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On the right path?

Good morning,

I am currently reading Patrick Halford (spelling) Complete Nutrition Bible and am now in somewhat a bit of a confused state. I used to base my diet on pretty high protein, moderate carbs and no fat. I do a lot of heavy lifting and sports in the evenings. I really and truly am battling so much to lose fat, I see NO results, and my muscle gains is non existant!! I am so frustrated! So now with my "new found knowledge" from the book listed above, it stipulated that consuming large amounts of protein is actually detrimental to your health, that even consuming 100g a day is overkill. To cut a long story short, my diet is now based on this philosophy. (please check my logic) My post workout (game & whey) I have a little just before training, sipping throughout training and leaving a bit for the end, also supplementing with kre- alkaline. I consume fairly small amounts of protein (throughout the day) I've increased my good fats quite a bit and increased my carbs a fair amount. Heres my average day, supps and all...
wake up (6am) Lipo-6 fat burners, b complex, vit-c, multi vit, omega 3 & 6, dolomite.
breakfast about 8 am- high fibre cereals, moovite instead of normal milk (some milk at Pick n Pay, contains vitamines & minerals as well as ginkgo biloba)
snack 10am- fat free & suger free yoghurt with seeds (pumpkin, flax, sunflower, etc) & small serving whey.(somewtimes include mixed fruit)
training (post work shake as above) & flax capsule & Lipo-6
3:00pm - dry tuna & 10 dry provitas
4:30pm - snack as above
dinner - steak/ fish/ lean mince & steamed veg with 5 olives
bed- 1/2 serving whey, dolomite, omega 3 & 6

my fluids i try keep at about 2l and try my best to sleep about 7 hrs. This diet is fairly new so I just need to see if what I am doing is going to help me increase lean muscle as well as lose fat. Im 6ft and about 95kg's. double figures for bf% (wouldnt say I'm obese, just cant see abs and general muscle definition) I am getting very dispondant. I dont overtrain in the gym either. 35min and Im out (high intensity) PLEASE help and see what it is im doing wrong and perhaps what else i should incorporate.

Kind regards,


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Hi Kris

I understand your frustration!! Although your diet seems fairly good lets talk about what is wrong. Firstly you cannot loose fat and gain muscle at the same time – as loosing fat has to do with a reduced calorie (energy) intake and growing muscle the opposite. This said your starting point should be your body’s energy need – based on a few of my own assumptions like five training sessions per week, it should be around 2872 calories per day if you want to weigh 95 kg with single digits body fat (that is when abs start showing). Thus I recommend that you calculate your intake. Then reduce your intake to 2500 calories per day until you are content with your body fat – then only do you increase it to the upper level again. However, you will need to divide that calorie intake into 6 meals per day with at ratio of 40% crabs, 40% protein and 20% fat of which 2/3 should be good fats. Remember to keep on taking your liquid food before, during and after training – if you trained very hard you will need to up the crabs at this point. When you return to a maintenance plan you change the ratio to 50, 30, and 20. If your muscle gain is not sufficient to your liking – increase the calories by about 100-200 calories per day in the same ratios till you find the balance point. I think you are horribly under eating for the amount of energy you are expending and therefore not seeing muscle growth. Get this equation right then change the following:

•Eat red meat only once per week and definitely not mince ever – only ostrich mince.
•Add veggies to your 15h00 meal.
•Eat some oatbran and rolled oats alternatively to the hi fibre cereal.
•Use only skimmed milk and fat free yoghurt.
•I see no chicken?? Without the skin please.
•You eat enough seeds and olives to change your omega 3 & 6 to an omega 3 ONLY supplement – take at least 2 per day.
•Immediately change from taking dolomite – it is the most poorly absorbed calcium supplement – see if you can get a powder formulation (try Selektone) and add a teaspoon of that together with a teaspoon of vit c powder into your drink that you take during trainings – add you alkaline in here as well.
•Don’t take your supplements on an empty stomach – always with food.

The rest looks perfect – well done. Give it a bash and let me know how you go.

Take care.

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