Posted by: Val | 2009/04/13

Neighbour from hell

I hope there is enough space here....My problem is my neighbour...She is a nursing sister at one of the local hospitals....For a professional person her behaviour is intolerable...She has harrased me, she has phoned me and used the most abusive language you can think of....she has threatened me with a firearm....she has threatened to kill me....she has written me a letter threatening me.....Now the point I am trying to get to is that this woman is making my life a living hell....I am afraid to pull my car into the driveway if its gotten a bit dark outside for fear that she may be hiding to jump me from behind and do me harm...The police can do nothing for me...So peace of mind is non existent for me....She also has started a new was of harrassing us...she revs her car and turns the music on full blast outside our bedroom window at times ranging between midnight and 4am....I do know that she is on medication after her stay at a Mental Institution (6 weeks)..I also know that she abuses alchohol and i suspect that she may be abusing other forms of drugs maybe TIK...Her habits are of those which I have read about regarding TIK...Now my question is this...should this person be practising her profession...Are patients safe from her.....I am not sure if you are the person I should be sending this to....It' s just that I am at my wits end with this woman to such an extent that I have started having panic attacks and get depressed and agitated when I see her car arrive in her yard.....She scares me....Thanks for your time.

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get legal advice. If she is harassing you, you can get a court order forbidding her to do that, and she would be in serious trouble if she ignored such an interdict. The police CAN help, if they are too lazy or corrupt to do so, that is another matter. But with a court order, the magistrate should be harsh towards them if they fail to enforce it, which is their job. If she has a mental problem severe enough to have been institutionalized, and is abuusing alcohol and perhaps other drugs, the doctors who were treating her should be informed, and perhaps even the maron of wherever she is working as a nurse, as she could be a risk to her patients. The Nursing Council could be informed, too, and should look into it. As Julie says, if this is in a complex, the managing agents MUST enforce the rules and evict her if she ignores them. Keep the threaening letter she wrote, and make safe copies of it --- that is vital evidence against her in any of these actions.

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Posted by: Val | 2009/04/17

Thanks folks for the posts...I appreciate it.....No I do not live in a complex..her driveway is like maybe 10 meters from my bedroom window.LOL....Again no..I have not done anything to her in anyway to cause her to be like that towards me....She has been like that all her married life her husband just didnt know how to deal with it....She always accused him of having affairs with the other mens wives.
The police are so tired of her .....I have had her arrested 4 times..It' s a joke to her she pays the fine and then goes home again.....As for a restraining order....That only exists on the family island....We are just the neighbour so we do not qualify for that luxury.
She does not go to her followup appointments with her doctors or the Social Worker.....She is a law unto herself....Maybe she will get drunk enough sometime and wipe herself out in her car...The police take her home if she is drunk they do not arrest her....I know of 3 occasions where she has been sooo stupid drunk...and lo and behold she gets brought home by the cops....they drive her car home for here....Need I say more about our SAPS.......The magistrate himself is just as much of a dead loss.....It is a small farm dorp we live in....everyone is connected in some it in the church or any recreation facility....She drinks with the local police at their I guess that leaves me right out there in the cold and eyes in the back of my head...Who knows where this will all end up because she has now taken 2 security workers from the hospital she works at ...she brings them home and drinks with them....Then I have the security person threatening me as well who knows what rubbish she has spoken to these 2 black guys....who knows maybe they will protect her ..... and do us harm....Its a crazy world we live in

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Posted by: ann | 2009/04/13

Have you done anything to warrant this abuse? If your side of this story is clean? I have a few ideas but cant voice them on this forum. The next time she plays her music loud or revs her car ph the police and lay a charge of disturbing the peace or for harassing you, get a restraining order. Change your phone no.
I dont understand why the police cant do anything if she has threatened you with a firearm!!!!! You have to safe guard yourself against these weirdos, and believe me there are so many of them around. Poor patients!! Can just imagine what they are going through! Maybe they should take her back to the loony bin.

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Posted by: Julie | 2009/04/13

Why is she acting this way to you? Did you do or say something once a time ago or has she just decided to do this?

You never mentioned whether you live in a house or complex. But I' ll assume it' s a complex because you said she plays music right outside your window and you said you' re scared you' ll be attacked in the driveway. If I' m right and it' s a complex you can complain to the managing agents about the noise. They' ll issue warnings, then fines and if doesn' t stop, she' ll be evicted. Speak to neighbors and ask them to contact the managing agents so you won' t be victimised.

If it' s a house, you can call the police for noise pollution (there are laws regarding noise). You can also put up electric fencing, barbed wire...

You can lay a charge of harrasment, especially if she wrote you a letter (she basically skrewed herself by putting it in writing). Next time it' s verbal have your phone or dictaphone handy.

Maybe get legal advice?

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