Posted by: Natasha | 2007/04/26

Montego Classic

Hi all
Have any of you heard about or used the Montego Classic pet food ?
Do you have any good or bad stuff to say about it ? I saw it yesterday and was wondering if I should try it for my bunch of Furkids !
They are currently all (cats and dogs) on the various Hills pellets, so I don't know if I should stick with that or try something else.

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Stay with Hills - they have assured us that their food does not contain the ingredient implicate in the recent renal disease cases.

The information provided does not constitute a diagnosis of your condition. You should consult a medical practitioner or other appropriate health care professional for a physical exmanication, diagnosis and formal advice. Health24 and the expert accept no responsibility or liability for any damage or personal harm you may suffer resulting from making use of this content.

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Posted by: Anonymous | 2016/07/07

Hi What can eggs do on a dogs meal because my boerboel don't want to eat montego with out a egg. He is on large breed puppy montego.

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Posted by: Anne | 2016/06/30

Our dog has been on Montego for years but there always was this problem of gaining weight, even on much less than the package says and with enough exercise. Now that we have a new puppy, I wanted to try Hills for her and very happy with the way she looks. We have recently changed our bigger dog and what an improvement. She seems much less hungry throughout the day and her coat is of better quality now., no more shedding of hairs. I would recommend Hills over Montego.

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Posted by: Anonymous | 2016/03/29

My two Belgian Shepherds have been on Montego for years, and we've all loved it, but something has changed. Maybe a year or so ago, not sure. It smells so bad now that I hesitate to feed it, one dog will eat ANYTHING else beside that bowl of Montego. She is shedding hair and gets so stiff after excercise. The other has developed eczema and bites herself until she bleeds. This is not a flea allergy as I have found by removing the Montego from her diet, the eczema clears up very, very quickly, only to return when I reintroduce Montego. The other is far less stiff since reducing her intake of Montego and the coat is recovering. After reading the other comments here, I think it is time to bin the 20kg left in the bag.

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Posted by: Louise | 2016/08/01

I have exactly the same problem with my Belgium shepherd. What food are you using now

Posted by: Anonymous | 2016/03/28

Hi yes there is a problem if it was only my 1dog but it is all of them hair is fall out and there are have a allery please help it is my 2de bage

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Posted by: Anonymous | 2016/03/12

I have a 7 month old Wolfhound - I started feeding him on giant breed Royal Canin which was becoming incredibly costly - so I switched to Montego at the recommendation of several people, and had read a few reviews online and it seemed like a dream come true. Wow was I wrong. After two weeks he broke out in bad rashes, to the point of bleeding. After a month He refuses to eat the food - not that he was ever a fan. when you have a giant dog growing that fast and they won't eat you know there is something very wrong. We did a full blood work to check and he came back fine. The one change that we made were the pellets. In my opinion they look and smell unappetizing...I kept adding meat and gravy to the food to improve its flavor. I have to admit that I didn't do enough research on the product - once I really began to look I realized that the food was unacceptable for my dog. I am changing back - and no longer care about the cost of a better quality food... Yes dogs can be fussy - but we have a responsibility to them as their carers to make good decisions for them. The ingredients on the montego bag is very vague - cereals/processed animal protein/derivatives of vegetable origin/palatability enhancer /MAY contain GMOs. Are you kidding.

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Posted by: Anonymous | 2016/06/17

I had my dogs on Montego for years - last year my dogs started getting "bloody stools", weekly trips to vet, and huge bills later I decided to change their diet to rice, pap and chicken (prepared freshly every day) - all the symptoms disappeared, and I kept up the home made food till end April, then I put them on Royal Canine for May but because of the absorbent price of Royal Canine I thought let me try Montego again - lone behold within 2 days of feeding them Montego all my dogs had bloody stools again!!!! - I have decided never to use Montego ever again - they will have to check their product, something is very wrong!

Posted by: Anonymous | 2016/02/09

I have been feeding may Staffies Montego for the past 10 years, but for the past year they don't want to eat it anymore. I also realised that it has a diffirent smell, acctually it stinks. The previous pack I bought had pieces in that looked as if they were rotten. I had to throw it away because I did not have the package or the till slip. I am now looking at other brands. N Marais

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Posted by: Anonymous | 2015/09/18

My jack russel that past away 2 years ago been ons montego for very long time after he died i been thinking getting aother dog but was unsure cos all the sadness was to heavy on me so n a year ago i buy myself n labrador x revtriever put him str8 onto montego and suddenly begin of this sept his hair start falling out well with all research is sedding time i started relize but its getting worse and start getting hotspot...took him to my VET and his doctor say is the pills his skin is dry and damage his now on VET pills cost a fortune what is better beter now and hair is not falling anymore out....

