Posted by: anon | 2013/11/24

my husbands fetish

Hello, my husband of more than 10 years has developed some fetish about shaving his pubes, I have tried to ignore it, but have told him I find it gay, but he has now shaved bald and just left a little landing strip, similar to what woman do, he has also tried on my panties, and when confronted, he said its not a gay thing, its just fun, and he wants me to accept it, but although he is a wonderful manly man, this side of him has come out recently, and I find it quite disturbing, I have threatened to leave him should this continue, but he is such a wonderful husband and father, and we have so much fun together, I do admit that my sex drive is not at all what it used to be, but I seldom decline him, I just am n ot that interested in the long forplay and toys etc that he used to be so into, but sex I give him almost whenever he wants, but this girly thing that he is doing now needs professional help, and its something he is not prepared to do, and would never tell anyone, tha in itself proves that his behaviour is wrong. I have also caught him masturbating, and he has wanted to give me oral sex after he has ejaculated, now men are generally disgusted with the taste of semen, but it seems to turn him on, sorry for been so long winded, but I actually dont know what to do, but I do know that I am not having some pubic trimmed or shaved man in my bed, especially if he thinks that he will come to bed in panties, I want to threaten him now, that if he doesnt get help, that I will tell his friends, maybe just before they go off to rugby or hunting together, but I love him very much and dont want to push him away, any advise pleeeeeese

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Posted by: Anonymous | 2015/10/05

The pube shaving is normal. Everything is is NOT.

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Posted by: David | 2014/01/20

Your husband is a closet queer. Deal with it! If you don't believe me ask him to wear your high heels 'for fun' and bend over the bed while you put on a strap-on 'for fun'. If he runs I'm wrong and apologize.

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Posted by: Digital Sex | 2013/12/04

@Sexy - There is no normal amount of sex, it all depends on the individual/relationship. All you can do is have safe fun and enjoy every moment of it

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Posted by: Sexy | 2013/12/04

i just love this forum. undersexed, oversexed, no sex. I wonder if there's anyone out there that is leading a so called normal sex life and can tell us what that is.

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Posted by: Digital Sex | 2013/12/02

Hi Anon I don't think that threatening him would help at all. He is your husband and shares ALL his pleasures, ideas, short-comings and fetishes with you (be proud that he doesn't share it with someone else, more so another woman - don't be shocked if he goes to other women for this comfort) He has confided in you and try to respect this. Try to get him to tell you what he finds attractive about a landing-strip (it might be linked to another fantasy that he has in mind) and wearing panties (it may seem weird, I have to admit, but it turns him on), explore his mind and his heart will open up. As a woman and with wonderful man in your marriage (I do believe that you have a strong family bond as well), you have to be considerate and open-minded about this evolution of your husband, you may be quite surprised that discovering him could help you rediscover yourself and where you are in this stage of your marriage. With that said your husband is yours and figure him out, there is a good reason why you have been together for this long.

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Posted by: Jenny | 2013/11/28

This is far more common thanwe realise, I would negotiate, if he leaves this fetish alone, you will make an effort to indulge his more normal fantasies, like toys, forplay, masturbation etc Good Luck

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Posted by: ED | 2013/11/28

Hi, there is nothing wrong with your husband just trying different things. You will most likely get totally the wrong response if you threaten him. Reading your piece I see you are not interested in long foreplay and toys anymore. That is why your husband is now trying different things ... you have lost interest and I can tell you that sex with an unresponsive partner will cause you to masturbate every once in a while. Try and find an interest in sex again I am sure that will help and shave your pubes be a bit adventurous maybe go without panties. Can assure you the threatening idea is really not the way to go. Good luck.

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