Posted by: Blaah | 2007/03/15

OK i need sme help here

Now you all know i have a new puppy.

he absolutely wonderful, except the peepee thing in the house which we are managining, though now he seems to want to peepee on the carpets now, sigh, but potty training comes with time. Though for some un know reason he seems to like to peepee at the entrance of doors, either on the carpet or the tiles depending if the doors are open or not. So guess what when he is inside the doors are closed.

Now the problem is this...............
the crying, it is driving me nuts i haven't had a good nights rest since we got him........
we have tried feeding him later, puttng the girls with him, locking him out side, sleeping in the same room as him, but nothing seems to help.

he is, admitedly mommy fuss, and follows me everywhere, but i can't have him sleeping in the room with us till he is a little more potty trained, and can make the distance from the bedroom to the door, or at least to the tiles.

now what i want to know is this, if we decide to give him rescue to help him calm down, how should i give it to him? and how much.

And a few tips on the seperation problem he has would help, thanks.

I am just so used to chows that this pup seems to be a real bundle of trouble.

oh and by the way when i say he cries, it sounds like some one is beating him or hurting him, i am scared the neighbours phone the spca or something, it is really high pitched and he will go at it for 30 mins at a time or so will he gets tired and falls asleep.

we love him to bits and know that we sholdn't ruh to him or pay attention to him when he does this, but you know it is really hrd not to, your heart really breaks.

thanks guy
and any help would be appreciated.

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Please get a DAP vapourizer as this has been shown to be very effective in the treatment of separation anxiety and other stressful situations.

The information provided does not constitute a diagnosis of your condition. You should consult a medical practitioner or other appropriate health care professional for a physical exmanication, diagnosis and formal advice. Health24 and the expert accept no responsibility or liability for any damage or personal harm you may suffer resulting from making use of this content.

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Posted by: Blaah | 2007/03/15

You have mail
i hope it wasn't too big
oh and just say if i send you too many
i have a tendacy to go nuts with pictures of my furbabies

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Posted by: Kate | 2007/03/15

Not to sure, send me a small e-mail and I will reply from work addy.......... oh wait I think this was a joke that went straight over my head.

Reply to Kate
Posted by: Blaah | 2007/03/15

will do
do you have a limit on your mail
don't want to flood your inbox

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Posted by: Kate | 2007/03/15

Blaah you can mail me a pic of Satan Lycan on Basher AT 24 DOT COM

I went on her workshop and loved it - broke the bank though heehee.


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Posted by: Blaah | 2007/03/15

we didn't want such a young pup, we were waiting for something from the SPCA or from one of the other organisations, but i couldn't let him get pass me, i have a big thing for chows and especially chow Xs as they are misunderstood and badly treated.

Thank you Candice
I will call the vet and ask him about DAP

kate i sent an email to Anna, waiting a reply from her, the only thing is i am in pretoria. But they have a work shop here at the end of March.

I wish i could send you a pic of the naughty little so and so i brought home

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Posted by: Blaah | 2007/03/15

i can see he is going to get away with murder already
i put citronela where he peepees in the house but hey he just moves to the next spot LOL

His name is Lycan (as in werewolf) so far, it was going to be Bulgavy, but he ignored it. Lycan he only listens to some times too LOL

we are teaching him his name in the evenings calling him to and fro and giving him attention when he gets it right. He tends to get a bit distracted, which is typical puppy, he loves my new curtains that sway in the wind, which isn't funny, cute but not funny, i mean my cats don't even play with my curtains old or new.

the unfortunate thing, and you are going to laugh at this, he was naughty yesterday, tried to run out the yard while i was trying to get my escape artist back in

i shouted at him "come back here satan" and low and behold he stopped and came back LOL, so as a joke we ask each other when looking for him "where is satan" or "have you seen satan" when he heres the word satan he seems to come quicker than his name.

but there is no way i a calling him that

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Posted by: Kate | 2007/03/15

Oh Blaah it makes me so happy that he has found you.
Blue eyes are common at that age.
I must say I thought he was a little older.
You know you said you wanted a nice big outside dog - ha ha I think you might have a little big house dog.
I read somewhere that puppies have what you would call a puppy licence up until about 6 months of age where they are "allowed" by the pack to get away with things like peepee oopsies, I get the feeling this little guy is going to use his puppy licence to the very last day LOL.

Good Luck.
By the way what is his name?

Reply to Kate
Posted by: Candice | 2007/03/15

You could also ask your vet about a product called D.A.P.

