Posted by: Baffled Husband | 2004/11/24


I read the posting on : MY " AWSOME HUSBAND " by baffled wife, so in the same context and manner i would like to tell the forum about my wife, just to say that the oppesite is also true.
1. My wife is very beautifull and has a professional career.
2. She stands up at least 3 hours before the time to get dressed and an hour of that time is spent on her make-up which she does so beautifull.
3.At work the men freak over her and her charming ways are so irrisistable to them.
4.She is the most friendly person you will ever meet in the work place.
5.She has so much patience towards her juniors.
6.It does not matter how tired she is, she will help everybody with what ever their needs are.
7.When you look at her at work, she has so much sexappeal that you cannot help to become so horny for her .
At home this is the person i'm talking about:
1.She has 2 maids, one to clean the house, the other to make the food.
2.she gets home, puts on her so called sloppy house clothing and looks like a washed out tree.
3.She drops down on the couch because she is so tired, and no one dares to even talk to her.
4. Sex is just not on, because after a full days work, she is to tired.
5. Patience is non-existent, because she has to eat up so much crap at work, she cannot still do it at home as well.
6.She never wears make-up on weekends because she wears so much in the week to work, she has to give her skin a rest.
7. She hardly ever smiles because according to her, she has to put up a smile at work the whole day, because people expect her to smile and be happy the entire day.
8.If you dare to differ from her, she goes totally bannanas, because at work she has to agree to everything, because her exceptance of instructions are directly linked to her promotion possibilities.
Thats nothing. At functions i have to hear what a wonderfull, beautifull, awsome wife i have and some even will tell me that i'm privalaged to have someone like that on my side as a wife.At that so called functions the men just want to talk to her the whole evening.

Any man out there who would like to have her ??? YOU"RE WELCOME. I think i have to introduce her to baffled wife's husand.
Both seem to be birds of the same feather.

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Posted by: slr | 2004/11/24

being a parent must be great. being free to do my own thing is also great.

But! Both sides have their difficult times, let me tell you.

even so....enjoy your is a blessing, after all.

Reply to slr
Posted by: K | 2004/11/24

That's another reason for women of my age being spiteful and bitchy towards woman like you - jealousy - because you have your freedom. It's not your or anyone elses fault that I have so many kids and have to go home to cook and clean, I chose my life and I must live with it.

It's no use being like a cow standing on it's own udder and moaning a lot, I have to do something - if i were unhappy that is!

My kids range from 21 to 4, I could leave the little one with the others and do as I please but it doesn't appeal to me.

Not attacking you, just talking about some of my personal friends who are for ever bitching that nothing goes right for them. Why can't they sllep until 11:00 on a Saturday blah, blah blah

Reply to K
Posted by: slr | 2004/11/24

if you read my previous posting's 1st paragraph you will see that I do mention the 3 sides to every story!

good luck with all the kids...sounds like a handful.

I must say, I do not have that kind of energy and coming home after workouts/shopping/outings/dates/whatever childless women do I am thankful that there are only pets to feed!

all of the best.

Reply to slr
Posted by: K | 2004/11/24

I hear what you are saying but you have it wrong, there are 3 sides to every story, his, hers and the truth.

I wouldn't want 2 maids if YOU paid them, I have daily help but would go mad if she was thereover weekends. My day starts at 5, i am at work by 06:45, leave work at 16:00 and supper is on the table by 18:30 at the latest. There is no greater reward than when the 5 other's I have cooked for thank me! They do their own dishes even though there is a maid the next day and I do the washing myself.

Sometimes they tease me but that is the way I am, how can you be proud of your house if you do nothing in it? I must say, I get tremendous help with my little one, the boys are all big enough to get themsleves organised in the morning, my laatlametjie is washed and dressed by her father and taken to school by her brother. One of the other brothers picks her up at night. The only thing I demand is that on a weekend their beds are made and they pick up dirty clothes.

