Posted by: enigma | 2004/11/01

pieces of a broken heart

Well, what can i say, its happened again. My heart lies broken on the floor for everyone to see. I am a broken man once again, after giving everything, and ending up with nothing once more.
This morning, my girlfriend and i broke up. Our relationship has been quite a struggle, because of her ex lurking around all the time. She has taken me on this rollercoaster ride for quite a long time, but hey, the heart makes its own decisions on who to love. Unfortunately i fell quite hard. So here i sit, staring blankly into the computer screen, hoping that there are souls out there that can somehow make me feel better, yet knowing that it wont. Maybe the pieces of my heart should just be left broken, that way, It wont have to break again.................................Thank you for listening

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Posted by: ec | 2004/11/01

Enigma - yes that is what life is : an enigma!! And getting your 'heart broken' must be one of the most painful things ever! But believe it : this too will pass.... hang in there and look after yourself. It's really the pits to feel like you do at the moment but we've all been there and survived - let it go (easier said than done) and do positive affirmations (even when you don't believe it at that moment) like : I am fine; All is well in my world; Life is great; I am worthy of the best; I look great; etc.... take care and know you're not alone!! BIG HUG!!

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Posted by: Monti | 2004/11/01

I know how you feel. I am sorry. My boyfriend broke with me last night. Things look overwhelming right now. Take as much time to heal as you need. As much as love is a beautiful thing, it sometimes hurts. Sometimes very badly. The important thing to do right now is to take care of yourself, forgive yourself and try again. Love is like life, sometimes sweet and sometimes bitter. But yo can't commit suicide because your life sucks? Still you can't leave your heart broken and refuse to tryy again? There's more to life. Somebody, a potential love-of-your-life may still be out there. Don't be afraid to love again.Don't let true love pass you by. Give yourself a push, tell yourself she doesn't deserve you and you derserve better. You gave her everything and she violated you. Let her go!

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Posted by: Shaun | 2004/11/01

Hi Enigma,

I am sorry you feel this way my man, but know that I understand your pain & hurt right now. You are not alone Enigma, you never are.
Take heed in what BT had to say, coz in those words are the meaning that out of this comes a new & stronger Enigma.
At the moment you just want to hurt, so take the time to do just that, but know when to stop, know when to let it go, know when to realise that it might just be getting the better of you, & try not let that happen!

Hang in there, it takes time, but believe me, it does eventually get better. You do get to love again. You do get to trust again. You do definitely get to be happy again.

Take care,

PS: Maybe not entirely appropriate, but hopefully it at least helps bring a smile to your face;

Here I sit,
All broken-hearted,
Tried to shit,
But only farted....

Hang in there Dude, things get much better in time.

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Posted by: CP MOM | 2004/11/01

Jip that heartache must be the thing discussed here more than anything - as Paul says we have all soooo been down that road, my friend.

My heart goes out to you and I wish I could say something to make it all better - but only time heals really... I do know that it does not help right now to hear that. But I promise you in time you will feel better.

Please know that we are all here for you....

As I've experienced myself the best way is to completely break it off, coz if you keep contact every sms or phone call or email reminds you - you read things into it that are not there - you keep on hoping and wishing....

Don't think I'm helping but I wish I could. Nobody deserves this kind of pain EVER!!!! So my friend maybe it's time to get off that rollercoaster and stand back and look at what's good for you ?

Sterkte xXx

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Posted by: Beyond Tired | 2004/11/01

I am sorry to hear this, don't leave the heart broken, it does mend it time, though not always the same, it does mend.....

I once wrote that a heart was like a broken glass, you cannot always stick all the pieces together and when you pour water into that glass it runs out, drop the same glass, try to stick it together again, do this again and you will note that in the end you don't want to stick it together again and just chuck the pieces onto a heap. I felt the same about the heart, but you know what, you can melt down the glass and make something even more beautiful and in the same way, the heart can be molded and shifted to love again. There will always be disappointments and pain with the loss of a relationship, but just know you will love again, differently, but you will.

Hope you feel better soon.
Take Care.

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Posted by: Paul | 2004/11/01

You are not alone, we have all been there, some of us still are and the others are heading that way. All I can say is I understand, cos really and truly though Im not there right now, I have been and I do.

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