D.A.P. is a natural product that mimics the natural “appeasing” pheromones secreted by a bitch after giving birth. It helps the dog to adapt to a new environment and comforts the dog in a stressful one (also helps with separation anxiety). You can simply plug in the diffuser in the room most used by your pup. A single vial should last about a month. Your vet should have more details though.

Reply to Candice
Posted by: Blaah | 2007/03/15

The girls are my other two chows, they are five this year.
One ChowXHuskey = my escape artist
One ChowXSpitz = my softy/baby

yes he has been dewormed, he did have a nasty case of worms, but it seems to be clearing up.

the cats (one four yr old male and one 15 yr old female) don't seem to mind him as long as he doesn't bite thier tails, which he loves to do, but they sort him out, shame. The boy cat follows him about the house.

P.s. all my pets are fixed, except the puppy yet of course

Reply to Blaah
Posted by: Blaah | 2007/03/15

Thanks Kate
i will do anything for my babies
was at the vet the night after we got him
he said he looks happy and healthy

No he wasn't from the SPCA, but he is a rescue
he is seven weeks old and his mom was a cross lab/chow and the dad an alsation
the only history i have is that he was kept locked indoors all his young life so only saw grass the first time last week. He was from a big litter and mommy was very thin/unhealthy, he was definately man handled as he had bruises on his tummy.

I have no idea what these people feed him......but finally his tummy is getting the by he doesn't poo in the house anymore (touch wood) only peepees

his eyes are bright (but a bit blue) and he can be so lovely and sweet, but when the crying starts, agh i don't know.
I want to grab him and put him in the bed with me but doggies in/on the bed is a big no no

we are putting up a "doggie door" this weekend so th girls can come and go as they please (they usually wake us to let them out) maybe this will give him more confidence to follow them in and out and see it isn't too bad, the "doggie door" will be in the gate, by the door we leave opn for him.

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Posted by: Marietjie | 2007/03/15

Pleasure - hope it helps.
Just one question - you did deworm him?
Rescue is also for pups as far as I know, I would try one at first, natural, so I don't think it could harm him, but I am not very sure about this......

What kind of dog is he?
The girls I assume, is your cats....? :-))

Reply to Marietjie
Posted by: Kate | 2007/03/15

Hi Blaah,
Gosh it sounds like you have your hands full - it almost seems like he is a panicky kind of dog.
How old is he, what breed of dog is he.
You got him from the SPCA if I am not mistaken - do they have any history on him?
Perhaps he has been through things we would not even dream of doing to our animals.
Blaah thank goodness the little guy has come to you and not anyone else as I know from all your posts that you are quiet clued up about your dogs, show them etc etc.

Okay I am going to suggest something a little off the bat here - it costs about R250 - go to the animalspirit website and read up about what they do, I had a communacation done with my Jack Russell and have been very happy.
I know of a good dog trainer here in Durban that has had a communaction done with her Australian Cattle Dog and another woman who breeds Burmese cats that had a communication done with her cat.

The reason I suggest this is that you find the root of the problem and then can work from there.
Say for instance the potty training is due to him having had a bad experience peeing outside and you do not know what that was - once you know you can work on say building his confidence and then incorporate the potty training?????
Not sure if this is making any sense - perhaps just read up on the website and then e-mail Anna.

Good luck

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Posted by: Blaah | 2007/03/15

thanks Marietjie
i will try that

he has a basket but will only lie in it some times
he seems to prefer lying under the table or next to the couch on the tiles

the crying thing isn't only at night i have to admit
if he gets "lost" or hears you some where where he is not he does it

he also cried while he is eating a barks at his bowl, we have also taken up feeding him more in case this is the problem, but heck this pup can eat

he also cries and barks at the frindge, washing machine, tumble dryer, wall unit etc

we have tried cornering him off at night (like my doggie books say) so he isn't in a "big" space and leave the tv or radio on, but he just goes nuts, and i am scared he hurts himself. if he i locked outside (while i am cleaning or so he can peepee) he will bash his head against the glass door and run up against it.

i must say that when atleast one of the girls are with him he seems calmer, but not much, he wants to lie by them and they won't have it (they growl or nip him).

If they move or make a noise during the night he starts crying again.

They will nudge him or nip him when he does this which quiets him sometimes, or they just try to get away from him.

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Posted by: Marietjie | 2007/03/15

HI Blaah

I have heard that u must put a clock under his blankies in his basket, they think it is the heart beat of the mom and maybe add a tiny warmwater bottle. Try chemists or baby shops for that.....

Good luck!!

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