Nice chatting to you even if we got off on a bad footing!

Reply to K
Posted by: slr | 2004/11/24

the thing with these get the guy's side, but then there is still the girl's side to be heard, and then there is of course, the objective truth!

It wouldl be nice if the people posting here would also get their spouse/partner to give us their version of the story!! I am sure that would make us see things the way it ought to be seen.

I can understand that she would want to relax on weekends, and give her skin a break. And perhaps she really is too tired for sex.

These two need to communicate, find out if there is still enough enough love and respect and commitment to keep things going, and if their needs can ever be met. Some marriages just do not last and it might be that these two would be happier not being together. She might find someone who is OK with her natural look on weekends; he might find someone who wants to wear makeup, perfume etc all the time.

It could also be that he portrays himself as the victim but could indeed also be guilty of bad conduct. Do they really need two maids if both are willing to help with chores? Its not just the womans job to keep a neat house.....since when does possessing a vagina also mean you should cook, clean, iron....and vice versa : does penis mean a person cannot help inside the house?

In short :
2 sides to every story
not all relationships are meant to last
communicate communicate communicate

Reply to slr
Posted by: K | 2004/11/24

Okay, lets take this slowly!

I do not paint my face, I have scars from acne as a child, I use a little foundation, a little mascara and a little lipstick.

You are lucky you don't need to.

I apologise for getting hot under the collar, I trust you are young, I am not.

I see the most striking young girls in the street that don't need to do a thing to enhance their looks and I am jealous!

Anyway, as you put it, beauty is in the eye of the beholder!

I apologise!

Anyway, what about Awesome Wife, do you not think she is just a itsy bitsy ungrateful and self centred?

Reply to K
Posted by: slr | 2004/11/24

lets not get mean......and start swearing....and insulting.....

its a fact that not all women use make-up.
its a fact that of these women, some even look good that way.

so lets leave it there!

you paint your face, i don't, yet we both are happy with the way we look and the attention we get from guys re the way we look.

Reply to slr
Posted by: K | 2004/11/24

So I suppose you brush your teeth with salt, don't use deodorant or soap and run around naked?

Can't enhance anything can we?

I think you need to grow up, as I said earlier, when you get to my age you start taking an interest in how you look.

Cannot stand fakeness, guess that's why you think you are so pretty, you need frigging glasses!

Reply to K
Posted by: slr | 2004/11/24

I will NOT use make-up to enhance my features! Plenty others feel the way I do...we are all active, sporty independent adventurous types not bothered whether men drool over us or not...and guess what, plenty do.

And when my guy does not shave for a few days, I still find him gorgeous. Stubble is sexy!

cannot stand fakeness. thank goodness there are others who think the way I do.

Reply to slr
Posted by: NLM | 2004/11/24

This is a very interesting discussion. However, i do think that some of the responses tend to get hooked on a point that baffled husband mentioned and forgot that there is a bigger picture.

It's very clear to me that it's not just the make-up, clothing etc that is the problem. According to his posting its also a total character change. Where she has patience, is friendly and smiling, EVEN THAT CHANGES. She tollerates nothing at home. To me that is the crucks, she is living 2 lives.

I just wonder what he would look like if he has his last shave on a thursday, because Friday onwards is a week end and only shaves on Monday morning again.

Lastly, just a thought--how about if we do things the opposite?
a) shave when you get home
b) puts make-up on at home
c) wears expensive perfume at home
d)well, what should i say on the smiling, patience issue?? best we do that at all times, is it not??

Reply to NLM
Posted by: K | 2004/11/24

Oh what absolute crap.

Show me one woman who will go without make-up when she knows she can enhance her features.

Just because you are one of the lucky one who doesn't need to use make-up, don't try to put me off.

As I said, you need to work on the modesty. You may be drop dead gorgeous, me on the other hand, at the age of 41, with 5 kids, three dogs, two cats and budgie, need all the friggin help i can get!

