Posted by: Mphoza | 2013/02/13

My child says she doesnt have friends at school :-(

Hi All, it is actually my 1st time here. And I need your assistance please. I am single parent of two wonderful girls. My oldest one, wh is turning 8 next month cried so bad yesterday when she told me that she finds it difficult to make friends. She says the friends that she had last year in Grade one, dont want to play with her saying she cant run fast. She cried so hard my heart sobbed. As a parent, I didnt know what to say or do. I said what I said obviously to make her feel better. She actually landed up asking me to pray to God to give her a good friend. I am so sad at the moment and I hope she doesnt land up hating school because of this, because it is actually affecting her school work already :-(...
Your inputs on what to do will be greatly appreciated...I for one, feel like I am not doing a great job.

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Posted by: Mom | 2013/02/14

Self confidence is something kids acquire by being in a stable environment with love and predictability. These are foundations you lay in your children in the first 6 years of life. This is the skill they will need in the playground to make friends and also in life in general.

What I like is that your daughter opens up to you with her problems which is a positive. Now you need to focues on her and not on the absent friend. Affirm her at all times and tell her that she does not have to meet other people''s standards for her to be accepted she must be herself and be happy in there.

Also the prayer is a very powerfule weapon, you have taught her well, God is faithful and is a rewarder of those who diligently seeks Him. Never cease teaching her to pray whenever she is faced with life challenges. Tell her to imagine how boring life will be if everything went on our way. What makes us to wake up every morning is the fact that we dont know how tomorrow will be so we sweat now whilst we can. She must accept challenges as shaerpening her personality and never stop to seek the wisdom of God.

Otherwise the school playground has always been tough since our times and it is worse now but look where we are, we made it, she will make it as well.

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