Posted by: Mirror | 2013/01/04

My latest results

Compliments of the new season to you all!

During the December period I went for my regular testing along with my family.
CD4 = 992
VL = Undetectable

God is trully amazing and I praise him and thank him for everything.

My little one who is now almost 5 months old is also negative = all my kids are negative.
Hubby is still negative as well (eventhough we have been very careless) he was not even worried that his results could come back positive, he says I have given him a new out take on life and this silly little virus, not really sure what he means.

I have to mention that I have not been doing anything different or taking any pills or medication but have tried to maintained good eating habits not only for me but my family as well.
I smoke, I drink and eat out about once every two weeks.
I DO try very hard to stay away from stress and the people who cause it, like family *lol*

I do want to have 1 more child (hopefully twins) but this will be in 2014 and my gynae and GP have given me the thumbs up, provided I maintain good results and continue to smile...

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Posted by: Mirror | 2013/01/07

@ Tumi - I had him tested in December

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Posted by: ... | 2013/01/07

Tanya, I wonder who died and made you queen


I have cancer not HIV/AIDS (but I might as well be dying of AIDS - doesn''t really matter), so I am guessing that I got this from smoking too much right? That would be the stereotypical answer to this just like you pointing fingers and acting as if you are holier than thou

Dont judge!

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Posted by: Tumi | 2013/01/07

Wow Mirror that is really amazing...

When did you get your baby tested?

For the meer fact that we are still able to wake every morning and provide for our families it means God is really good to all of us, even those who are sarcastic

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Posted by: Tanya | 2013/01/07

This is an open Forum and anyone can comment if they wish.
As far as I know HIV/Aids is acquired through :-
Unprotected sex with an infected partner.(Majority)
Addicts sharing needles (Minority)
Blood transfusion. (Hardly any these days)

So MIRROR, or anyone else, please share your knowledge and education and list all the other ways HIV/Aids can be acquired.
Surely it will be of benefit to all " sex crazy horny lunatics who cant keep their legs together"  - as SPORO aptly put it.

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Posted by: Sporo | 2013/01/07

I am wondering how someone like @Tanya really got to this forum full of sex crazy horny lunatics who cant keep their legs together? Is it not a question of a pot calling a kettle black. Or it is to boring out there and one cant miss out on the stage of crazy ones. In the eyes of God we are all the same and we shall not judge anybody that we are leaving to him and only him can judge.

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Posted by: Mirror | 2013/01/07

Everyone for himself and GOD for us all.

@Tanya - I don''t need to educate myself on HIV. I know what I know and that is what matters to me.
If you have nothing good to say, perhaps you shouldn''t be here.

Have a good day now...

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Posted by: Tanya | 2013/01/07

Vball....I wasnt the one to bring God into this in the first place, so read threads properly next time. As for my demons, sorry to disappoint you but I dont have any....

Mirror...I know about 3 causes of HIV/Aids. I challenge you to name all the others.
Well done on having a good life!

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Posted by: Vball | 2013/01/07

Leave GOD out of this and deal with your own demons @Tanya

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Posted by: Mirror | 2013/01/07

@Tanya - Not everyone gets infected with HIV through SEX.

I too have a wonderful husband,3 incredible children and a very, very satisfying sex life AND very happy with every aspect of my life!

I come to this forum to chat with others like me, to give advice where I can and not to judge - so if you have a problem with us, you need a reality check or to get you step on!!!!!

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Posted by: Tanya | 2013/01/05

@Mmetse - if God was so great why did he allow HIV/Aids to decimate the population? I think He got sick and tired of everybody screwing around. So, just stop it! It (sex) doesnt get you anywhere, does it?

This is a serious question.

Oh, silly me! It got me a wonderful husband, three incredible children and a very satisfying sex life........THAT''S what its suppose to get you, and THAT''S all!!!!

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Posted by: Mmetse | 2013/01/05

Congradulations on your GREAT results. Keep it up Gal. God is indeed Great.

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