Posted by: Boblina | 2009/03/16


My boyfriend hates animals. He loves kids. Which I find weird. My mother always taught us that if you find a man who loves pets he will love kids. When I moved in with him I gave away my Siamese cat because my boyfriend use to kick him if he came within reach of him. Eventually the cat would dissapear the moment my boyfriend got home. Only to re-appear once he left for work.

Now my boyfriend' s friend gave us a little Minpin. He is now 8 months old and this morning when I came into the room he was limping - just before that I though I heard him whimping. When I saw him I asked my boyfriend what had happened he said abou what? like he did not know. Clearly he was kicked. Las night he nearly ate pancake that my boyfriend held in his hand and my boyfriend kicked him with all his might.

We constantly have this fight that its his house and the dog should sleep outside. I say no he' s a lapdog and sleeps with me. Some nights I find he' s not by my feet in the bed (I have to make sure he stay' s this side of the bed because if he dares touch my boyfriend there is a fight) so I went looking for him and as usual when this happens he' s locked up in the kitchen. Some times I leave him there but he cries and cries the whole night and jumps up against the door and I cannot sleep. Although my boyfriend sleeps through it all.

I really don' t want to give him away - how do I solve this?

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Dear Boblina

Get rid of your boyfriend. I good kick where it hurts most would be fine.

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Posted by: Anonymous | 2009/06/22


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Posted by: Anonymous | 2009/05/12

to 007boer - you' re a freaking ***hole!!

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Posted by: 007boer | 2009/05/12

Dogs carry fleas, no matter how much time and money you spend on products to rid him of this pest, so letting a dog sleep in your bed is asking for trouble. You clearly either don' t respect your boyfriend' s wishes or you deem your dog to be more important, so my only advice is to break off your relationship with your boyfriend because you will be doing him a favour and you and your little ankle biter can live happily ever after. If this is too harsh, try treating your boyfriend like he is more important than a dog and see if his attitude changes.

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Posted by: Anonymous | 2009/05/11

what a tosser!!!!

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Posted by: Anonymous | 2009/05/06

If you stay with this man you are going to have a life of misery..
believe me !!

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Posted by: Anonymous | 2009/05/05

I am going to say it like so many other people, leave your man because he seriously has a big problem. To have the mentality to kick and abuse animals just because he doesn' t like them or because they come into his personal space is just wrong. Animals only want love nothing more. Maybe your guy is jealous because of the love you give to your animals. Send him packing because he has issues and he doesn' t deserve you. If you have to have children one day I can only imagine what issues he will have then! He sounds like an immature spoiled brat.

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Posted by: Anna | 2009/04/30

Id completely ignore the last post if I were you. It must be a big problem for you to post this question in the first place. You said yourself that your boyfriend hates pets.

The last poster obviously didn' t read properly, otherwise they would' ve read how your boyfriend has kicked your dog more than once, how he kicked your cat often and it would' ve been clear to this replier that your boyfriend is an abuser.

This person is probably one of those people who get pets ' just because they can' , not out of love.

I' d love to know who you chose, Boblina. Please let us know.

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Posted by: Anonymous | 2009/04/30

Hating animals and not wanting them in your bed and house is two different should find out which your man falls under before taking advise from all these people telling you to leave your man,and I do believe you know where he falls.would you stay with a pig in your home if you believe pigs should stay outdoors in the shed and you grew up believing that? has he randomly kicked or tortured a dog or a cat he sees on the street? what I say doesn' t matter, talk and find out from your man, why he does not want animals in his house.

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Posted by: Anonymous | 2009/04/30

Please, please please, if you are not going to leave the man, please find a good home for your dog because your dog does not deserve to be treated this way. This breaks my heart to hear that a poor defenseless animal is being kicked....

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Posted by: Anso | 2009/04/17


If he can do this to an innocent puppy the can do it to you!!!

Shame on you for getting a pet.
Shame on you for NOT leaving him.

Give the puppy up for adoption. There are people who will be willing to assist you to find a good home for the pup.

TAKE ACTION!!!!!!!!!!

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Posted by: Micky Mouse | 2009/04/12

Why chose an abuser over a puppy? What' s wrong with you that you can' t even think to get rid of him. If you chose to ignore what everyone here has said, enjoy your life of misery. Hope you ignore your conscience because if you don' t do the right thing it will torture you.

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Posted by: Isn' t it clear? | 2009/04/12

I notice you don' t mention that you love your boyfriend. You don' t sound you are tormented by the fact that your boyfriend is so cruel. You just ask for a solution but I think it would be obvious- get rid of the boyfriend. He may like children but wait until he has his own and they' re throwing tantrums, getting sick all over him, costing him thousands over the years. Most people like kids... So long as they' re not yours.

If you choose your boyfriend you chose a life (or how long you plan on staying with him) of abuse, lack of support, no choices or anything because if he doesn' t agree, he won' t even try. And having the dog isn' t him TRYING. It' s him doing the bare minimum. Not kicking the dog and locking it out is trying.

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Posted by: sadi | 2009/04/11

I love animals more than people, exactly for this reason. Do you really think he will not hit his children or you???? Wake up girl.
That dog will be your best friend in good or bad times. Animals are the most trustworthy creatures on this planet. They will always love you unconditionally - kick your boyfriend out or give the dog up for adoption and NEVER EVER have another animal around him.
He is a despicable human being - like all the others that abuse any kind of animal. What a waste of white/black/brown skin.

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Posted by: love my kitty | 2009/04/06

" He who is cruel to animals becomes hard also in his dealings with men. We can judge the heart of a man by his treatment of animals. " 
Immanuel Kant

I will also tell you from personal experience to get rid of this man as quickly as possible.

