Posted by: Baffled wife | 2004/11/23


This is my husband :
1.Goes to church on a Saturday ( religious beliefs ) and any person who dares to differ, will get it head on.
2.Likes to dress to the T and leaves home on a Sunday without telling me where he is going.
3.Always has the most amazing awsome schemes how to make big bucks, but i never ever see the money rolling in.
4.Has gone to church with me on a Sunday at rare occations, but will stand up in church ( there are more than 500 people at the service ) and will tell the Pastor he is talking a load of crap. The embarrisment i cannot express in words.
5.He is never ever wrong and dont you dare to differ.
6.He will tell me several times a week how woman just melt in front of him, but assures me he will never give in.
7.When we do go to functions on very rare occations, he will make sure eveybody will take note he has arrived, either by raising his voice when he talks, or by greeting all woman, irespective if he knows them or not.
8. Has phoned into RSG radio during a session on woman finding older men attractive and told Niki vd Berg that very few woman can resist him and although he is 60, he looks 30.
9.He will always wear a suite where the handkerchief is displayd from the pocket.
10. He takes hours to shine his shoes, because he believes that shoes is an integral part of your so called " make-up "
11.When we are at a function, his attention is at all the woman at our table and seldom will speak to me.
12.Has never contributed to our household. Even an account with a Furniture group have been neglected and i am now paying for it.
13. He is very attractive for his age , but looking 30?? I dont know.

If there are woman out there that think he is the " God's gift to woman ", wont you PLEASE PLEASE contact me so that i can introduce him to you. I can assure you he will give you the most awsome sex you have ever experienced. I got it for about 3 years of the 8, so you might be lucky and have it for ever.

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What can I say, bw ? Sounds like a vain, insecure, hypocritical show-off. Nobody else will ever get any more love or anything else ) from him than you have --- he's primarily in love with himself. He will never show much interest in the woman actually with him, but will always be looking over her shoulder, hoping that someone else will be watching him and admiring him, as much as he adores himself. Shame, how pathetic. Maybe he's getting a bit deaf with his age, so he doesn't hear the people that laugh at him ?
I agree with the others --- why on earth are you still with this preening prig ? He's far too young to be married.
And his paranoid and threatening response when you had the good sense to leave him shows his insecurity ( if so many women actually adored him, he's be with them right now, not haunting you ). But don't tolerate the harassment --- call the police and go to court to get a restraining order, and if he breaks it by threatening or approaching you in any way, he can go to jail and try to keep his shoes polished while in there. Zee is right, this sort of guy can be so unbalanced as to become dangerous. And call POWA for urther personal advice and support on this.

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Posted by: Zee | 2004/11/23

Get a "restraining order" as soon as possible.He is a dangerous man,change the phone number, change ur place, get the security guards chase him from work.

Get a dog to bark when there is something wrong, get a bodyguard until the divorce finishes etc.

Gud luck

Reply to Zee
Posted by: Kadio | 2004/11/23

I just dont believe what i'm reading here. It just shows you how small the world is. I happen to know you, because i'm in your church and we all could never believe it when this " dressed to the T " man with his shinney shoes jumped up and verbal abused the Pastor. My goodness. What a small world.
You are one of the most beautifull woman i have ever seen and could never understand how you could be married to this ashole. It such a relieve that you got rid of him.
I remember the day he took me on about Scripture and at one stage he got very aggressive, but i kept my cool. That day i wanted to relieve him from earth and i'm so sorry i did not.
Wow, i wish i knew you better. What a lovely person you are.

Reply to Kadio
Posted by: Maggie | 2004/11/23

Put it this way baffled wife, we women are lucky that the men usually die first in a marriage, because only then do we start to enjoy life, he hasnt got much time to go, ignore him or divorce him

Reply to Maggie
Posted by: Kernel | 2004/11/23

Your second posting confirmed that he is an a**hole and that you are doing the right thing to leave him.