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Posted by: Anonymous | 2016/01/27

I sell a brand of dog food called Lassie. I sm on the west rand. Check details on the internet. Best food ever and very affordable. My dogs have been on it for 3 years and have never been sick and their coats are so shiny.

Posted by: Anonymous | 2016/01/18

Your grammar is disgusting...

Posted by: Anonymous | 2015/08/01

My dogs have been on Montego for 5 years and they loved it. They were healthy and well until just over a year ago when their skin started breaking out in severe rashes. As per Montego office, the wheat and poultry ingredients can cause allergic reactions, just did not understand why 5 years later. A few members on a Facebook forum had gone through the same experience.They advised me to try Complete Maintenance. Its a magical and affordable dog food. My dogs coats are rich, they are built firm and skin rashes disappeared. Its a year later and I am just can't believe that the results are so amazing.

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Posted by: Barbara | 2015/10/15

My vet advised me today to not give my Amstaff Montego or Complete (esp not if dog suffers with skin problems of any kind) Anything else but not these 2. I am going to try Ultradog,...

Posted by: Anonymous | 2015/09/21

Where do you buy the Complete range from?

Posted by: Anonymous | 2015/07/21

My two large dogs have been on montego for 2 years and look very healthy and enjoy it. My puppy is on Montego puppy pellets and seemed to enjoy them. Last week I replaced food for the dogs and told my husband the puppy pellets did not look right, the colour was much lighter. Needless to say she refuses to eat them. My Large dogs are also not eating the food. Somethings gone wrong and I need someone from Montego to repLy to this. I cannot afford to throw away this food and don't have money to buy other, so my poor dogs are not happy. Has the ingrediants changed or what. What other food can I buy for my dogs that is affordable and nutricious. Don't want to go through this inconvienance again. Please Help!

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Posted by: jean | 2015/08/16

hi i have the same problem and my dogs are getting sick. i have reported it to the pet shop but no one has come back to me. this is the second batch now the first the pet shop replaced which had the dark brown pellets as it usually was now these and the other is yellow which makes my dogs sick. tried phoning the number on the packet no one answers. now sitting with a 25kg of dog food of R405.

Posted by: Anonymous | 2015/08/12

Try the Complete range. It is affordable and comes highly recommended.

Posted by: Anonymous | 2015/06/08

Hi there, my dog was diagnosed with diabetic today, I need to know if Montego is fine for my dogs diet as he was on Montego for some time now

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Posted by: DukesMom | 2015/05/13

Hi there.. Any1 here with a Grate Dane that has their pup on Montego? would love some feedback pleezz? Regards

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Posted by: student | 2015/03/17

To the guy posting on behalf of Montego. We know your ingredients are all sourced locally, good and fair. But you should not use this blog to advertise your product as I will now mention Montego flaws. 1. I wont feed my Boerboels this food, reason for this would be that Montego classic has no benefit to his long term health. the product has no joint support (glucosamine hydrochloride & chondroitin sulphate), a bad anti-inflammatory (Omega 3&6) ratio and your main ingredient is cereals. If you want to test what I am saying, go purchase a product called mobiflex or GCS from a vet store. after a week, you will be shocked at what your Boerboel can do then :) . then go purchase a food that contains all these items. Legally you have to put your main ingredient first, so why not have protein as the main ingredient if all animals require it. 2. Cats are as smart as dogs but just refuse to listen. but a cat also knows the difference between food, and "whats this you forcing me to eat". for example, my cat would rather hunt grass hoppers for food instead of eating Montego cat food. and to know why, learn to read labels on bags and dont be shy to compare things. and yes, vets will punt you anything they get a kick back from without you knowing. thats why you should visit a vet store where its fair game and no favorites. they are paid to explain things to you so ask, if they cant answer you or hesitate, trying to test your ignorance, then know they are getting something out of it.

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Posted by: Peter | 2016/02/24

Anyone having a Boerbull should eat Montego themselves !!

