Posted by: Skeezix | 2004/02/05

Need 2 commit suicide

Hi, 2 make a long story short, i've decided to kill myself, so dont mistake this for a cry for help, there is no other way. My problem is, is that i dont have a gun, so my next choice is Potassium Cyanide. How hard is it to get hold of?

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I know that you know, perfectly well, that Cyanide is not the solution to any of your problems. If you have been growing depressed over these recent years, this on its own could acount for the failures and isolation you perceive. But while this may make you feel that the situation is hopeless, it does not mean that it actually is so.
Be less aggressive towards yourself, and become more aggressive FOR yourself-- insist on getting proper attention from the appropriate experts and on getting proper treatment. And work passionately to ensure that therapy works --- and you CAN achieve good results.
Depression, and the suicidal way of thinking it often leads towards, is like a long narrowing tunnel. Gradually you fail to notice anything positive in your life and options, even if they are there. Eventually, indeed, it may sincerely feel that "there is no other way". But that does not mean that there actually is no other way, only that you haven't found it. Yet. Like a preson at the bottom of a valley at night, who can't see that there are several roads that lead out of the valley.
Call Lifeline or any other similar local service ; see your local GP or go to your nearest good hospital Casualty Dept, explain how desperate you are feeling, and demand a proper assessment and treatment. You deserve nothing less than that.

The information provided does not constitute a diagnosis of your condition. You should consult a medical practitioner or other appropriate health care professional for a physical exmanication, diagnosis and formal advice. Health24 and the expert accept no responsibility or liability for any damage or personal harm you may suffer resulting from making use of this content.

Our users say:
Posted by: tobby | 2004/03/25

i am also very depressed and want to end my life. in fact, i dont even have the strength and will to do anything else. i dont want any help. in fact, i had been contemplating suicide for a long time. i am 27. i dont know if things have gone wrong or right for me, for my conscious mind has started playing tricks on me by skewing my perception of right and wrong. subconsciously or consciously, i have been avoiding anything positive in my life, because i wish to stop living and make myself so depressed and uneasy to have the will to end it. curiously i had been contemplating of the cyanide route and have often been thinking of going to dept. of chemistry of local university and procure it. but i guess they wont just hand it out just like that. one would need prescription etc. i hope this # for kcn works. guns can be too messy, but if i have kcn things would work out.

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Posted by: believer | 2004/02/06

Please, please please don't do it! Do you know what happens to your soul when you kill yourself? You don't know that you are dead & your soul keeps attempting suicide over & over & over-you get stuck in a suicide "limbo" until it is your natural time to die. (I don't know what you believe but I beleive that you sign a contract with your God about the lessons you want to learn, who you want to meet & when you are going to give your soul back to him). If you kill yourself you break that contract.

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Posted by: Fairy | 2004/02/06

Hi there
First of all , the people telling this person to go ahead and take their life are selfish , have any of you had depression that is so bad that you want to take your life , this person has a serious chemical inbalance and needs help urgently .
Skeezix hang in there and seek proffessional help , do yourself a favour and when you get up in the morning think about one thing that you can be greatful for and think about others that are worse of than you I know you feel tha the whole world is upon your shoulders right now , but its not worth taking your own life. Be positive and good luck may you find the peace and happiness that you are looking for.
Fairy God Mother

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Posted by: Soul | 2004/02/05

What's the matter with you people this is a forum to help and advise people not to dare and encourage people to take their own lives. How do you people sleep at night not knowing whether or not a human being has taken their life because they have health problems.
I thank God I don't have friends like you in my life.

Lady Nina I am quit surprised at you not so long ago you were pouring your heart out and looking for attention and as I recall you got all the attention you were looking for. Someones life is at steak here cause they are not healthly and you want to push this person off the cliff. You don't know what this persons life is like and yet you are so judgemental, I mean no ones life can be all rose petals... oh yes that's right niether is yours. Open your hearts and have some compassion for what other people go through.

I can see why people are disgusted with folks like you and never come back to this site.

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Posted by: ouch | 2004/02/05

the truth is,this person is crying out for help but at the same time,having suicidal thoughts and communicating them to someone else is an ATTEMPT at making it all more real.

there isnt nothing noone can do to help this person but i dont think any of us are the right people,including myself
this person is so affraid,i have a family member who talks about ending things everyday but i dont think would have the courage to go through with it.
as much as most people cant relate to what skeezix is saying,we all seem to be responding to a subject title that caught our attention.
this is just my opinion,but with all of us either encouraging or discouraging this person could cause detrimental harm.
Sneezix if you read this,seek what ever help you can and if your original decision is still the best,then what can i say,i think we're all a little done in on those not so great days!!!

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Posted by: lady nina | 2004/02/05

i agree with nooky and mandi

if you are really that desperate he should do it and not look for attention - which is what he will get !

like nooky i've become personally involved once and it's not worth the hassle - most of the time they don't have the guts
and only look for attention

take care


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Posted by: Gaurdian angel!! | 2004/02/05

Before you try and do this have you ever thought about what will happen after you kill yourself.?? You will go straight to hell and your soul will be in the hands of the devil. If you committ suicide thats exactly where you will go. Not only that which ever way you want to go you will suffer terribly. Poisoning yourself with or anyway you want will be excrutiatly worse pain than dealing with life..

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Posted by: Mandi | 2004/02/05

I agree with Nooky! This person has put this message on either to mess about and play the fool or cry for help. If you wants to kill yourself, stop writing and telling everyone and just do it!!!!

Reply to Mandi
Posted by: Soul | 2004/02/05


This is no time for you to get snotty. This person needs help and all your diong is pushing this person in the right direction, if you can't help then bugger off
There may not be anything you can say to help but you certainly don't need to encourage it.
Not everyone has the same problems and you need to respect that. And your wrong about no one being able to help other people have felt like this before. The Cybershrink has got advice for this person and you should respect that too.

Leave this person be.

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Posted by: Nooky | 2004/02/05

Warning - to all those itching to beg and plead with this person not to committ suicide - please do not become involved - this person has placed a posting on this forum and that in itself is a cry for help. He/she can pick up a phone and contact the right people who can really help - and this person knows it !

I have learned the hard way from a previous posting on this forum that there is basically nothing any one of us can do to help such a person. The most we can do is to suggest that they reach out to one of the many people trained to handle such a situation and then to let go.

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Posted by: James | 2004/02/05

Hi my friend George is a chemist - he can get some for you, phone him now on 0842005507.

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Posted by: Skeezix | 2004/02/05

Thanks for the reply, but that's not answering my question. I'm 27 btw. I was diagnosed as being clinically depressed and having temporal lobe epilepsy. Now imagine being in my state of mind, and on top of that everything in my life for the past 7 years have gone wrong. Everything has failed, and i failed myself too many times. i have no support, no friends, nothing. i have held on for long enough, and has given this much thought. can you imagine living, when you cant picture yourself alive the next day. So, can we please get back to the Cyanide?

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Posted by: Call Me | 2004/02/05

Tha is not the answer. where are you? how old are you? what is the REAL problem?
get to a support group. phone 031-709-2467/8 and talkt to
some one. ther is help

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