He only loves himself and he constantly needs to re-affirm himself that he is god's gift to women - what a jerk! Where are all the women falling over their feet to be with him now? Why does he not take one of them on his trip to Mauritius?

He is so immature that he still follows you around - just ignore him and if necessary get a restraining order against him. You are much better off without him in your life.

Mona, Mona - what can I say about mowing the lawn?

Reply to Kernel
Posted by: Mona | 2004/11/23

Sounds like my ex!! He kept on harrassing me until he found himself a new girlfriend! If he keeps on with his nonsence, get a restraining order served on him.

Reply to Mona
Posted by: Baffled wiife | 2004/11/23

To tell the truth and answer your questions: No, i have now left him a month ago and started a divorce. I also read the posting last week of Salo Sch. I felt so sorry for her, because that was not a patch i went through.

Yesterday he arrived at my work, needless to say, dressed to the T ( AS USUAL ) AND TOLD ME OF THE REWARDS HE GOT AND HE WON A TRIP TO MAURITIUS AND R 10 000-00 SPENDING MONEY. Then he went on to tell me that===and listen to this === THAT I HAVE LOST A DIAMOND OF A MAN AND THAT I WILL REGRET LEAVING HIM.

He raised his voice so much that the company i work for, the Director's came rushinh out their offices to see what the racket was about. Imagine that humilation? He sends me sms's by the tons telling me how he loves me, and in between also sms's where he threatens me.

He phoned me this morning to tell me that he will kill every man that i get involved with. Every morning when i get to work, he sits in his car at my work and just stairs at me. When i leave at night, he is there to follow me till i get home. This scares the hell out of me.
I dont know what to do

Reply to Baffled wiife
Posted by: HS | 2004/11/23

Be baffled no more.
Just imagine that younger women are probably laughing their heads off at the jerk you walked in with. In social situations a lot of people have to be polite - so that's probably what they're dong to this old man... being polite.

Um, nevermind about that anyway, why don't you POLITELY excuse your gracious self from his hideous arrogancy and make a departure to go and experience life as the gorgeous woman I'm sure you are... get the ass out of your life.

PS and the women who do fawn over him are just as desperate as he is... just think about it like that - the truth always hurts... he he he

Woman, set yourself free, he's sucking your life-force from you.
Say bye bye asshole!

Reply to HS
Posted by: Mona | 2004/11/23

Also doesnt seem like the original Shaun thats posting.

Reply to Mona
Posted by: Mona | 2004/11/23

Nah you can have him... in fact, if vibrators could mow the lawn, we wouldnt need men at all!!! Ha ha. He sounds like he is a minipulative bastard, rather find someone who will care for you and love you like you deserve.

Reply to Mona
Posted by: Kay (the original) | 2004/11/23

Hi Kay - would you mind adding something to your nick so we can distinguish between us? Like Kay 2 or something to that effect.


Reply to Kay (the original)
Posted by: kay | 2004/11/23

no thanks......i'd rather be celibate.....awesome sex to me also means I have to actually like the person, and he sounds horrible!

why are you with this creature still?

Reply to kay
Posted by: Tiny | 2004/11/23

Jeez, Baffledwife this is not any woman's dreampatner. What the hell are you still doing in this man's life.

He is full of himself, has no respect for you and he is very IMMATURE, to be called a "Husband".

Please make me a favour, GET OUT OF THIS ASSHOLE'S LIFE AS SOON AS POSSIBLE. He certainly dont deserve you. He is such a Bastard

Reply to Tiny
Posted by: Kay | 2004/11/23

Why are you still with this man?

Reply to Kay
Posted by: Shaun | 2004/11/23

Hi BW,

Don't thin it would wnant to leav under tha He seems to ne treadr like a kind.
Can I asl pleae, ifyou've taken any step to get tojwew No, I think you need some outsidepdeomaybe you guys ca di it one at a time They eally oo hlpp, I peomise,but I'm sure you know that hardwork, communucation & lots undersnting .'


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