Posted by: Tania | 2008/07/03

My thyroid and my husband

Hi doc

I have an underactive thyroid, and has had it from when I was about 16. Doctors then told my mom that I am inactive and overweight and that is why I am so unhappy. Blood tests showed nothing wrong with my thyroid. So did each and every thyroid test I ever did after that. Funny enough, I turned into quite a normal happy 16-year old when I used some of my mom's Eltroxins.
I've then turned to homeopaths that treated me successfully for my hormone problems.
I had a baby 4 years ago, but also had a very traumatic and stressful few years at work and personally. I was put on Aropax by my GP as a 'temporary' solution. The first time I tried going off it, I crashed into a terrible depression, and had to go back on it again. But, now 6 months later, I made a will decision to go off the Aropax with the help of God and natural products.
Apart from the depression wanting to win me over (this time I was pshycologically prepared), I came to realise that this Aropax has supressed my true hormonal issues, and now I have to cope with my severely underactive thyroid again.
My problem is that our mediacl aid is exhausted and whatever we do, we have to do so with cash. Unfortunately my husband prefers to believe in 'scientific' doctors and therefore refuse to believe that I have a medical problem. Thus, he is not making any money available for natural treatment. According to him, I am just full of crap, I lend my ears out to too much people, and must just get over myself.
At the moment, I am too scared to drive my car, because I am afraid that should I be involved in an accident, I might kill someone in a fit of rage! I cannot dissipline my little one, for I am to scared that I will go overboard (like my mom did to us!).
How am I going to convince my husband to support me in this? I might just add that he is part of the problem that landed me on Aropax. Where can I find a write up that can confirm my symptoms as underactive thyroid and also confirm that some thyroids just cannot be detected by blood tests?
I am in total dire straits and I am actually considering a divorce, but do not want to make any life changing decisions whilst I am in this state. What would the cheapest possible remedy be?
I honestly hope that you can help me, because I might just kill someone only to cry my eyes out five minutes later about nothing. And I am not even talking about the size 12 that turned to 16! I am also scared that I will enter early menopause because of my 'not treating' my problem, because I so desperately wants another baby. But my husband is refusing to have another one as he feels we cannot afford another baby. I know in my heart, that should I go into menopause early, I will never, ever be able to forgive my husband for not having another baby.
As you can see, there is so much at stake here, and I am really trying to be rational, but this war inside my body is killing me. Every day is a battle against myself, and I desperately need help.
Where am I going to find that help?

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i suggest you email the cybershrink as he could possibly give you assistance how to deal with your emotions. You can use Rescue remedy to help you during this time. As you can appreciate from your extensive history you need a practitioner who can assist you to make sure the treatment is sufficient for you. You can test your temperature in the mornings before getting out of bed (also do not sleep with a hot water bottle or electric blanket). measure temperature under your arm for 4 days (away from ovulation). temperature should be above 36.4. If lower then your thyroid is sluggish. other thyroid symptoms : low mood, dry skin, constipation hair falling out, decreased energy.

Dr Debbie

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Posted by: Want to be Happy | 2008/09/22

Am battling with similar challenges - fits of rage  just not feeling well  excessive weight gain. GP also diagnosed depression, and I' ve tried both Aropax and Tamolil which make me feel horrible. Read last week' s article in YOU on a new book that has been written - The Silent Epidemic by a lady who also had all these weird symptoms and blood tests that were negative. I' m trying to get hold of the book at the moment as well as a thyroid expert in our area. Good luck!

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Posted by: Whimsical | 2008/07/30

Apparently there is a more expensive but more accurate test that can be done to test thyroid function.

Thanks to an edition of the Oprah magazine I managed to recognise the symptoms of the underactive thyroid and went to my GP for tests. After possibly years of being misdiagnosed for depression and this and that, it took the well timed article to open my " body eyes"  not that I blame the doctor for misdiagnosing me all those times but with poly cystic ovaries and now the hypothyroidism, it' s a case of pick your condition.

I also have had blinding fits of rage, that I feel like I' m not part of my own body at the time and episodes which leave me quite embarrased in hindsight. PMS? PCOS? Hypothyroid? Who knows?

Recently spent two weeks in a clinic for a depressive episode and refused medication, no more Cilift or Aropax for me. The Psychiatrist was quite accomodating. I read the article while there and went to my GP straight after.

Have been on Eltroxin for a just short of 3 months now and felt instantly better within days. At the start of winter the joint pain, excessive dry skin, irregular menstral cycle forgetfulness, muscle cramping started again, I vaguely remember the article mentioning that the dosage needs to be tweeked for change of season. And all the signs the " body eyes"  give you, were there: craving for seafood, salty foods, I never cook or add salt to my food so when I get the urge to eat cucumbers I know the body wants salt, cause thats the only thing I add salt to. So was back at the doctor for test on Monday, got the results today thyroid functioning low need to up the dosage and back to doc in 6 to 8 weeks to check the levels again.

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Posted by: anon | 2008/07/03

Please copy and post this to cybershrink...he will be able to help you.

Have you ever had counselling, perhaps you need a few sessions and marriage counselling.

Try and cope with your life as it is now instead on focussing on the future right now, if you are unhappy now having another baby is not going to suddenly going to make everything right. In fact another baby can cause a lot more stress and thats why you need help now.

You can also call Lifeline a free 24 hr counselling line 0861 322 322 alternatively call the Anxiety and Depression HelpLine. Tel Numbers on Cybershrink's forum.

I wish you well, happiness and peace.

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