Posted by: Nandos | 2004/11/05

men men men

It's not their fault but I am in a very self destructive mood lately... I use men and yes that sounds very very bad but you know what but they use us woman all the time and they don't even think twice about it. So why can't we do the same to them. I don't particularly care about these guys.. they are good company and we have a good time but yet I am yearning for something more permanent..... not a relationship, or maybe but I want a guy that goes to his house and we are friends and hang out and have sex. And that is just not possible, as soon as they get the sex they bugger off jip same old story...whatever NEXT .... I don't care about them but I feel unfulfilled.... ther is one guy a do feel something for but we have talked and we decided friendship it will be but there is a spark and yes we played no did not have sex but it did involve us getting naked.... ah well just rambling on an on.... why can we woman not "dump" our feelings and behave like men.... use and use men like they use us woman....

Enjoy the weekend and thanks for letting me vent.... if you wanna comment cool whatever !!


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Expert ImageCyberShrink

Those broad sweeping generalizations can be so harmful. "they use us women all the time". Nonsense. SOME of them use SOME women on SOME occasions, and a few do it a lot, while many dont do it at all. Now while you seem unconcerned about using them, well, give up for the time being your hope for something more stable or satisfying in the long term. The sort of guys you can "use" that way, are themselves "users".
of course you feel unffulfilled, because fulfillment needs a whole lot more than mere sex and an evening's fun. How sad when someone doesn;t really know how to have fun with their clothes ON.
And having been involved with the whole Woman's Lib movement and feminism from it's earlier decades, I find it frankly tragic how many women have settled for so little. I am astonished at how many young women now ignore all the potential strengths and wonders of Womanhood, and just try to be more of a man than the men --- to drink more, drug more, smoke more, swear more, and to try to be more promiscuous. Where's the self-respect in that ? If it wasn't clever or attractive when men did it, it's nothing better when women do it.

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Posted by: ohmygaa | 2004/11/07

Girlfriend have you heard of such a thing called AIDS? And no, a condom is not 100 % safe. Invest in a vibrator rather sweetie.

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Posted by: Rather Wait | 2004/11/05

You don't like people hurting you so you hurt them???? Treat all men, from now on, with the same kind of respect, caring etc, etc that you expect from them. You'll probably find you get burnt a little, but soon you'll soon get rid of the kind of men that make you want to do the things you are thinking about. Also, some advice, you find trash in a trash can ... I don't know where you're looking, but maybe you should find a better place to find your men.
Remember, you always get only as much as you're willing to give.
I hope the best for you :)

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Posted by: hurt by on man | 2004/11/05

ja like the one who used me, now I'm in for revenge. BIG TIME!
I'm going to get this man to a hotel, after getting him drunk first - you know to get in the mood - in the room when he is pissed, - I'll take all his clothes and leave. Imagine his embarrassment to phone someone to bring him some clothes.
Hahahaha. joke will be on him. and I'll nogmaals send him a thank you sms/note!

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Posted by: Rather Wait | 2004/11/05

Problem with sex, Nandos, is that it's the pudding, marriage is the main course. We've always got space for pudding, but if you have your pudding first, who's interested in the main course. If you can't find a guy who's willing to commit to you, live with you and bring up kids with you (if that's what you guys decide) ... what the heck are you doing having sex with him??? Who eats their pudding first, you just end up spoiling your dinner ;)

Reply to Rather Wait
Posted by: PARIS | 2004/11/05

Because we are woman, and emotions are always involved.

All you're doing is saying ''hey im easy, and i feel feathers''.
Sorry not trying to be judgemental here, but this is the way it works. You know woman are from mars and men are from Venus. We're different creatures.

Above all you have to respect yourself. Which i dont think you are. I think you are sleeping with these men to find some thing more permanent like a relationship, and are going about it the wrong way. Friends with benefits can be dangerous to girl. And your emotions should not be your primary concern here either. What about STD's, Pregnancy OR AIDS.

I hope you dont and the other readers dont condemn me with what i have said here.

Think about it. You cant be feeling all to good about yourself right now. And if its love you're looking for, it will come to you when you least expect it. But you cant expect to find it by doing what you're doing.

Have a great week end too. Be safe.


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Posted by: missy | 2004/11/05

talk about "abusing" your body...i feel for you of course you will feel like that, be careful you are going to fall badly and be really hurt soon...

Ther is nothing better than having a relationship with someone that loves all of you and you them...which u wont get with what you are doing...

maybe u need to rethink the sleeping around thing..maybe they bugger off afterwards bec they know you sleeep around and thats not attractive to them they are just using you for sex and treat you like a prostitute (sorry its harsh but true)

you can do so much better for yourself - stop those sex games and find someone to look after you with there whole heart...

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