Posted by: Nikkits | 2008/07/23

My letter to The Sun

For what it is worth, here is my response to the Sun .....

Dear Sir/Madam

It is with great disappointment that I have to read this reckless article by Jon Qwelane, published in the Sun on July 20. With all due respect this man is a menace to the constitutional goals this country is trying to achieve. Not only has this man no respect for the law but he has no respect for human beings and much to my surprise it would seem he has no respect for Madiba, who spend the greatest part of his life behind bars for believing in a democracy where mutual respect for human diversity can exist.

People like this Jon Qwelane is typical of the under achievers who ride on the backs of people like Madiba. Qwelane belong to the group of people who undo the progress already achieved with democracy and human rights.

It would serve no purpose to demand this man publicly apologize as he does not understand or know the meaning of the word. His deviance within this hideous article towards the Human Rights Commission is clear indication of his lack of intellectual ability to contribute anything significantly towards a free and peaceful democratic society.

The SUN, as a newspaper, committed to uphold constitutional “ values”  clearly do not understand the meaning of the word, values, let alone human rights.

As one person I cannot threaten you in anyway and it would merely add value to the likes of this Jon Qwelane who should be ignored and his worthless opinions, unpublished. Not only is his article incorrect with regards to mentioning a “ man”  having a baby in a gay relationship, but it is a slap in the face of any institution working relentlessly to achieve the goals this country had set out reach.

I guess my final question is why is this man on your payroll and what is it going to take to remove him and his trouble making opinions from your publication?

Kind Regards
Nikki – TS
Human Rights activist.

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Posted by: Marlin Forbes | 2008/07/30

Sack everyone involved - simple.

Mr Bullard got the axe for allegedly being racist. Offend the black majority and BOOM, you' re fired. And he was arguably one of the best journalists in the country.

Offend a minority, and the editor decides to publish.

I wonder what the result would have been if the article specifically targetted Black Gays?

Of course, there are no black gays, right? Well, except for the ones that have been killed/raped/assaulted.

Naspers/ is clearly controlled by a conservative element, which doesn' t give a damn about minority rights.

I' m sure that some thought was given to the publicity that this would generate, even though negative, and an active decision was made to publish because of it.

I love how there' s a warning to us individuals not to defame or abuse others in our forum postings on this site, yet the controlling entity is given free reign to express their prejudice through Mr Qwelane.

Appalling, and sickening.

I guess we can only hope that Mr Qwelane gets what he deserves, but I doubt he will.

He' s probably getting a slap on the back from management for generating controversy.

Mr Qwelane, you and your editor are cretins. Does that count as defamation, or abusive language?

I don' t think so. It' s the truth.

Reply to Marlin Forbes
Posted by: WOW | 2008/07/23

Hi guys, it is so good to see everyone responding in this way, for the first time in ages I feel proud to be gay!!!!

Reply to WOW
Posted by: Ferny | 2008/07/23

Hi All,

I think that the GLBT organisations have responded judging by what I read on Mamba. Hopefully Glenn / Expert will keep us updated. I know that the Facebook groups are also mustering their members ro react.

Have added my letter to the Sunday Sun editor again since there appeared to be some gremlins on the forum last night.

Lets all stand together &  support each other!!

Love &  hugs - Ferny :-)
Dear Editor,

I wish to voice my total disgust at YOUR decision to publish the article on 20th July by Jon Qwelane in the Sunday Sun.

I am the proud mother of a gay son &  future gay son-in-law who are to be legally married on 8th August 2008 in terms of the SA constitution law passed on 1st December 2006.

Mr. Qwelane is entitled to his opinions, but I take exception to YOU for allowing those opinions to be published. Do you not realise the harm those opinions might do to innocent gay &  lesbian people in this country who are just going about their everyday business &  doing no harm at all to anyone in our society!! Have you not learnt anything from the recent spate of Gay &  Lesbian attacks as well as the very recent Xenophobic attacks? It takes very little to stir up potential trouble &  these very inflammatory opinions could do great harm.

I request that you print an apology for allowing such an article to be published &  for the potential harm it will cause.

Regards - Ferny Vermonti

Reply to Ferny
Posted by: Rade | 2008/07/23

when did the article appear?
We should go to the press ombudsman, what do you guys think?
It sounds like serious hate speech

Reply to Rade
Posted by: Anton | 2008/07/23

Well done guys, what worries me is that the Sunday Sun also goes to neighbouring countries, where being gay or lesbian is more tricky than here because they don\t have the same legal rights we have in SA, and their communities are often even more homophobic than the SA public. That makes gays and lesbians in those countries far more vulnerable to the likes of Jon Qwelane.

Reply to Anton
Posted by: Apache_boy | 2008/07/23

Dear Sir or Madam,

It is with great disdain that I am writing this letter to you. It was with great shock that I read the article in question on Sunday (Page 14, Sunday Sun, Sunday 20 July 2008), I cannot believe that in a great country such as this, that an educated person could spout such utter nonsense. Where does a grown man, with so much influence, come off to compare being homosexual to having sex with animals? And then openly defying the South African Human Rights Commission? I am a proudly gay South African, who had high hopes for the future, unfortunately we seem to be moving back to the apartheid regime where people were discriminated against about who they are as human beings, this time rather for who they love than for their skin colour. We have no choice in being gay or not, just like no person has a choice which race he or she wants to be. Therefore, Mr. Qwelane can be raised to give equal stature to any of the old apartheid leaders.

In this country, with the one of the most progressive constitutions in the world, it saddens many people that this wonderful document, which Mr. Qwelane clearly has no respect for, is not adhered to, even by your publication and in my opinion, for me this article is nothing more than hate speech. Mr. Qwelane also does not have any respect for the intelligent people, the learned scholars, the countless judges and any other person that fought for freedom in this country and worked on this powerful document.

I urge you, as the editor and Mr. Qwelane, to publicly apologise not just through your publication and other printed media but through all media, for the apartheid and hate speech you are trying to force on people who' s sexual orientation differs from your own.

Yours truly

Apache Boy

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