Posted by: Charles | 2015/01/20

I have been feeding my dogs Montego for 13 years and just want all to know that the food is the best value for money on the local market. My dogs are in perfect condition as confirmed by my local Vetinary Clinic. The Complaints i hear from Other Vets is because they want to sell their own Products namely Hills etc. Next time ask your local Vet what the Price Mark up is and you will then understand why Montego and other Local Products are "Considered" Inferior.

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Posted by: Anonymous | 2016/01/09

No but some dogs' hair really falls out and some get itchy patches. Out of my 4 dogs 2 are fine on montego. One Bossies hair is falling out plus over weight vet put her on diet food she is doing better. My Lab itches so much when on Montego her skin bleeds. She must have an allergy to it. Oh and my friends dogs hair also fell out once on other food it grew back

Posted by: KC & Sam's mom | 2014/11/10

What everyone seems to forget is that animals are as individual as humans - what's good for one isn't necessarily good for the others. Having said that, my rescue Collie x was cared for by the Border Collie Rescue in Gauteng, and they feed all their furries on Montego. I couldn't get Montego where I lived, so fed her other store-bought food. When I moved to Western Cape I put her back onto Montego. She loves it. My cat, on the other hand, loathes and detests Montego! He is also a rescue animal, and I started off feeding him Whiskas, which he loves. Because KC's on Montego, I figured it'd make sense, and save me a bit of money, to have both companions on the same food bought from the same place. Well . . . I started off mixing Whiskas with Montego - Sam picks out the soft pillows and leaves the hard Montego bits. If there are only Montego bits in his plate he'd rather go without. This sucks, 'cos now I sit with an almost full 5kg bag of cat food and I have to spend more on buying the kind of food Sam prefers ....

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Posted by: Tania | 2015/10/08

hi, be careful giving your kitty Whiskas, m cats all got bladder stones from it.

Posted by: josh | 2014/09/04

my 2 boerboels have been on montego adult for nearly 5years as good as vets choice used it before. my dogs are healthy and coat is good from what I have observed this is a good product I only feed the recommended amount per day both my dogs are 60kgs plus great stuff

Reply to josh
Posted by: P | 2014/05/27

Montego was recommended by my Vet six or seven years ago. He said it is as good as any quality food found on Vets shelves. All four of my dogs are robust, no skin problems, shiny coats and healthy poop. We have had to cut back the quantity we give them so that they do not gain too much weight. We do take them for regular exercise and keep them away from the beach because of sand fleas. They love their walks on the open fields close to home. We keep their food tightly sealed for freshness and we buy the 25kg bags which last about four or five weeks. We also bath them and their bedding regularly and have never had a problem with body smell......? We live in an area with plenty of beach sand and dunes so there is the problem of sand fleas which need to be kept at bay. I love Montego.....will never change!

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Posted by: Anonymous | 2013/11/17

Raised my black lab on Montego, 4 years later he is still a 40 kg bundle of shiny energy. Nothing wrong with Montego.

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Posted by: Marco | 2007/06/12

As member of Montego Feeds CC I would like to comment on a fiew statements made in this forum to bring clarity to the discussion.

Montego Classic is made by Montego Feeds in Graaff-Reinet in the Eastern Cape.

Their products are formulated by some of the top animal nutritionists in South Africa and the raw materials used are of a high quality. As member of the PFI, Montego's products are tested by independent laboratories for quality and consistency.

The oils and fats used in manufacturing are blended by Energy Oil in Johannesburg and are of such high quality that it stays in liquid state at room temperature. It is specially formulated for pet use and is Omega 3 and 6 balanced.

Raw materials received are first tested for various mycotoxins before allowed in the manufacturing line. Finished product is once again tested for the same toxins, samples and results are kept for 9 months.

Montego Classic was tested by the University of Stellenbosch and is 100% free of Melamine.

Montego Classic is a complete and balanced pet food with proven digestibiltiy of 86%. (Xantah Research Centre - last trial : 11/04/07)

If anyone would like more information regarding Montego Classic, please feel free to contact me at above e-mail address.

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Posted by: Lisa | 2016/02/10

Hi Please send me detailed info about Montego Dog food for medium sized dogs (labrador mongrels). Thanks.

