really.

So I went to the pediatrician who sent me to the neurologist who sent me to the podiatrist who sent me to a orthopedic surgeon (don' t ask the cost at this stage) who sent me for xrays of her entire body.

He told me she has skoliosis (her lowerback " bends"  in stead of going straight) it' s only 14% should it go to 45% then she' ll need braces....I said ok (although this was another blow) but what about her foot???? oh don' t worry cp' s get that because they walk scew on their inner foot because of the disability!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Then I phoned the pediatric neurologist and told him i' m at a loss he said give her ponstan 3 x a day and see if it helps!!!!!!! ag fok regtig? I' m not going to give her pain meds for a sore foot if we don' t KNOW what' s wrong...

CS, any idea (i know its not your field) what to do next?

I take her foot and " wangle"  it - I push and press and in one minute it' s " sore"  in one area and just now that same area has no problem?

But I can see when she complains they way she walks there IS A REAL problem.

Love Mom

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Hi CPM ( nearly typed CTM, but I need no tiles today ),
Gosh, what a daisy-chain of specialists ! And now you invite me to join the chain ?
Scoliosis sounds like a potential problem in the future. The comment on the sore foot is interesting, but you'd think they might come up with an orthotic shoe or simething to put in her shoes, to help her walk on the foot less "skew". Or maybe some foot exercises to improve it's posture. And then I find kay in Grahamstown has made the same sensible comment. I wonder whether the shoe approach, etc., might help, or indeed even a chiropracter ?

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Posted by: anon | 2009/08/15

CP Mom shame you have been up and down with your daughter. I think with the braces they will fit an orthotic shoe to balance out her body - she may need some type of physiotherapy to help her as well. Some regular type of exercises to do - which improves circulation etc

Have you tried reflexology? It is amazing - you can try and massage her feet each night.

She is also growing and perhaps the extra pressure, from the scoliosis some nerve entrapment problems. Shame hope it all settles soon.

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Posted by: Kay in Gtown | 2009/08/14

Hey CP Mom :)

I' m no expert but just in case it might help:

Scoliosis can have knock-on effects all the way down the legs.
Have you considered getting her a supportive shoe for that foot that corrects the skewness? Really, I would have thought the orthopod could at least have suggested trying it, instead of just fobbing you off!

(It' s like when I went to a psychiatrist in November one year because I was suicidally depressed and he said " oh well, everyone has trouble at this time of year  come back in January and we' ll see how bad it is"  !!!)

Not even nearly the same, but I used to have a sore hip that caused untold grief. X-rays, blood tests etc showed nothing was wrong (and then you get these looks that say ' malingerer' !) One day I made it to a chiropractor who said my one leg was a fraction ' shorter'  than the other because my hip joint on that side was being pulled skew by the muscles (ie it wasn' t actually physically shorter).

It turned out I had caused this from 5 years of carrying heavy books around at university, over the same shoulder every day. This misaligned the way I walked, which caused the pain. He adjusted it and bingo, pain gone. It still goes ' out'  sometimes (I' m a bit lazy about the exercises to strengthen the muscles, blush, but I do at least carry loads evenly now) but then as soon as I have it adjusted again, it fixes it up. It' s different, but I mention it just in case it may help (?)

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