Reply to K
Posted by: SLR | 2004/11/24

its not a question of modesty....its realising and knowing that women can be liked and loved even when they don't dolly themselves up. We all have good points and its time the 24/7 make up ladies discover their natural beauty!

try it and you'll be amazed at how much easier life is.

Reply to SLR
Posted by: K | 2004/11/24

Glad to see that 99% of the regulars tend to agree with each other here.

SIr - need some work on the modesty bit Honey!

Reply to K
Posted by: Tiny | 2004/11/24

Have you tried talking to her about what you like and dislike and how does she respond.

The reason I m asking is that I m in the same position as her, only difference is my fiancee never made a big deal out of it(Coz HE KNOWS i DRESS TO KILL DURING THE WORK AS A RESULT OF WORK DEMANDS AND EXPECTATIONS) AND importantly, he loves it and never made a fuss.

When I come from work I go to my jeans,or any casual clothing I can get and sometimes even a T Shirt and slippers.This makes me feel comfortable as I dont get to do these things during work hours and helps me to relax. During weekends I also wear the same clothing as after work hours (UNLESS IF I HAVE TO ATTEND SPECIAL FUNCTIONS WITH MY FIANCEE on weekends), but otherwise I also wear a cheap deodorant.

I think U just want to be urself and get comfortable, It has nothing to do whether I dress up for my husband or for work.

Perhaps if U Sit down with her and ask for her side of the story she ll tell u the same thing. I ALSO GET TIRED after work hours and its not funny coz of work commitments, MY fiancee is so supportive and accept me the way I am .

I ve got good days though where I m not that busy and we ll do things together. Ur wife cannot be that bad to an extent that 7 days a week she has the same attitude.

Just something to think about

Reply to Tiny
Posted by: Baffled Husband | 2004/11/24

JM and ADONIS, you hit the nail on the head.
Lulu, to answer your question. she does use deo on week-ends, but the ones you buy from the local stores, but to work its the stuff you buy at Edgars etc etc. The price difference?? About R 400-00.

What i look like? 1.85m, 85 KG and body fat less than 3 kg. ( I am a Gym fanatic ) I look after my body and to shave, smell nice etc etc is not an option in my life, its a must. Because i Gym so much and sweat alot, i'm very sensitive to bad smells, so even my teeth get brushed 8 times a day and more.

Reply to Baffled Husband
Posted by: Mona | 2004/11/24

I would love to have 2 maids at my back and call.... i think you should divorce her and marry me!!!!!!!!!!

Reply to Mona
Posted by: lulu | 2004/11/24

Just out of curiosity, Baffled Hubby, what do you look like?

As for shaving and using deodorant: Does she stop using deo on weekends? Some things like personal hygiene are not opsional, unfortunately. Make-up is.

Reply to lulu
Posted by: Baffled Husband | 2004/11/24

Thanks Mona, K and Demon for your positive views. Its very clear that Sir and Zee have not read Mona's second posting--first paragragh. That says it all. I have never ever expected my wife to dress and wear make-up 24/7, but the men out there are so chuffed with this Barby Doll, but they are not the one that has to wake up and live with her after hours.

To answer Zee on the holiday issue: I take her every year to the most beautifull places you can imagine. December last year i took her on a boat trip in the Bahamas, so how can you make such an assumption??????? And you know what?? I DONT STOP SHAVING OR USING DEODARANT WHEN WE ARE ON LEAVE.

Lastly, its very clear to me that zee, Sir and company has no clue what it means to work on a marriagge relationship 24/7

Reply to Baffled Husband
Posted by: JM | 2004/11/24

Hi all,

I want to throw a stone in the bush (so plse don't kill me). This statement of Baffled Husband seems not to be about the make up etc. This person is looking for personal attention from his wife. She gives attention to all except him and personally I see this as an outcry, as he does not understand why she spends so much time on herself for other people but she doesn't do the same for him.

