Posted by: stressed | 2004/10/28

Messed around

Me and my Girlfriend has been together for 5 year and i have found out she has been messing me around.

Last year i ended up with Hepititus and could not understand how or why i got it.

I am sitting with a problem where i am starting to manufacture simptoms of other STD'S i have been tested and i am clear but
my health has taken a major dive the last year i am loosing waight
have constant headachs and have lost the ability to even think of sex. I am a 28yo was well bilt and goodlooking but dont know how to get over this fobia i have. I am going for more tests but
i still feel like there is something wrong.

Is there any advice?

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Have a proper competent physical health checkup, If that finds you to be well, believe them ( they don't profit by teeling you you're well if you're not ) then maybe you are dealing with a phobia or some similar anxiety disorder --- see a shrink for assessment of your mental wellness, and treatment of this phobic element in your complaints. Then you can chill, and find a much more enjoyable wat of life independently and without her.

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Posted by: time have fun in da mean time | 2004/10/28

hey man...they say time heals. so in the mean time, have abit of fun. go out, have a few flings and when u at home alone, u can concentrate on urself and read up on some books and stuff. but u need to get out and have fun.

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Posted by: Stressed | 2004/10/28


I feel a bit better , it's good to have a bit of a fent every now and then.

I really hope i can pull it together soon my career is everything
to me at this point , and will try and work on the temper i just
need closure and not having to deal with her will help allot

Thanks so mutch it's good to chat to someone in the same boat.

Now i just need tomorrow to go the right way and i can look up for a change.

Women cant live with the , can shoot them.

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Posted by: same | 2004/10/28

How much could she have loved you that if you are away for awhile, she needs other men to make her happy. She aint worth it. You will always feel insecure with her, especially when you travel again. Its normal to feel that everything will remind you of her. Its normal to not trust women in this stage, but you shouldnt even be looking for someone else yet. You should be concentrating on yourself, trying to get yourself better before you hop into another relationship. I did that, and was ever so sorry, I took all my insecure problems with me into my next relationship and i drove my new girl crazy. I hated what i had become, i am still dealing with those feelings. You have to mourn and concentrate on getting better. You will go through stages, normally sad at first, then comes the anger, then the relief when you come to terms with the fact that she wasnt the woman for you(it will happen)

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Posted by: Stressed | 2004/10/28

That is the problem i still nead to deal with her as we are now
going to sell the house.( she moved out )
She blames me as my work takes me all over SA. And then
i have to go home and be there were she had her fun with other guy's.
There is just so mutch around me that reminds me , and i dont
know how to cope do i get cross or sad.
The biggest worry is it is messing up my profesional career
as i now cant function in a normal manor and all my friends
avoid me becouse i have a very bad temper latley.

And they try and set me up with other women but i cant even
speak to them i have sutch a hate towards women right now
it is scary.

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Posted by: same | 2004/10/28

Let me tell you, It was the most difficult time of my life. It happened about 1 and a half years ago. I am still recovering now. I lost everything, and i am only 27. Sometimes, the person we thought we knew, we dont. Cant believe that we can put in so much and get nothing out. I never thought in a million years that this would have happened to me, but it did. How did she react to you, do you still speak to her. But it does get better, slowly but surely.

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Posted by: Stressed | 2004/10/28


But how do you look up and see the new tomorrow and ever trust again.
Is live not all about finding that one and giving , how do you
go to bed at night knowing you have broken someones live
and keep it from them for a year. And then use it as a wepon
to destroy them.
I stand to loose it all my house my love and live.
Were is the line drawn?
How mutch can one person take?

I really hope you are right and things get better , becouse
the scary part is , it can get wors.

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Posted by: same | 2004/10/28

My friend, I can probably tell you now that all of that is from stress, worry and heartache. Believe me, i have been through the same as you. My girlfriend of 10 years did the same to me, and it is so difficult to get back on the horse. I also had a good built, was possitive and happy. THese days, i lost 10kgs, am moody and insecure. But i will tell you something, we must not let them beat us, because we are the ones who deserve the better life. It will get better.

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Posted by: stressed | 2004/10/28

Thanks , It's nice to know that there is someone that cares.

I have made the app with my Doc and wil see him tomorrow,
I have just never in my live been this scared , going from a
guy that had the world at his feet to nothing in 3 months flat.
It just grinds me that i worked so hard to get where i am and
the one person i loved has the power to destroy me in a flash.


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Posted by: Helpful | 2004/10/28

Listen, you need to have yourself tested for HIV again, it won't always register immediately, but after 3 months.
So have it done again.
If it isn't HIV or any other STD, then you're most likely stressed and you;ve convinced your mind that you have something.
Leave the "woman", she doesn't luv you if she messes around like that.
And focus on taking care of yourself. I am so sorry that you had to go through this hurt.
We're here for you if you wanna talk, and you can do so anonymously... so let it all out.
And I wish you the very best. I'll be holding thumbs or you, as I;m sure we all will!!
Go get checked for everyting...

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