Posted by: Gareth | 2008/05/28

Pet Peeves

Okay,in a previous post of mine I used the toothpaste tube as an example, and that made me think about this, and it would be really interesting and fun to find out what pet peeves you guys out there have. Things that your partner does that irritates you, and make you go "sigh" or stuff that other people does that you cannot stand.
Let's see what comes out here - come on, we all have them.

(PS. Sorry if something like this has been done before, I can't remember it)

Okay, I'll start.

Like I said - I hate it when someone squeezes the toothpaste at the front, and you have this flat hole in the front and all the paste at the back. I squeeze it from back to front - to me it is neater and easier.

My partner never changes an empty toilet roll. He'll put the new one on top of the holder and use it from there. It drives me nuts, hehehe. Just too much work to take off the empty roll and put on the new one eh?

I hate it when people chew with their mouths open, whether it is a chappie or food. It looks and sounds revolting!

I cannot, for the life of me STAND Paris Hilton, at all, ever. I hate everything about her.

Okay, I'll post more as I think of them

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Posted by: Apache_boy | 2008/05/29

As my bf and i dont live together (or ever had) i never really had a chance to pick up on these little things... however:

I am a fast driver, not reckless, but faster than normal and he just drives too slow for me...

He works a lot of overtime at home and when i visit and we might cuddle under the duvet watching a movie, his phone will ring and then its all work... but i learnt to handle that in my own way... i started to get naughty while he is talking... sorry too much info...

I think what irritates him about me is my smoking, my driving and my unquenchable thirst for coffee... lol... anytime of the day or night...

Have a good one guys!


Reply to Apache_boy
Posted by: Angie | 2008/05/29

Talking of cooking, somehow, somewhere, someone told my girlfriend that Smash (instant potato powder) is an essential ingredient to accompany almost all meals, I hate the stuff, even the name but hey its part of the total package.

Reply to Angie
Posted by: Tobie | 2008/05/29

He always wants to start a serious talk when I'm engrossed by something else LOL and I dare not try to multi-task LOL but as Gareth says, these things add to the magic I suppose

Reply to Tobie
Posted by: Dirk | 2008/05/29

You guys made me laugh with this stuff.... my worst is he gets a call on his cell and then talk absolute waffle for ages in aloud voice me and drifts around the house, then even stops talking to his friend to tell me what the friend just said - as if I didn't know already - before he carries on with more waffle. Its like another world. Then eventually they're done and suddenly - wham - he's his old self again, speaking in a normal tone and settles down instantly as if nothing happened. And I'm sitting there wondering what the HELL was that? Total transformation, like he becomes the person he's talking to.

Reply to Dirk
Posted by: Gareth | 2008/05/29

Deeve, I can so relate to the clothes sharing thing. I have numerous ex-favourite items that I do not even get to wear anymore. But that is cool. I love being able to share these things, and it means I can usually buy him clothes too that will look good on him.

And we are both channel hoppers, luckily...

Oh and the dirty clothes wet towels.... hehehe

And I also have to admit, when I cook, I use what I need, and clean afterwards. I remember when I was married, my ex wife would take the spoon I am using to stir and wash it, and when I am looking for it again, it's gone. It used to drive me up the wall - I'll wash it when I am done with it. We had an agreement that when the one cooks, the other one stays out of the kitchen.

When my bf makes hamburgers or sarmies, he only butters one side of the bun or one slice of the bread... hehehe

What I love is that it is small little irritations like these that you remember in the end about a person, and it becomes the things that makes your relationship special and unique.

Reply to Gareth
Posted by: Deeve | 2008/05/29

Hey man...I just love this!

The sugar bowl, and messy kitchen...
Why do they have to try out every kitchen utensil and appliance, before their 'seventh wonder of the world' is in the oven...huh? What about the milk being finished? Leaving the container in the fridge with two drops, which isn't even enough for another coffee! Drives me to drink!

Wet towels....anyone want to finish this sentence....!!

And of course my all time favourite! Many Gay Guys can share the same wardrobe of clothes...hey? So how many times do you look for your favourite item (that YOU bought!), only to find that he's pranced out the door that exact day wearing it!! (or it's spewn in the wash basket, and not been washed for a week!) Lovely...!!