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Posted by: sadsack | 2009/04/02

A wise man told me ' Anyone who does not love animals cannot possibly love a human being' .
I had a relationship with someone like the man you' re with and when I left him 24 years ago, he still has not changed. Leave this man immediatly or give your animals away and don' t ever get another one. He will end up making yours and the animal' s life unbearably unhappy.

Reply to sadsack
Posted by: animal lover | 2009/04/01

Please find a good home for this little puppy as soon as possible, or even take it to the spca. I know that you are not going to leave this cruel beast, so best not to have any animals around for him to kick ever.

Reply to animal lover
Posted by: Julia | 2009/03/28

How disgusting. How can you bear to be with someone so disgusting? I mean, that puppy is probably as tall as your ankle and your boyfriend was so cruel and abusive to it? What, was your puppy ripping his toes off that he did that? There is SERIOUSLY SOMETHING WRONG with a person who looks at a puppy- A PUPPY- and feel nothing but hatred. Why doesnt he just throw a baby off a bridge while he' s at it? I hope you' ll show this to him so his eyes can open up and he can see how much of a coward he is for picking on a puppy and so he can see how society frowns upon his type. Last night these people brought a puppy to our local bar and I was horrified- smoke everywhere and extremely loud music..... It was so uncool for them to do that. Maybe your boyfriend should befriend them- he seems to be just as heartless. And the fact that he won' t even be nice to your puppy for YOU means that you can' t mean very much to him either. Think about it.

Reply to Julia
Posted by: Batty | 2009/03/27

get rid of the s-w-i-n-e! and if you dont, I' ll take that puppy from you! Goodness woman!!!

Reply to Batty
Posted by: Eugene | 2009/03/26

As others here have also said, a man that is cruel to animals will not stop at animals. It is in fact an extremely dangerous sign: almost all the famous serial killers in history, such as Jeffrey Dahmer, started their ' careers'  of torturing and killing with animals. Wanton crulety to animals can be taken as a possible indicator of general psychopathy, and even if it was just an expression of irritation and impatience, you have to wonder how long it will take before he impatiently kicks YOU out of the way whenever he is in a hurry or bad mood. I would not let this man anywhere within shouting distance of children, and I would seriously reconsider having a relationship with him.

Reply to Eugene
Posted by: Get Rid Of Him! | 2009/03/26

How can you stand to be with a man who is physically abusive to a PUPPY?! That' s on the same level as a child abuser! You may love him, but I mean there have to be some boundries and I would NOT want to be associated with such an ass.

Reply to Get Rid Of Him!
Posted by: Shocked!! | 2009/03/26

Dear Boblina

My husband is not a cat lover, but he has never kicked any animal. He even agreed to babysit our friends cat when they went on honeymoon. Spoiled her with kitty treats the whole thing.....

He " potty trained"  all our dogs and we have 4. We don' t have children yet and let me tell you if he is half as good and gentle with our dogs (babies) as he would be to our children - he would be the best father ever. All 4 sleep in the house and the 2 small once in bed with us. There is nothing so wonderful then the love and happiness of your dogs waking you up in the morning or greeting you when you get home...not to even mention our 2 x parrots

Your man is clearly not the right guy for you and if you are an animal lover - find someone who shares that as it is a very special bond in any family' s relationship.

Reply to Shocked!!
Posted by: Zackmango | 2009/03/24

Keep the dog, and leave the man! Of the two, I know which one will give you more hours of fun, love, attention and kindness...and I kind of suspect you know, too. Personally I think there is something important missing from the mind and personality of a person who can kick any animal - something that psychos are generally known to be lacking - hint, hint.

Reply to Zackmango
Posted by: Animal Lover | 2009/03/24

This man is cruel! Get rid of him immediately. You may be his next victim. He does not have a heart and will be cruel towards your children as well. Your dog will love you forever and unconditionally!

Reply to Animal Lover
Posted by: Muscle man | 2009/03/24

Hi there Boblina  somehow pets + children seem 2 go together.We have 2 kids ages 4yrs + 2-1/2. also 2 dogs a Doberman + a Labrador X GSD. They r not only our childrens pets but also their protectors + play mates. The dogs r part of our family + get all the love + attention from everyone. They both sleep in the house. The Dobie sleeps on the mat in the childrens'  room + the Lab x GSD sleeps on her blanket in the kitchen. I think it' s impossible to love children + hate animals. This guy has got a real mean streak + the question is how he is really going 2 treat your kids one day. What kind of a father is he going 2b for your kids? I would kick him out now already if I were U.

Reply to Muscle man
Posted by: Chill | 2009/03/16

I agree with the previous responses. Someone who abuses his power to such an extent isn' t going to stop at cats and dogs.

If you do make the unwise choice of staying with him, then find the dog another home, and never get another pet. And make sure your own insurance and medical aid is fully up to date.

Reply to Chill
Posted by: Cat Lady | 2009/03/16

PS I would have kicked the bastard out immediately! How can you stay with someone so cruel?

Reply to Cat Lady
Posted by: Cat Lady | 2009/03/16

I know how to solve your problem. Get rid of the boyfriend! Any man who treats animals like that will treat you the same if you don' t get up to scratch.

And I am serious about this. Get rid of this man never mind how much you love him. He is evil. He will pick on your children if you decide to have them and then what.

Good luck.

Reply to Cat Lady
Posted by: anon | 2009/03/16

A man kicking a miniature pinscher and a siamese with all his might needs to have a visit from a couple of large policemen. And, until that happens, anyone leaving an animal around him is being negligent.

PS. Your mom wasn' t wrong - he might like kids occasionally, but anyone who violently injures something small and helpless isn' t coming NEAR my children. Ever.

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