Posted by: Anonymous | 2015/12/07

As your comments above were in 2007 - please advise whether the quality is still as good and melamine free? My dogs are on Montego for the last 5 years, but I have now heard that it contains melamine. Can I take it that it is still not true? Thank you for you trouble answering this. Kind Regards Ansie

Posted by: Anonymous | 2015/07/14

I have a min pin thats turning a year and a pitbull thats almost 11 weeks old. They both eat the same cheap puppy food at the moment. The min pin has been fine on it, but i feel the bully needs a "better" brand. They both nibble during the day and i cant pick up the food because the min pin needs to nibble due to being so tiny. Can i feed both dogs the Montego puppy?

Posted by: Mark | 2015/06/18

Hi Can I speak to you telephonically about a skin condition that one of my Fox Terriers has picked up? Mark 0796615557

Posted by: Sue | 2015/04/27

I have a 9 year old Golden Retriever and he has been on Hills all his life. Due to financial circumstances, I have to buy a cheaper food for him and I was thinking of Montego. What is your opinion?

Posted by: Momof3 | 2007/05/01

My doberman bitch has been on Montego Classic for about 2yrs now. No problems.
I had cats and a dog on Hills and took them off as the cats started vomiting.One due to hairball.Was even on hairball cat food-Hills and did not help at all. Now on Nutriphase -from Pick n Pay and does not vomit that often anymore.
previous dog-Wiemeriner- was on very expensive Hills food ,special food for diabetic dog and insulin injections and did not help.We had to put her down eventually.
I do agree with Natasha -My doberman has a very shinny coat and less Pooh.I agree the food does have a stronger smell but kept in air tight container its ok.Bull about the dog smelling worse because of the food.Maybe they just dont wash the dog .Our doberman is very energetic and full of life has no complaints and loves to swim. Tell them to wash there dog more often

Reply to Momof3
Posted by: Sheryl | 2007/04/26

Hi Natasha

I agree - I don't have any dogs and can't comment on the dog food
but I would not feed this to my cats.

Reply to Sheryl
Posted by: WR | 2007/04/26

Hi there!

I had my GSDs on Montego - or let's rather call it the 'old' Montego - and they where fine on it. BUT, then Montego started with this huge marketing campaign, and the quality of the food went down! I know of a lady whos dogs where also on the Montego - and where doing fine. Her bitch was pregnant, but she lost the litter a week or 2 after getting the 'new' Montego.

You can definately NOT go from Hills to Montego and expect good results - Hills is definately a better quality food.
I don't buy this previously mentioned 'shinier coat' blah blah - anyway, ostrich being a lean meat, doesn't have a lot of natural fat, so the will definately be using additives in the food!

Stick to Hills, or any of the other Vet foods - or go to RAW, but don't use the Montego.


Reply to WR
Posted by: Joni | 2007/04/26

I know this is probably going to open a can of worms here, but Montego isn't really a very good quality food, and their ingredients aren't the best. Their labels aren't very descriptive other than to say cereals, plant derivatives, meat & animal derivatives etc. There is also tallow listed which is the hard fat of animals used for foodstuffs, candles, leather dressing & soap and is not the ideal fat source to use. With meat & animal derivatives only listed third it means their food contains more cereals and plant derivatives than the meat. They also don't specify what meat sources either which could mean they use condemned meat (the 4 d, diseased, dying, down/decaying and dead at time of slaughter).

I know many people say their animals are fine on it but I've smelt it and smelt their animals and their is a definite bad odour on them. Personally I feed RAW but if you want to feed kibble you could do much much better.

Switching from Hills to Montego is extreme as they are on opposite ends of the nutrition scale, and I personally wouldn't recommend it.

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Posted by: Jodi | 2015/10/15

Agree with your comments 100%

Posted by: Anonymous | 2015/08/01

I agree and I did mention this to the Head of marketing after I had experienced problems. They dont warn you about side ailments that can be caused as a result of certain ingredients used in the food.

Posted by: Montego Mom | 2007/04/26

Hi Natasha - yes I've been feeding my Boerboel Montego for about a year now. It was strongly recommended by a friend of mine who swears by it. I have only good things to say about it so far: Less shedding - shinier coat - less poop! Good luck!

Reply to Montego Mom | 1 comment (hide)
Posted by: Gladwin | 2014/05/02

Hi Montego Mom, Ive got my 1year old Boerboel on Hils, I want to introduse him to Montego. How did your Boerboel do on Montego?

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