I rather drive these days Gareth! I've already pressed a dent in the passenger floorwell nerves are often frazzled after a trip with him driving in heavy traffic!

And Joe, there are some others here who also enjoy throwing the toothpaste around! I have no idea why I mess the stuff all over the show...but my b/friend hates it!

I also LOVE bouncing up and down through the TV channels...hey Lonewolf, it's all about wanting to know what 's showing right now. And No, I don't want to just browse the TV book..thats boring! I recon I'm also going to find a smashed remote when I get home one of these days!!

Reply to Deeve
Posted by: LONEWOLF | 2008/05/28

My better half maks terrible mess in the kitchen. I am a bit of neatness fanatic so it drives me to pieces, although I never say anything.

Then off course, the bloody TV remote and endless channel hopping. If he does not like what he see, why don't he switch it off?

Posted by: Tina | 2008/05/28

My gf making herself a cup of tea and not offering to make me one as well... I want to scream with irritation

Reply to Tina
Posted by: Kyle | 2008/05/28

LOL you guys are reminding of things I as I read them, the CDs in the wrong cover is a big-time irritant for me.

People who don't even bother to acknowledge friendly messages on gaydar and guys on gaydar who don't take no for an answer.

Reply to Kyle
Posted by: Gareth | 2008/05/28

Hehehe, Isn't life fun...

I hate being a backseat driver, but my partner will wait until the very last moment to start breaking in traffic when people in front of us break. Think I've been in one to many bumper bashings. It makes me nervous and that pisses me off.

I am sure I do many things that irritates him too...

Oh and lets not even start on taxi traffic rules apply to them at all, and it pees me off even more that they get away with it.

thought of another one - I hate it when someone listens to your CD's or watch your DVD's and then puts them in the wrong covers, or not back in the cover at all. I hate opening an empty cover and having to search for that cd.

Reply to Gareth
Posted by: Sam | 2008/05/28

My biggest peeve is when I spend 2 hours cooking a meal and proudly serving it to my partner and he doesn't comment - and then I hate myself when I ask him "So how's your dinner?" because I really want feedback! Especially if the meal tastes extra-yummy to me and he doesn't say a word.... Some form of acknowledgement, it doesn't have to be a compliment, but please comment on my meal that I spent ages and lots of trouble cooking and you're just wolfing down in 10 minutes?

Reply to Sam
Posted by: Nikkits | 2008/05/28

Oh I love this one and there can never be enough opportunity to post this again and again .............

Toothpaste tube – I hate that too!

Switching on lights when it is not needed and/or leaving them on like they will go off by themselves (eeee hence power sharing? LOL)

Leave me with an empty sugar bowl so that I have to refill it! Grrrr!!!

Use the last of the toilet roll and not even bothering to put a new one at least within reach.

Talking on a cell phone right next to me, when I am trying to watch my favorite TV show.

Leaving empty and/or half empty coffee mugs or cool drink glasses on the floor next to where they sat.

Now more general in the public …………….

People not pulling away at a traffic light when it goes green.

People driving and talking on cell phones and going slower and slower and just being in everyone’s way.

People jumping a queue when everyone in that queue is in an equal hurry.

During month end shopping, people meeting long lost friends and then standing in the middle of the walkway, blocking it like they own it chatting and recalling the past.

At most public parking garages, people driving up to the boom-gate and then starting to search for their ticket, at least some put their flashers on, but up-yours to them too!

OH there is more LOL …. But I have run out of ink eheheheheh


Reply to Nikkits
Posted by: Anon | 2008/05/28

TAXI DRIVERS!!!!! Those dudes who seemingly don't know what the white lines painted on the roads are for!!!!! DAMMMMM!!!!

Reply to Anon
Posted by: Paul | 2008/05/28

My partner thinks its a huge joke when he farts under the duvet - and then he laughs when I freak out totally.

Reply to Paul
Posted by: Joe | 2008/05/28

I know what my partner hate me doing - i always got toothpaste on my hands after brushing my teeth and it ends up on my clothes as well - he just hate it to help me clean before work!
I hate it when he drives with his brights on when there are other cars coming from the opposite lane.
He is always late where I am always early

Reply to Joe

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