Posted by: CitiZen | 2007/06/03

More gay people?

Am I wrong or does it seem that there are more and more gays and lesbians? Everywhere I look I see something about them, last week in the paper there were lseveral articles about them and their problems, one day there were 3 articles in the same issue of a newspaper about homosexuals! One was about homosexuals in Russia, one was about homosexual marriage and one was about a homosexual prostitute's sordid details of his clients! There are gay debates, even a so-called gay village, gay meetings, articles about gay parenting, articles about the church and homosexuality, it just seems endless! Earlier this year I read about a gay FILM FESTIVAL! Why on earth would they need their own film festival? Do they need their own shops? Their own suburbs? Schools for their children? Their own doctors?

All this publicity and media hype is making it trendy to be homosexual and more and more people are opting to be that way.

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Hi CitiZen and thanks for posting here.

No, there are not 'more' of us - we're just not keeping such a low profile anymore. We're becoming increasingly visible and claiming our social space and civil rights, in spite of people such as yourself.

It certainly isn't 'trendy' to be gay or lesbian, and no-one 'opts' to be so. In the same way that you didn't 'opt' to be heterosexual.

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Posted by: Anon | 2007/06/04

You go Teen Queen! I LUV how yr head works!

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Posted by: TeenQueen | 2007/06/04

Definatly Lonewolf. Let's rather moan about Manto or Charles and Eskom.

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Posted by: LONEWOLF | 2007/06/04

Hi TeenQueen. I must say, all the noise that these bigots make makes me think about empty cans making the biggest noise. There are much more important issues to bitch about, crime, poverty, AIDS, the price of petrol, the state of education, the state of health services, I can go on. Get a life CitiZen.

Posted by: TeenQueen | 2007/06/04

Yes! There are more of us, and we're going to take over the world! HAHAHA!! Get real and get out. We don't have to hide anymore. I'm 18, I'm gay and I'm proud of it. My perants know and pracically my entire school. Big deal. 10 years ago my mother would have send me for aversion therapy which would've encouraged me to stay a depressed closetqueen. Times are changing
"This is the dawning of the age of Aquarius,"

Yawn! Aren't we all a bit sick of the religion thing? It's not going to go away. We think diffrently about how God made us. She doesn't make mistakes, so can we just leave it at agree to disagree? God made me gay and only She can judge me. According to the Christian faith, you may not judge others.

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Posted by: LONEWOLF | 2007/06/04

Thanks guys and girls for you on the spot comments. I only have one comment or rather question for "Anti Gay/lesbian - what ever". If you say in your infinite God given wisdom that and I quote "God does not create things he hates", then who created us? No my friend you are sadly mistaken and caught up in a hateful frame of mind. If you believe in God, why the hate?

Posted by: whatwhat24 | 2007/06/04

well said Gareth - you go boy!

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Posted by: Gareth | 2007/06/04

CitiZen, yes, it is all a huge plot, a plot to take over the world and make everyone gay! And then we will reproduce by artificial insemination!! Really!! How uninformed can one person be? There are no more gay people today than there were 20 years ago, and if there are, it is only because there are more people. The only difference is that today we have the freedom to be open about who we are, and not live in fear and hiding because of biggots like you anymore. So stop worrying. And why do we have our own film festival? Because you wouldn't be happy if we showed gay themed films all the time, in your local Ster Kinekor, now would you. And NO we don't want our own shops, in fact, we own most of your shops already! The fact that something is different from YOUR way of thinking, does not make it wrong. If more people would just let us be who we are, we wouldn't need to have seperate ANYTHING in order to just live. It is because we are frowned upon if we dare to hold hands, because we love each other in your restaurants and clubs, and churches, and movies, etc etc, that we chose to have our own, where we can be who we are and be happy. Now stop worrying about how much gays there are in your newspaper, and start worrying about more important things like crime, education, health, etc etc.

Reply to Gareth
Posted by: Spiderman | 2007/06/04

GGRrrrrr... and who is this christian people!....NOT EVERYONE IS RELIGIOUS SO TAKE UR BIBLE AND stop trying to turn us into christians and trying to make us feel kak...ain't gonna work...and the same old question what in gods name are you guys doing on a gay and lesbian forum...trying to confert people...nope i dont think closet case freaks!!!! just get out already!!!!

Reply to Spiderman
Posted by: Steve | 2007/06/04


I'm glad that you have shed some light again on the religious issues about being gay, clearly exerting yourself in your sentance: "...Gods does not create things he hates." First of all, I thought He was a god of love? And while you're at it, I suppose God also told you all this over the cup of tea you shared with him recently? Because, for some reason, I cannot find substabtial truth on your statement.

Reply to Steve
Posted by: Deeve | 2007/06/04

WHAT! - CitiZen, and anti Gay Moron, you have everthing just the way you like it...straight EVERYTHING., and you still have the audacity to come here to this sliver of Cyber space and question our tiny world. Since when did you decide to become straight..... Oh please! I thought the one brain cell syndrom only existed when one phoned a call its spread to your houses too. For goddness sake, grow up!

Reply to Deeve
Posted by: Chameleon_boy | 2007/06/03

My dear citizen and anti gay...

Believe me, that as i sit here i cannot consiously make the choice to be straight, althoug my life would be a lot less complicated by it... but it is NOT a choice to be gay or lesbian... i was on the verge of suicide before finally accepting myself that i am gay because people like you shun what you dont know or dont understand... same with me... and who are you to judge? Let God Almighty judge me when the day comes. My personal turmoil is far from over because as a Christian, I dont understand either. My best friend is a deacon in a very formal Afrikaner church and he is gay.

All the media hype around LGBT people is because the world is finaly acknowledging our presence on earth... they might not like it, but at least we get acknowledgement.

Contrary to popular belief and from personal experience, your so called straight world causes more heartbreak and more hurt in this world than we who just want to exist in peace and harmony. People kill each other out of jealousy... out of lust...

If you dont like us, so be it, but let us be. We dont want to invade your space so dont come and give sarcastic comments about something you know NOTHING about!!

Hope you can one day find peace within yourselves to love thy neighbour and live by the Bible: Let him who has not sinned throw the first stone!

Reply to Chameleon_boy
Posted by: Anti Gay/lesbian - what ever | 2007/06/03

Nobody is born that way - Gods does not create things he hates. They become gay because it is their choice and maybe it is a fashion thing or they just try to be otherwise. It is in the mind not in the body. How on earth can one have children and a happy married life and all of a sudden turn into a lesbian? They all are sick.

Reply to Anti Gay/lesbian - what ever

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