Posted by: Carol | 2007/07/12

Need some advice please

Hey .. this isnt about cats today , its about my crazy boxers.

Now Miki my bitch is spayed and is 5 years old ... when she was a year old we went through hell , she killed my jrt , and so severly injured the other one we had to have him euthanised. the JRT were male and female .. spayed and neutered.

Monty my male is neutered and has miki very firmly under his paw, she is under my eyeball permanently ... I have trained her fairly well and she is fine with cats/geese/chickens etc fact I often laugh at her running into the kitchen with a duck chasing her .

I could never quite figure out what caused her to hate the JRT .... at first I thought it was bitch aggression , but then she also bit a male ??? so I can only assume this has to do with small dogs ???

Now lately she seems bored .,... Monty doesnt want to play with her much anymore and she is driving me dilly .. she will sit and bark at him to come and play and then of course she gets naughty.... hubs and I both play with her during the day and we have a very large property for her to run around on.....and believe me we make sure she gets excersise.

I have been wondering lately how she would be with another boxer ???? there are plenty in rescue and I was thinking perhaps a mild mannered young male about 10 mos or a year or so ????

Monty is fine with other males so that isnt an issue .. but I would have to be careful of the tempremant of the dog in question.

Im home all day and we have plenty of space but im really scared of making a mess up here ....

what do you guys think?

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You will need to introduce them away from home and see how they get on. If fine then introduce them slowly at home. The bitches response may be unpredictable though. Do you take them out for walks or do they only exercise in the garden.

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Posted by: Carol | 2007/07/13

Okay ... more food for thought, thanks guys, WR you are right and I didnt think of that ...Monty is also the hippie type BTW,.... but only to a point then watch it!!! He will happlily bite any intruder too

How long do you think I should keep them seperate ??? thats going to be tricky ..they have their beds next to ours.?

Miki is a difficult bugger ... but her body language is an open book which helps.

I have another friend who does training etc etc etc and he knows the dogs well, but I cant get hold of him , so between you all ill see.

Then of course the big question ..3 boxers ....eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeek funny farm here I come :) :)

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Posted by: Kate | 2007/07/13

Hi all

Sorry Carol I have no advice, but will e-mail an idea to you.

WR you made me laugh.
When I took Basher back to the farm where we was bred I was very nervous that his dad would eat him for dinner.
When I arrived I pretty much tossed Basher out the car and walked away hoping the dogs would sort them selves out.
Well the dad, the brother and the sister came at Basher all at once, the siblings were more aggressive at first, the dad gave him a smell and then left but when Basher's mom saw him it was just to beautiful for words, she ran up all agro then realised who he was and the 2 of them ran off through the fields together.
Yes we should not attach human emotions to our animals but there is no denying she knew who this little guys was.
2 months later when I got Georgie her reaction was totally different and still to this day snouts Georgie at every opportunity she gets like a real step mom LOL.

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Posted by: WR | 2007/07/13

Hi there Carol!

Eish, tough one...!
If you do decide to get a new dog - consider keeping Monty and him together, and Miki seperate for a while - then when you do let them all run together Miki will realise that Monty has accepted the new 'pup' as part of the pack, and if (like you said) he is in charge, she'll accept the situation.

In theory the neutral turf meeting should (would) work, but that, in my opinion, is not to say that Miki will be fine with the newcomer on her own turf. Added to that, you said Miki didn't kill the JR outright, but only after they've been running together for a while? On the other hand, maybe a bigger dog (and young) would be better suited to run away and or submit in the correct way for Miki to understand that he means no threat, and that she still hold dominance over him - so she can relax.

In the end, we (you especially...?) could all be well surprised with the outcome - maybe Miki doesn't bat an eye-lid!

I'm in a sort-of-same-position - One of my female's pups came to visit. Now for better understanding: My female is the killer-hater of all things (four-legged, 3-legged, 2-legged, 1-legged and crawling), but the male is the hippie, loving (I can actually picture him on the beach smoking a joint) relaxed boy (although Alpha like Miki).
As soon as the pup came over - my female was Mrs. Love and Bliss, but the bigboy turned into Mr. This-is-my-turf-and-I-rule...! Weird!

These animals still fascinate me after all these years!

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Posted by: Carol | 2007/07/12

mmm i wouldnt contemplate a female ......but the little male russel I had was fine with Monty .. Monty is a fairly "alpha" male but is gentle so a gentle tempremented boy would work perfectly, Monty is also predictable.

I think ill get hold of the rescue people and if there is a suitable fit maybe I can let miki and monty meet him on neutral turf one at a time and just see how they are ...

As you say if things go wrong it could mess things up horribly .....

Ill have to give this one LOTS more thought ....

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Posted by: Chill | 2007/07/12

I have no advice, but I do know how you feel, and it is a bit scary because once things go wrong the consequences can be so traumatic.

I have a bit of a similar problem in that my young dog is extremely high-energy, and she's a WHOLE lot bigger than the small one, who is now 14. He 'manages' her ok, but sometimes when she wants to play and tears around him like a maniac, I can hardly bear to watch.

In addition, I've had a set-up with two females fighting before, and I NEVER want to go through that again... plus my little dog, while in practice pretty harmless, is macho enough that I don't want his nose out of joint by getting another male.

It's a catch-22, really.

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