Posted by: GoGo661 | 2007/05/22

Not quite sure what I am...

I am going to be 30 in less than a year & have had utterly unsuccessful male relationships. This is not due to being unattractive, lacking an interesting personality or brains or anything else...I am 5'2", 110lbs, have been a model, used to be a custom bicycle painter, used to be an aircraft mechanic & now I race motorcycles for a living and am focused on fitness/health.
I have a pattern of 'yeah, let's date', then 'okay, I'm sick of you...buh bye'. Men just don't intrigue me, I find myself fantasizing about women & generally being more attracted to them than men. But, I yet to have a female sexual encounter (other than goodnight kisses). I will admit that I love the feel of a penis (sometimes I just prefer it), but I am just not that stimulated by men overall. It's flattering when a guy hits on me, but I secretly stare at the girl in the corner. I am open, with the people around me, about how attractive I find women, but just never commited to following through.
I guess I enjoy the comfort of a protective man sometimes, but I long for the touch of a woman. Where in the sex pool does this put me, and how can I come to terms with what I want?

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Hi GoGo661, welcome to the forum and thanks for posting here.

Don't try to fit yourself into one of the many little boxes we all seem to have neatly stacked on the shelf - straight, gay, bisexual, asexual, whatever. You're a woman who's becoming disillusioned with relationships involving men and becoming increasingly aware of your attraction to women. Take a risk and explore before you'll really know what you want.

One day, further down the line, you may want to find a comfortable label but don't get caught up in that now.

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Posted by: Lara | 2007/05/31

GoGo post again, the Expert and everyone else won't see your comments and question here, Post again, OK?

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Posted by: GoGo661 | 2007/05/25

I really appreciate the insight here. I am considering an online dating service, to experiment with different types of people inbetween race weekends. I want to concentrate on my career as much as possible, but I know that it somtimes consumes me & my personal that will be my 'off time'.
Has anyone had any luck with online dating sites and are they a good idea? I know what I want in a woman (or a man) but just don't know if it's out there (and if I find it how compatible it really would be with me). Yup, I'm definately confused & won't lump myself into stereotypes...but I could use a push in the right direction.
Again, thank you.

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Posted by: les bi friends | 2007/05/23

Hay my hunnie,

i was with a guy for a while then decided to sit on the fence due to family issuses, i am now lesbian i love being with a woman, its hard when you dont know where you fit in and dont worry about the "Butch" look most lesbian fems (like me ) find it sexy. I know i do, dnt stress take it one step at a time and day by day.

oh by the by you do sound HOT.

ps. hay chamboy how are you feeling?

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Posted by: GoGo661 | 2007/05/22

Oooo, I think I didn't clarify well enough that I am a female...sorry about that (it was late for me last night).
I will admit that I do have very high standards & prefer to take an alpha role in nearly everything I do. I usually blame my boredom with men on the lack of challenge, not my ego. It is so easy for me to get a guy, since I have always been involved in male dominated activities. But, I find fault in every guy & continue to fantasize about 'Ms.Right'. I know I am the reason why my male relationships fizzle out...
Unfortunately for me I am very focused on the career & want to develop myself before I try to find someone to share my life with. The hardest part of all this is that I want an attractive feminine girl, but am concerned with me feeling 'butch'...I enjoy being a girl, but do so much 'dude' stuff. Finding a woman where we can compliment each other seems so difficult, especially when I am surrounded by a ton of compatible guys.
I really was just wondering if I was mentally supressing that I am a lesbian, or just confused & frustrated with my sex life right now. I am not searching for a relationship right now, since I have absolutely no time. But, when the time comes I want to make sure I come to the right conclusion & not hurt anyone by realizing down the road I wanted a partner of the other sex...whether it be a male or female. I guess time will only tell when I am ready for a someone.
Thank you so much for trying to shed some light on my confusion. This is a really cool website & I will definately utilize it with my personal training & any other questions I have!

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Posted by: Yo | 2007/05/22

Okay well I think GoGo661 just get bored because has not found the right person yet. I got very bored with all my partners in the past untill I met my current girlfriend and well she just kept me interested in everyway and here we are 4 years later still together and we are still as in love as we were the first day we met.


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Posted by: NatureFreak | 2007/05/22

I wonder who is getting bored with what here!

Conn are you on the right website?


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Posted by: CONN | 2007/05/22

If you get bored so quickly with other guys - maybe its becoz you are so full of yourself and think the whole world revolves around you?

Since you were a model and all - just remember Supermale :
beauty fades, dumb is forever.

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Posted by: Yo | 2007/05/22

Nicely said NatureFreak!

From personal experience - There is nothing better than being with a woman.


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Posted by: NatureFreak | 2007/05/22

Hi GoGo661

Well, you are on the verge of experiencing the ultimate feeling!!!! By the sound of it, you are attractive and should therefore not have a problem with finding a woman, so go ahead and be with a woman!

From my experience I can tell you that yes the physical part of being with a man will definitely feel good or enable you to reach an orgasm, but for your partner to be able to take your MIND as well as your thats where the difference comes in!!!!!


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Posted by: Yo | 2007/05/22

Hello GoGo661<br><br>Well I am not an expert but I think you are obviously bisexual. There is nothing wrong with that there is a lot of people out there with the same sexuality as you, why dont you follow thru and have a sexual encounter with a woman and see how it makes you feel and if it you like it but you still like the touch of a man just as much you are definately bisexual.<br><br>My point is I think you should follow thru and be with a woman and see how that makes you feel deep down inside and then only you will know for sure.<br><br>I hope you find all the answers that you are looking for.<br><br>Yo

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