True he is the one she married, but even in marriages people also need to pay attention to their partners.

Only my view.

Reply to JM
Posted by: Harry | 2004/11/24

Baffled Husband: Sounds like, we don't know, sounds like your wife brings in the cash, so she doesn't look up at you for financial support, that makes her careless of whether you need her attention or not, because she doen't care about your attention.

You're not on the same emotional level (needs towards each other) and that's why she's not doing her bit to keep you happy. She's in control of the situation.

You'll have to decide whether you want to stick around in such a relationship.

Reply to Harry
Posted by: slr | 2004/11/24

i never wear make-up and look pretty the way i do. Body in great shape, perky boobs, hair shiny, great teeth, smiling eyes.....don't have to plaster my face to impress friends when they come round to visit.

If you have to stick your face in the ground when make-upless, then perhaps you were blessed with not-so-appealing looks, and feel the need to enhance them.

But not all women need that, and for that, I am thankful. It would not fit into my lifestyle nor my personality or my partners wishes to hide my real features (skin, eyelashes, eyebrows etc) from the world.

Reply to slr
Posted by: Zee | 2004/11/24

I tend to agree with "Sir" here. I dont see something extra ordinary about ur wife. She is just a normal person living ordinary life the way she feels she wants to be comfortable.

To be a wife, dont necessary means that you have to spend the rest of your life "impressing" ur Hubby so that he cannot look elsewhere.

According to my understanding, A "Home" is a place where you can rest and be urself, Please people. U as a husband should understand her work commitments and support her instead of "moaning" all the time. She is a human being, and looks like she cant get time to be herself at work coz of "competition and expectations".

U should be proud that out of all the man who cries for her, U are the one who was chosen. Why don't you love and care 4 ur wife and try do something to take her mind away from things. When was the last time you took her out on a Holiday for her to rest and spend some quality time with you. What about flowers, nice and warm bath , massarge to help her prepare for sex. I bet the answer is "Never".
All you can do is COMPLAIN,COMPLAIN AND COMPLAIN. marrriage is a commitment and requires an effort from both sides. Looks like you are on the "receiving" side thats why you are complaining.

Communicate with her, if it dont work YOU GUYZ MUST GO FOR MARRIAGE COUNSELLING. I still think there is nothing wrong with ur wife, She must have fallen in "WRONG HANDS"

Reply to Zee
Posted by: Demon | 2004/11/24

Sorry I dont whant her have one of my own thank you!!!! I am getting tired of her being tired al the time!!! shame looks like the fairer sex can not take the punch after all!!!!

Reply to Demon
Posted by: K | 2004/11/24

My my, you obviously didn't read the posting very well.

Don't you want your partner to look nice for you too? Some Sundays I also think, ag stuff the make up etc. Then it occurs to me, if I can make the effort to do it for my co-workers, then surely my b/f will surely appeciate me looking decent, doesn't take that much effort!

If there are two maids, what the hell is he supposed to help with?

It must be hell to live with someone as totally self-centred at "Awesome" wife sounds, people on this forum are so quick to point fingers!

She may be able to get "better" than her husband as you so sweetly put it BUT, who's going to pay for it all?

Reply to K
Posted by: Mona | 2004/11/24

If she dressed up and wore make up before they got married, why stop after the wedding?? You still have to keep impressing your man, and keep him happy, otherwise eyes start wondering.... Even when i was on maternity leave i would make an effort to brusy my hair and put some make up on before my hubby got home, last thing i want to be seen as is a slob.

Reply to Mona
Posted by: Mona | 2004/11/24

To be happy you have to have a well balanced life, and its quite clear that your wife does NOT. Tell her to shape up or ship out!

And gee, 2 maids! What a lucky girl, cant understand why she is so tired... i also work the full day, smiling comes naturally, and i have lotsa vooma at night. Buy her some Salusa 45!!

Reply to Mona

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