Posted by: Sinlge mother | 2013/02/02

Never having another child

is it just me or did being left alone to raise a kid for 5 years put me off having more forever? do some other single parents feel the same? current bf doesnt underdtand and i dont know how how can explain to him that im not going through what i went through when I was 26. I REFUSE TO HAVE MORE KIDS. Its quite painful to be a single mom especialy when I was also raised by a single mother, never thought it would happen to me but it did and BF thinks im paranoid. I think he can stuff himself, hell will freeze over before i can fall preggies again. kanti why men have no compassion.

Tyhini does he dink I am dumb and desperate to have another kid on my win. Hayi uyandiqhela or am I just being paranoid.? Hayi suka.

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Posted by: Zion | 2013/02/06

I do agree with I you may have ring on you''re finger and staying with the baby daddy full time but he turns out to be just useless and not supportive. You eventually end up raising the kid on you''re own and also be a parent to an old man cause most of men tends out to be kids too once their get married. So I guess its better sometimes just to be a single mom, as I said the grass is not as green on the other side.

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Posted by: Mommy | 2013/02/05

wena confused nxa!

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Posted by: Woman | 2013/02/04

I trully understand you ladies.

As single (mom) as I am with my only child I am looking forward to have another child and truth is I want the same baby dad to impregnate me then he can varnish again if he so wish. No strings attched I just want another child.

Guess we can never all feel the same no matter how painful of experiences we go through.

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Posted by: I | 2013/02/04

Ring or not, when a woman decides on having a baby, she must always have it at the back of her mind that when all''s been said and done, that child will be her sole responsibility. In most families you still find the man just being there in presence or when convenient for him and the woman essentially raising the children on her own, which I would presume to be more painful than doing it solo. The grass is not as green on the other side.

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Posted by: Me | 2013/02/04

" Confused" , what are you going on about. We are saying we will NOT have any more kids. Of course we are using contraceptives to make sure that we will not have any MORE kids.

Ladies nami I am NEVER falling pregnant again, not until the sun rises from the West and sets in the East. Even if it''s paranoia, prevention is better than cure. Having child knowing you don''t want one just to please a man - guess who will suffer in the end, THE CHILD!

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Posted by: Confused | 2013/02/04

Why dont you ladies use contraception and arent you scared of catching sti or hiv? Do you have to prove your fertility first before getting a legal commitment from your men? Women are always left holding the baby and its also not fair on the child to grow up without a father in their lives and constant conflict between the people who ''made'' him. Eish I dont know where common sense goes to sometimes.

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Posted by: T | 2013/02/04

Interesting topic.
I''ve been telling my friends that the only time I''ll even think of having a child, will be my title has changed at Dept of Home Affairs to " MRS" , I''m D-O-N-E. If I ever get the insane, broody feeling, I swear I''ll adopt - that''s of course when I''m comfortable financially, so kiddo can have a sibling.

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Posted by: single mama | 2013/02/04

@ Man what you saying wont change my mind, kuhlanya wena,
some of you i fail to understand some of you are raised by both parents but wena you will let your woman to raise a kid on her own,

hahahah ladies you will laugh at these things almost all my friends were single mama''s like me but guess what the tata''s wants to be back not only to kids lives but to mama as well and my question is why now?

I told the father of my child we met in December and i said to him look you left us without being chased away i never said to you go we dont want you in our lives you chose to do that i think the same will happen you will come back when ever you ready but if you not PLEASE DONT BOTHER TO COME INTO my childs life and confused him, see him today then dont come to him for 5 months and come back after months,

Really ladies its sad what they are doing in their own blood and umntu ahambe emisa nge laitie yakhe emajiteni while mna and the child are suffering, suka maan akhokucenga ngok

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Posted by: Pretty Pear | 2013/02/04

I''ve never been readier (if there''s a word) to have a second born. Physically, emotionally spiritually...i cant wait for another bun.....mmmm...
I felt the same last year, kids bebandinyanyisa nje...i felt kids were more of a burden than a blessing....

This year i''m singing a different tune...should someone propose now i''ll ask if we can have a baby 1st lol...cos i cant wait...

I understand you ladies very well...i''m also not raising on my own again, financially or non-...he must just promise to be there black and

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Posted by: Man | 2013/02/04

Le a hlanya basadi ke lena. Y the f*ck must u base everything on us men...

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Posted by: Mommy | 2013/02/04

Maybe seek professional help. We can let our bad experiences spoil everything for us. It’ s more of fear than being paranoid. I’ m raising my son single handed as well never a cent from the father I’ m currently seeing a psychiatrist cause every time i think about babies i get panic attacks. Good luck

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Posted by: single mama | 2013/02/04

Hi Lady

You''re not paranoid at all we in the same boat sisi, i was also 26 when i fell praggies and the dad is doing nothing i am the one who''s doing everything for my child but i Thank God and also greatful to him because he gives me strenght and i must say UThixo usemhle uyandinceda,,,

I REFUSE TO HAVE MORE KIDS. Its quite painful to be a single mom especialy when I was also raised by a single mother....same here so i dont see myself falling praggies, mna i even said that if my current BF gets me praggies which i dont think it will happen but if it happens i will make him to write it on a black and white and have it stamped at the court that he will take care of the kid and i will also sign to prove that we spoke and he promised to take care of his child, shame ndivile and ndisezova i dont care who says what or else if he wants to jump he can jump the high way aye kozavuma umzalela

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Posted by: Mom | 2013/02/04

Why is he not marrying you first if he wants a child? You are right girl, keep it up, lock those thighs.

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