Posted by: cax | 2011/02/15

odd situation...

A brand new love in my life asked me to kiss a very good lady friend of her because she finds it kinky.

Her lady friend is 41, i''m 29. I dont find her friend attractive at all, only see her as a good friend, never met her in real life. Her friend came to my town for business and i''ve been visiting her at late nights because thats the only time she has to meet up with me...

Her 41 year old friend has been calling me allot lately but my new love told me that its her friends personality and nothing more after i told my new love that i find it strange...

This new love of mine is bi curious. She is very playful person, makes allot of jokes and is silly. She really likes me and i can almost say love as we disagreed about something on night and she cried.

Last night my new love phoned me after i made a joke that her friend might jump me which will cause me to squeel and run.
My new love then said that she would find it kinky if i kiss her friend and that i have her permission...

I took it as a joke for about 30 minutes but then she sounded pretty serious. She then threw the phone down in my ear after saying that i''m boring.

This confused the crap out of me... is she jealous and showing it in a spiteful way? can it be that maybe she is just making a joke and being funny? or is it possible that she really finds it kinky?

her 41 year old friend said that if she didnt like me visiting her she would of told me and that she thinks my new love was serious.

what me and the 41 year old decided to do was to act like we did kiss and if my new love is cross about it we can say we are just joking but what we also did was just to put our lips together and taking a picture so that if i told her it was a joke and my new love is cross about it i can send her the picture. So i have a backup to a backup to a backup plan.

I am a very open minded person but i fell for this girl and would like to be with her a couple of times before she starts kinky things if she is in to that. I''ve never been a kinky guy when it comes to 3 sims or sharing my woman - i find it a bit harsh for my heart. the 41 year old how ever did say that this girl wont go to far and that she is really crazy about me...

I need advice, i''m not to sharp in the experimental thing and want to know how or whats the best way to handle it...

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Posted by: QQ | 2011/02/16

What do you wantto hear> ? How we envy you what? This is jysu stupid, who cares....

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Posted by: Honest | 2011/02/15

Even if you had slept well,from your posts,it would appear you are totally incapable of thinking straight in any circumstances!

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Posted by: cax | 2011/02/15

even - i did not french kiss her like the new love wanted me too...

sorry, i havent slept well - i''m not thinking straight...

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Posted by: cax | 2011/02/15

I didnt kiss her, only put my lips on hers and took the photo. I french kiss her like the new love wanted too...

but thank you for your advice OHMYGOSH. I have just fallen for this new girl and really bad.

we are not all the same, some of us likes a car that sits nice and soft and that has more luxury than speed. other people like speed and power but they''re not worried about luxury. The same when it comes to sex. Some people gets turned on by certain things and other people by other things. Like i said, i am open minded and understand this, some people like you dont... i dont expect you to...

so by adding that, even if this girl gets turned on by me kissing her friend and not some stranger - its odd but i can except it.

If she just wanted to show me that she dont mind me doing things if im interested in other woman and that she would like to make the choice with who...

maybe it was a test to see if i would actually do it... for or the joke of it or maybe to see how much i feel for her.

I just know that i am not in to that, i have told her that i only want her... but like i said - i''m open minded and if she wants to experiment and would like me to be in it, its better - at least she''s not sleeping with other people without my knowledge so i still have some control over it...

we are not all the same, just keep that in mind.

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Posted by: OHMYGOSH | 2011/02/15

at your age you should be a little more mature and not play silly games like these, and so should she, but you can only answer for yourself! Do some soul seraching - really now, kissing and taking pics... I did kiss her no actually I didnt.... Get a hobby...

Posted by: cax | 2011/02/15

I''m sorry, i just dont know if she is in to that, if she is making a joke or if she is being jealous... I really do not mean it in a bad way...

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Posted by: OHMYGOSH | 2011/02/15

this forum is for people with real problems, are you for real or just darn childish...

Posted by: WTF......... | 2011/02/15

CHILDIST POST You are 29 but have the maturitry of a 9 year old GROW UP..........

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Posted by: cybershrink | 2011/02/15

Answered the other time you posted this question.

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