Posted by: Nini | 2013/01/06

My Birth story

Hello everyone!

So as you know I was due in December. We eventually decided on 18 Dec for the c-seciton date, and truth be told, I have a very straight forward birth story! Everything went really well :-)

Arrived at the hospital at 05:00am, and went into theatre at 08:45. By 09:15 my beautiful Son was born at a healthy weight of 3kg. The spinal block was painless, and although my blood pressure dropped so low that I almost passed out, by the time the adrenalin kicked in I was in another world. The entire procedure was great. Everyone was laughng and chatting in theatre, and it was really an awesome experience. The only pain I had was that evening when I had a few contractions - but the pain meds are AWESOME!!!! hahahaha... The actual procedure was so quick, and sooo much better than my first c-section. My recovery has been really good. My doctor is brilliant - she even managed to do the procedure in such a way that I had absolutely no swelling on my tummy at all, my tummy is completely flat. I am fully recovered already, and up and about as if nothing happened.

Having a son is the most incredible experience in the world. It is so different to having a daughter! My daughter is my absolute pride and joy, but having a son also brings out a different kind of love... it''s so hard to explain??

Anway, he is now 2 weeks old already and he is such an angel. He sleeps so well, he feeds like a champion, abnd he never ever cries! He really is the total opposite of my first child. And my daughter just loves her little brother :-)

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Posted by: Amy | 2013/01/09

Oh what a day! LG was sooooo excited this morning but when we got to the school and it was just parents and tears everywhere she refused to get out of the car. Eventually she got out, played outside a bit and had a look at the classroom. This one cow of a lady doing the admin there said I must just say goodbye and walk away they''ll hold her down. I nearly lost it.

So we stayed there for about 2 hours then went home. Tomorrow we''ll try again. But yes, my tears are rolling very easily today as I am extremely exhausted.

I do think my LB also swapped his day and night as from 1 in the mornings it''s downhill. I''ll definitely take that up with the paed on our 6 week visit next week. I know there is some growth spurts between 4 to 7 weeks so I do not know if things will get better after that.

And he''s a very unhappy chappy unless he''s in your arms. Now how do you get things done that way round?

But yes, I''m also taking things way easier than with LG, including the little sleep.

Nini - do you breastfeed or what formula do you give?

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Posted by: D | 2013/01/09

Congratulations ladies and I must say we are blessed indeed :)
I''m in the same boat as u ladies in terms of being exhausted...Taking care of 2kids is not a child''s play.Motherhood is really not for the faint hearted..My boy eat non stop as well.I was giving him 60ml every 2 hours and i''m giving him breast milk as well..I''m giving him Similac formula but thinking of changing as he gets constipated sometimes.He will be 4 weeks this Friday :)

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Posted by: Nini | 2013/01/09

He sounds like such a healthy little boy!!!!!! Well done :-)

So how did it got his morning when you took LG to school? Shame man, but I think it''s harder on us than it is on them!!!!

My little boy turned 3 weeks yesterday and he is now officially drinking 130ml every 3 hours! He just eats and eats and eats, I cant keep up! I weighed him on Monday and he has picked up almost 1kg already, he now weighs just over 3.8kg. He was so tiny when he was born, so I can literally see him growing by the day! He seems to have his day and nights swapped, he sleeps most of the day then here by 3 - 4am in the morning he''s done sleeping!!! I am exhausted...

LOL!!! So you''re really making your way around the block? hahaha, or should I say around the house. I know the feeling, room to room, hour after hour, night after night. But I seem to be coping so much better than the first time round - I think I''ve really learnt how to function on such little sleep.

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Posted by: amy | 2013/01/07

Oh yes, I weighed myself last week and then with him and according to that he''s now weighing 4.5kg which is great news for me. We''re going to the paed next week for the 6 week examination and hopefully he''ll also be happy with us.

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Posted by: amy | 2013/01/07

I breastfed for a month and LB suffered from cramps no matter what I ate. His tummy was also very upset the whole time. And you know how evryone asks what did you eat now? Is your milk wholesome, blah blah. So I gave Nan thinking he might be hungry, that made things even worse!!!

So It seems he''s a bit lactose intolerant. So now he''s feeding on Nan pelargon which is lactose free. He drinks 75mls every 2 hours but sometimes downs 100mls and goes for 3 hours. He wakes about 3 times a night. This I think will change after 6 weeks as I think its just growth spurt.

I am so glad not feeling alone about going insane, hahaha. Our schools only start on Wednesday and LG will be going for the 1st time, please hold thumbs that she''ll love it. I can hardly believe I stayed sane with 2 at home for so long. Lol

My recovery is well now. My wound is still sensitive and this time round my Csec was way more sore than with LG, probably because he was lying way down and even stretched out under my ribs (I am very petite) they really mishandled me getting him out. Hahaha. Watching the photos DH took in theatre they are pressing with their full weight and fists on my abdomen at a stage!!

Oh yes mine hates his cot and sleeping alone in his room. I travel up and down between everyones beds at night. Haha, praat van slaap rond!! And I''m glad to hear it''s not just mine who wants to be upright and in the arms all day!! He gets so angry when you put him down!

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Posted by: Nini | 2013/01/07

You dont have to tell me about how hectic it is with 2 kids!!!! At one point I thought I was going insane. My daughter also doesnt sleep during the day any more, and she is such a busy body! She cant keep herself busy, she is very demanding, so I have had a hard time at home with both kiddies. BUT school started today, so I''m finaly getting a chance to catch my breath. It really is hectic with 2 kids, lol.

My son is exactly the same! He is so spoilt already - just wants to be picked up all the time! And he is at his happiest when there is noise around him. He hates being alone and he hates sleeping in his room - as long as he can hear us all and he is around us then he sleeps like the best baby ever!

Cant believe your little one is 5 weeks already. How is he feeding? My son feeds 100ml every 3 hours, but at night sometimes he stretches up to 5 hours between feeds. Not always, but sometimes. I had him weighed this morning and he already weighs 3.8kg! He is picking weight up really quickly, so I''m very pleased :-)

My daughter is still scared of him, hehe. She wants to be near him but doesnt touch him at all. She seems afraid of him? But she always talks about him, I think she is quite proud of her little brother!

How are you doing otherwise? How has your recovery been?

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Posted by: Amy | 2013/01/07

Oh Nini - that is such a wonderfull birth story!!

My little bean is 5 weeks today. I can''t believe how time has flown by. He does not like being alone, wants to sleep, feed and be with us all the time.

LG still loves her brother to bits but I must admit having 2 little beans in the house and keeping sane is a bit of a mission some days as my LG does not take afternoon naps anymore, so I can not get any rest during the day.

Glad everything is going so good for you! \Did you have the hernia repaired then?

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