Posted by: Conan | 2009/03/09

Penis problems

I have a very embarrassing problem/s. My penis smells bad even though I wash/shower and clean my penis with unfragranced soap once a day. Also, a while after I' ve finished urinating a small amount of urine leaks from my penis (very embarrassing!) I' m 25, a virgin and uncircumcised. What could be causing these problems?

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The collection of smegma (secretions under your foreskin) and urine collecting and being retained in the prepuce area will lead to smelly secretions once the foreskin is retracted.
your problem will be solved once you fully empty your bladder and empty and ensure that you eject the urine from the urethra upon urination.
Washing the penile glans (head of the penis) every time you urinate will lead to disappearance of your symptoms.
It is also imperative that you exclude any infections like Candida and any urethral problems leading to retained urine .
Men have never been taught penis hygiene and therefore do not have an idea about techniques used to maintain penile hygiene

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Posted by: Anon | 2009/03/11

To NOCIRC who wants you to continue to have a very embarrassing and smelly, smegma laden sex life (if any at all).
Answer to #1. Circumcision would eliminate ALL SMEGMA issues permanently. Period. So he wants you to sit and play with your foreskin and try all different things. News for you, none of these so called ideas work. A foreskin will roll back over the glans every time. He is just blowing smoke!!!!
Answer to #2. Circumcision would eliminate ALL SMEGMA issues permanently. Period. This braniac wants you to cover your glans with creams, most of which contain steroids. Notice how he fails to mention that steroid creams causes the skin to thin out and more susceptible to fine tearing which does lead to HIV and other STDs when not practicing safe sex. This damage is PERMANENT.
Answer to #2. Circumcision would eliminate ALL SMEGMA issues permanently. Period. See the comments on steroid creams above.

What this NOCIRC wants you to be is miserable, self conscious and embarrassed for a lifetime all in order for them to say, we saved another gullible guy' s foreskin. Look into circumcision, you will eliminate all these issues and have a great sex life to boot with a much more attractive penis to almost any girl. Besides, I have been in your same situation, and I saw right through the BS the NOCIRC guys were pushing. NOT following their advice, is the best advice I got. Circumcision ELIMINATES all these problems for good. Suggest you give it some serious thoughts if you really want to get rid of these issues.

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Posted by: NOCIRC-SA | 2009/03/10

The small may be caused by 1 of 3 conditions.

1. Over production of smegma. If the smell is cheesy then this is probably the cause. This could be naturally occurring or caused by the soap you are using that may be drying out the inner foreskin. Eliminate the soap and facecloth and clean with fresh water only. Over the next week, train your FS to remain retracted. Start with 2 hours and add an additional 2 over the next week. By exposing the inner FS you can reduce the amount of mucous created. Once the condition is under control, you can return to normal wear.

2. Bacterial infection. Causes foul carrion like smells. A light application of Bactroban and the retraction mentioned above can bring this under control.

3. Yeast infection will cause a sweet or brewish type smell. An Antifungal ointment would work best for this.

Have your DR run path samples to identity and treat conditions for 2 and 3.

We also conccur that you should skin back when urinating as this may be aggrivating the condition, and possibly also causing some of the drippage.
Avoid any soap, anti perspirants or antiseptics as these will further aggravate the condition. Try it though in moderation and find what works best for you.

As for the urine retention / drippage, it is a common problem in men. A good shake and pull usually allows the last.drops to come out.

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Posted by: PJ | 2009/03/09

After your shower or bath, put a bit of roll-on anti persperant on your fingers and apply to your penis under the foreskin. ie push it back and lightly apply to head, etc

Works like a bomb

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Posted by: pp | 2009/03/09

Pull your foreskin back as far as you can, use a little bit of Dettol in like warm water, wash the head with this, dry your head, also wash the foreskin and dry, use some baby powder and push back your foreskin.When you go for a pee, try to push and see if the small amount of pee does not come out,or go into the stall and take some toilet paper, put it over the head of your penis, that will catch the drops.You must try and wash the abovementioned way more than once a day.

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