Posted by: NN | 2004/10/18

Nightmares and Demons

Ever since I have known my boyfriend, he has been having these nightmares. He would wake up in the middle of the night screaming and sweating. I could not even touch him and comfort him because he was so scared and jumpy. He confessed to me the other night that when he was younger a friend of his played with a weedgy board (pls excuse the spelling). And a demon came into her body and started tormenting her. She phoned him and he went to help her and the demon moved form her body to his. And at night this demon comes out and torments him in his dreams. I asked him to go and see a shrink about it but he will not listen. He said that the shrink will not believe him and think he is crazy. He said he can get rid of it himself and this happened 7 yrs ago and now it is gonna take him 7 days to get rid of it. I thought that he was talking rubbish and I did not believe in the "super natural". But that night when he fell asleep he started moaning and his body started going into these funny spasms. And Then he sat up and started being nasty to me and his voice had changed completely. His voice became deeper and he started running his nails along our bedroom wall because he was in pain. He really scared me. Saying things like he did not love me and that I must leave him alone and so on. he next morning I confronted him about it and he could not remember a thing and said that if he did say those things, I must not believe it because it is the demon speaking and not him. I can see that he is afraid to go to sleep and I am so scared that this demon does something to him or even to me, coz he got very aggressive the other night and he is not an aggressive person. I don't want to leave him, coz I wanna support him though this and I wanna help him. Last night he was also moaning while he was sleeping and his body kept on going into spasms. Please can someone advise me on what to do.

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Hello NN,
The spelling is hard, but it's an "Ouija" board, so called ( Oui = yes in French, Ja = yes in German ) because it originally answered questions with hyes or No.
About the demon. How can he be so sure he can get rid of it on his own, in 7 days, if it's been bothering him for 7 years ? I also don't believe in demons, but if he does, he can be affected in this way, and a psychiatrist could indeed help him to be free of this troublesome belief. Also, as Zee and others suggest, if he has this belief, then he could be helped by a church which believes it can rid people of such a psychological infestation, and should see such a pastor for advice, too.

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Posted by: *** | 2004/10/18

Dont let unbelievers fool you that there arent demons...

They are blinded by the world and havent experinced them have they???

Seek help girl you maybe be able to pray against them but WHY have to live like that every single day - how tiring!!!

pls contact a pastor they are experienced and know what to do< dont be afraid to speak to them or what your boyfriends says that he doesnt want to go , he must be quite scared but doesnt want to scare you too...

Let us know how things go.

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Posted by: TW | 2004/10/18

God is your only help in this.... not a shrink

Demons are very real and scary and the only way to be free of them is to go to church and seek help there...

Tell your boyfreind that it can be over just like that but you will need to see a pastor who can expel this demon. On that note this is rather a serious siuation and you should be careful too and pray for your own protection as you dont know what this demon inside of him is capabile. Maybe even get a pastor to visit you r place just to talk to youb/f if he is not keen to go to church ...Most pastors are very understanding be open and honest to them .

Pls advise him to seek help sooniest, let him know a life of peace and happiness is awating him !

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Posted by: Zee | 2004/10/18

Sisi, I do understand that u pray, but in situations like that you need the Pastor and the Elders of the church to intervene. If he dont wanna go to church its fine,make an appointment with ur Pastor open up to him and they will start praying 1st for his Salvation , and which will make it easier for the demon to disappera for gOOd, when he is a christian as well. They will intercede for u on his behalf and I assure you GOD will help u.

This is a serious matter, and U need ABAZALWANE to help you. Please go talk to ur pastor. I am glad that u do realise that when u pray the demon go for that moment, but pliz GIRL pray for him to be a christia n as well, adn it will make thingz easier for him to go to church, and get preayed for by annointed men of God.

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Posted by: NN | 2004/10/18

I do beleive in God and that is why I want to help my boyfriend. I want him to get rid of this demon and turn towards Jesus. I pray before I go to bed. I pray that God will give me the strengh to protect myself and my boyfriend incase anything does happen. He started shaking and going funny last nite, so I put my hand on his chest and started praying and it went away. But I wanna know if this demon will ever go away.

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Posted by: Zee | 2004/10/18

Jeez girl, Ur b/friend has a serious problem. There is one peace of advice I want to give you, its up to u to take it or leave it.
I dont know whether you guys do believe in God, but If you and your boyfriend dont believe in God, I think you should start by attending a church service or enquire about someone who can help you ie a Pastor. Make an appointment with him asap and take ur b/friend along. Explain to him and I ASSURE You that he will start praying 4 u and explain to u that its only the name of "JESUS" that has power to destroy evil spirits.

For now girl, You must pray 4 ur b/friend and urself and cast this demon in the name of Jesus. Be4 you guys sleep start praying, and when the demon come at night and you see ur b/friend do funny things please start praying and tell the "demon to go in the name of JESUS".

There is no amount of counselling from anyone that can heal ur b/friend , but its only GOD. Dont be afraid that the demon will come to you especially when you pray, I assure you it wont.

I dont know where you stay but I would refer you to a "RHEMA" or "Grace bible church" for help. Contact them , they will help you. Get their details on the website.

Gud luck

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