Posted by: BT | 2004/11/03

Officially Giving up - How much more do I have to go through

I have decided things are ridiculous and now "gooi handoek in". I am not going to worry about anything anymore and I really couldn't be bothered if things fall apart. I am going to withdraw from everything, I don't need anything.
Bf is going to leave soon, difficult and dangerous job opportunity, I have said I will wait for him, however there is a distinct possibility that he will not come back -- motto, don't love.
Finances, sort one thing out another crisis happens - motto - don't try to fix, ignore.
I now give up, life must maar happen the way it feels like it, I don't care.

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Let bf take the chance h apparently wants to, be supportive to the degree you can. Don't waste energy fighting the little pricks of life ; sort out those which are really important and which you CAN change. If you don't like the colour blue for the average sky, stop worrying about it --- blue it'll remain. But don't let the little things even get on the camel's back. And work hard with your shrink.

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Posted by: lady nina | 2004/11/04

hi bt

i finally got it - you are a negative person, you will always see the cup as half empty, no shrick cano help you, you have to do the mind set thing

negative outlook never attract good quilty people for long, it pushes people away and you end up alone and down and depresssed,,,, and then suicide - it's just a matter of time girl ...

i really feel for you but it's your life, it's your challenge, none of us can do anything more for you, get a jounal and write a book ,find your healing


Reply to lady nina
Posted by: Chelle | 2004/11/03

Val - if BT's post bore you the answer is simple - don't read them. It reminds me of someone named Faith not so long ago who hurt someone else on this forum very badly. It's one thing giving someone hard hitting truths, it's another belittling people the way you do.

Reply to Chelle
Posted by: :-) | 2004/11/03

BT - life is tough but at least you have a house family and your health..some people have non of those...

Start appreciating what you have even if its little :-)

Reply to :-)
Posted by: Shaun | 2004/11/03

Then maybe I'll send you an e-kick to get you out of it!!!

Speak to you soon,

Reply to Shaun
Posted by: BT | 2004/11/03

Val - so be it..... seeing a real shrink by the way, I did loose the plot.

Shaun - thanks, you did not offend -- I am just, I don't know -- had it. I am not going to do anything drastic, just take all the "kak", bury it again and when I explode again, who knows......

Reply to BT
Posted by: Chelle | 2004/11/03

BT - It's cool. Be angry, do what you need to do today to cope - withdraw, feel angry sad, whatever - please don't drink though and just look after yourself and your daughter tonight.
Life is changing for you and as much as it is difficult right now, as in the past, I am sure tomorrow you will feel a little better.
There is always hope - and you know that, but for now, I'd be just as angry and sad, as you are. It's okay!
Talk to you tomorrow - don't retreat totally okay?
You're in my thoughts.

Reply to Chelle
Posted by: Val | 2004/11/03

Some soap dramas don't even bother to have a plot - they sort of make it up the drama as they go along. Others lose the plot altogether.

It needs to be said: BT, you just go on and on and on and on. Its beyond boring and tiring. I have difficulty in finishing your l-o-o-o-o-o-o-n-n-g and boring woe-is-me-the-world-is-against-me posts. Life with all its crap happens to all of us so build a bridge and get over it.

This forum will not be able help you. Go and see a real shrink and get some help because you really, really need it.

Reply to Val
Posted by: Shaun | 2004/11/03

Hey BT, sorry if I offended you, had no intention of doing that.

Just make sure you keep all these words for you new shrink, ok?

Take care girl, you're in my thoughts.


PS: Just promise me not to do anything drastic again??? Please?

Reply to Shaun
Posted by: sneaky | 2004/11/03

BT you need to bring some excitement into your life befoe you fade away!!!!!

Start new routines in your life and I MEAN IT NOW... think about it tonight what you can start doing for yourself...
ie. start going for litle walks after work in the eveings with a freind or child.

Make one night a week that you perhaps do a craft/hobby in the evening , turn up the radio and sing the heart out to your fav songs.

Have some girlfriends over for coffee once a week straight after work for some good girl talk maybe even follow in to an easy supp dependsing how it goes.

get into that garden, make it look nice for summer come home form work and start watering it neatening up the beds ect ect

You need to get busy and try at least one of those things..come on your life seems pretty dull start making it fun!!!

Reply to sneaky
Posted by: BT | 2004/11/03

These things are trivial but it's the little things that break the camels back. My back is finished, klaar, enough is enough, I no longer want or have the desire to deal with anything more, stuff it.
Jasmine, you are right, I must do it for myself, I know this, but I have decided all can go to hell and back, I am no longer a part of myself, I will drudge on as per usual, I will just not be a part of this life anymore. You know that empty shell of a being, well that's me now. Won't be giving anyone advice anymore, won't be helping anyone not even myself. I am beyond tired, this life has given me too many things to deal with, so much so that I cannot deal with the trivial stuff and cannot overcome it and don't really want to anymore.
Thanks to one and all for the advice, sorry it hasn't worked, maybe I am just too far gone..........

Reply to BT
Posted by: Jasmine | 2004/11/03

Dear BT,

This isn't going to help you, but you know what?
I don't think you want to help yourself. And if you dont help yourself - nobody else gonna either.

Stop procrastinating, stop thinking about that which you cannot control. Get off your sorry butt and take control of the reins. Not tomorrow, not next year. DO IT NOW.

You are not stupid, take it step by step but for Petes sake, stop allowing YOUR happiness to be dependant on OTHERS.

Focus on whats REALLY important.

C'mon, I challange you..........

Reply to Jasmine
Posted by: Shaun | 2004/11/03

Hi BT,

I understand how it sometimes all gets too much that it seems so much easier to just give up & let things happen. I will leave you with one thought...

Life trials & tribulations will always take its toll on every single one of us, it is how we choose to react or deal with these that allow us to come out stronger & ready to face the world again.

Hang in there BT.

You may feel that life can't get any worse, but right now some innocent girl is being raped!!!
You may think that life can't get any worse, but right now some person is being murdered.
You may think life can't get any worse, but right now some person is becoming bankrupt & looking in bins for food.

Please note that I am in no way saying that you are going thru a trivial situation. What I am really saying is that although we all don't always show it, we all have our problems.

I am really trying to say that YOU ARE NOT ALONE BT!!!

I am just thankful that I have this opportunity of chatting with someone like you every now & then that in your own way knows the hardships that life often throws our way.

Take care BT,

Reply to Shaun
Posted by: Q | 2004/11/03

Come on BT, now stop this, you are your own worst enamy!!! That is live one big challange!!! So what if you sort out one financhial thing and then the following thing starts, that is live and you will find out the more big stuff you sort the better you get at it until the small thing are trivial!!! If live was only good and plain sailing we still would have had suisides because people would be bored to death!!! Now come on pick up your chine girl and kick live in the teeth and sort out your stuff clean the closed and be a winner i know you have it in you!!!!

Reply to Q
Posted by: sunny | 2004/11/03

Come on...wake are healthy and yet you seem to wont to give up...

Life has so much to offer you and yet you coninue to see the bad side of things...if you start to focus on the good things even the little things you can start to realise we all go through tough times in our lives but it up to us how we handle them.

Stop allowing your self to feel so down. Start filing up your life with new possibilites and wake up every morning saying to day is going to be a good day...

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