Posted by: Sick &  tired | 2008/10/21

Office gossip..

I' m gonna make this as short as possible.

New lady been working at our firm for 8/9 months. Since she started working here she has befriended most of the woman. One in particular had problems in her personal life and she moved in with the new lady and her boyfriend. It only lasted a week. During this week my friend colleague who moved in with the new lady colleague had to admit her 8 month old son to the hospital, the new lady friend started spreading rumors that my friend was a bad mother and that she neglected to visit and be there for her son. I did not know what to believe as I do not social with my colleague friends outside work and believed some of the stories.

I only later found out that the new lady colleague had been spreading stories about me as well, saying that I am such a pain in the a$$ now that I' m pregnant and moan about my symptoms all the time (which I don' t, cause I have not really had any!!). She uses me as an excuse to visit other men behind her bf' s back and warned my friend, while she was staying with them, that I' m bad news and that she had gone out with me many times so I' m a bad influence...???

She also went to her and my friends boss (they work in the same department) and told him that she and her bf were thinking of phoning the social workers, because she neglects her son. Now this story has leaked from the boss and someone told my friend about it. The new lady colleague seems furious with me and think I' m the one stirring. (After I told her weeks ago that I want nothing to do with this and that I hate gossiping)

I care for my friend colleague and did not mean to hurt her feelings in believing the stories, I mean even if they were true, how she raises her child is none of my business, the %& *# has now hit the fan (because of a boss that has nothing to do with his time) and I' m getting drawn in to the middle.

What are my options, cause I' m sick and tired of this catty vibe!!

I actually don' t know who to believe - everyone is all up in eachother' s business!! I' m here to work not to social and build on my social skills.

This has never happened before...

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What a bunch of nasty people, obviously without enouygh real work to keep them busy. I hope other readers with experiences of this sort at work, can make some helpful comments

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Posted by: gossip | 2008/10/22

hi sick and tired
why do you entertain this?
you also not with it, concentrate on your baby

Reply to gossip
Posted by: me | 2008/10/22

4m am 1 person who dont listen to gossip eventhough is bout me, people talk and i know that they will talk bout me.

sorry gal i will say that you also gossiping.

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Posted by: That guy | 2008/10/22

the bitch you work with is obviiously confused and has no self pride that she has to interfere with other peoples lives and make up stories about them.

she is probably either from a small town and has nothing better to do cause her life is so boring (i know these type of people, i grew up in kempton park - people think life is a soap oprea drama, get a life people).
the other option is that is just a stuck up bitch from a rich part of town...they just irritating.

but the way it is explained above - i think it is the first one (bitch from a small town).

best way to deal with that is to put her down to size and make her realise what she is doing! get all the nessesary people in one room and let them go at each other and see who has the big mouths then! confrontation is the key! and your boss (who has all the free time) should mediate the confrontation!

good luck!

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Posted by: S &  T | 2008/10/21

Our office building is really small, which is why we have to share offices.

They are going to build more offices soon - I' ll put in my order for an office for ONE.

She also went through my drawers a while ago when I was out and now tells other colleagues what I earn and adds that I' m not worth my salary!

Reply to S &amp  T
Posted by: Vegan | 2008/10/21

Is it not possible to ask to be moved to a different office? I would tell the boss she' s interfering with my work.

Reply to Vegan
Posted by: Sick &  tired.. | 2008/10/21

I forgot to mention - I share an office with the new lady colleague. That' s how I hear of all the stories, she just starts telling me. I got too emotionally involved, because I' m now 4 months pregnant and was upset by some of the stories and might have admitted that she doesn' t sound like a good mom. She has not said anything since this morning. I hate this..

I have to keep myself from going to the boss and asking him what the hell he was thinking...

People, learn from this. Be careful who you lend your ears out to! Sometimes it' s just better to be a bitch and just ignore everyone.

Reply to Sick &amp  tired..
Posted by: ME | 2008/10/21

I think the best thing you can do gal is to just ignore them. stay in your office or desk, do your work, even if you are not busy just don' t mix with them, theu are bad news.

That is what I do, I stay in my office, even during launch time, someone will think that I am selfish or I don' t want to make friends. Another thing you can do is to choose your friends carefully.

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