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I think I might have come to the conclusion that Discovery is much like our lovely taxis we have here - a law unto themselves! i.e. they do what THEY want and they are ALWAYS right.

I have been trying for a week (or is it now 2,?!) to get one of my medications for my cholesterol (Ezetrol) on chronic. In the end, after much anxiety on my part, I finally found out what they need to re-submit the application (they turfed my 1st one in 2006). I subsequently faxed my motivation letter, copies of lab test results etc. Wed last week (with the great help from my gp - oh yea he charged me all right!) and phoned Sun to confirm that they received everything that was needed for the submission to the medical panel meeting Mon (26/5). Yes they had everything and it would be submitted Mon. Fine, I asked how would I be contacted would they phone me. "No we dont phone members, we either fax or e.mail the decision" Fine I said please fax me the decision and gave my fax no. I was told Sun that the decision is made the same day as the meeting, i.e. Mon 26/5 and that I would subsequently be informed of it.

I am still waiting for SOMEONE from Discovery to tell me what happened. I sent them a great e.mail just now saying, amongst other things, "I refuse to continuously pay exhorbitant costs to phone your share-call nos. at chronics to find out what the outcome was when YOU told me you would contact ME with your decision. How long do I have to wait for someone to contact me?!:"

No doubt they will, as usual, come up with some pathetic story. Also I have been checking their website where my chronics are all listed. Under Ezetrol table it now seems to say "Decision: Approved" Status : Declined" What does this exactly mean?! It is approved but you have to wait another month/year before we actually process it properly?!

Another reason why I have been putting off phoning them is I got so angry, emotional last week when speaking to them, I ended up in absolute tears from inefficiency, frustration, anger, you name it!

I wonder if someone will bother to contact me.

Its fine for members to empty their pockets on phone calls to Discovery for their unacceptable inefficiency, but for them to phone you, forget it!

My brother hit the nail right on the head when he said why should one have to pay to complain about bad service?

Here comes load shedding!! Bonuses are not big enough, or they might have to forfeit them!

How's MM?

Enjoy the weekend.

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Ever noticed how some particular days more of us feel moany than others ? COuld moan a bit myself --- got a call this-morning that friends in Durban had sent a nice parcel of special goodies for my mom's 90th birthday, by POSTNET. BEWARE ! The last time I got a parcel from Postnet, the courier stubbornly stayed outside the garden gate, insisting that the sign said "Beware of the Dog". In fact, in 3 or 4 languages, it says "Please close the gate" --- apparently a sentiment he found utterly terrifying. Amyhow, the courier didn't bother to come to the door with the parcel this morning, called mid-morning to promise he's return with it at 2. Its now past 4, and he hasn't even attempted to bring anything. If he ever gets here, the contents will surely be ruined ' and Postnet has no way of finding where the stupid courier is. Thanks so much , Postnet ! I hope you never celebrate a 90th birthday !

Back to you, H25 ( you know, on your next promotion, you could become H26 ! ) <br>Discovery is surely a law unto itself, though I hear other medical aids aren;t reliably much better. They seem to prefer to hire 3rd-rate clinicians to back them up min refusing reasonable requests, and keep the price down. <br>But how they can approve AND decline a request, requires unusual agility. And it was in the news this week that in the UK the government watchdog evaluating all treatments for value and efficacy had just reported that these cholesterol treatments were so valuable that they should be offered to more people.


Your problem with Discovery fits with ours with the City COuncil and many other organizations. They all seem to have bought systems that are laughably called "Customer Management" software and telephone packages, whose sole purpose seems to be to make it as expensive and difficult as possible for any customer to ever find and speak to anyone with any responsibility for anything whatsoever, and if possible to make the experience so unpleasant that you'll be deterred from phoning at all. NOTHING in such systems is there to ever actually help the customer or improve service. With our Council you must now call only ONE number, then go through 6 or 7 layers of menus, to reach a pot plant reading from a script, and instructed not to allow you to speak to anyone who can help you.

MM disappeared again Sunday last week, and hasn't been seen since. I'd have my fingers crossed, but my typing is bad enough as it is !

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