Posted by: Punky | 2008/08/06

memory loss ((Doc pls answer)

i need to get something to help me with my memory. I used to be proactive and listen attentively during meetings now i can'  t remember what we talked about a minute ago okay i may remember vividly. I was thinking of going to the Hypnotists to help me, would this help.


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There isn't the slightest, faintest shred of good scientific evidence that ANYTHING a hypnotist could do, has EVER helped anyone with memory problems. In fact, because it is so inclined to induce false memories, in most countries testimony based on "memories" recovered under hypnosis are not allowed in court, and rightly so.
Looking for hypnosis to solve problems, is looking for magic.
There are many possible causes for memory problems, some minor and some very serious indeed ; and hypnotists are not capable of doing a proper assessment or making a proper diagnosis. And that's what you most need --- see a good general physicial ( specialist in internal medicine ) or a neurologist or psychiatrist for a full assessment, to establish the scale of this problem and its likely cause(s). Only based on a proper diagnosis is it possible to plan rational and effective treatment.
A warning --- we have a very boring and pompous hypnosis fanatic calling himelf Homeoepsych, who tends to haunt this forum, insisting that hypnosis is marvellous for almost anything. Ignore him, as one should ignore all fanatics

The information provided does not constitute a diagnosis of your condition. You should consult a medical practitioner or other appropriate health care professional for a physical exmanication, diagnosis and formal advice. Health24 and the expert accept no responsibility or liability for any damage or personal harm you may suffer resulting from making use of this content.

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Posted by: Gugu | 2008/12/11


I am 24 years old and lately I have been forgetful in an abnormal kind of way. I started being a bit forgetful when I was pregnant and now my son is six months old and we' ve moved to a new house and I seem to be forgetting more and more each day. The worst thing is I loose cell phones, keys put dishes in the fridge. I am scared I' ll forget my son some where. What could be causing it? Please help.

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Posted by: HomoeoPsych | 2008/08/12

Hi Punky

I apologize, but your initial questions did refer to hypnosis rather than the Omegas.

Unless you are a vegan, the chances are that you are already getting more than enough omega-6 in your diet - most South Africans in fact have far too much omega-6 in their diets (because of all the meat &  dairy products we eat), which in fact can can cause problems.

Supplementing with omega-3 is however likely to help. In addition to this, you can consider DMAE, as well as Ginko Biloba. Vitamin B-12 &  B-Co injections can often also be helpful, especially if you are under a lot of stress.

Go well

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Posted by: Punky | 2008/08/11

Oh no, this is silly, stop busting each others chops here no one is more intellegent than the next, we all just have different opinions, this was really a waste of my time.

All I wanted to know is if Omega 3& 6 tablets are good enough to aid me with my loss of concentration.


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Posted by: eshrink | 2008/08/08

Dear Punky,
can just add to what HomeoPsych had to say. And please, DONT go to a Hypnotist for anything! A hypnotist is a stage artist that spots and use suggestible people' s ability to go in trance to do things they would probably do as well when not in trance and role playing in a situation where a lot of social pressure is present. What you probably had in mind is a hypnotherapist, which is also a registered clinical psychologist.

Trance is is a natural ability of one' s mind  a sort of different mode of thinking or neurological functioning. It is something a properly trained clinician can put great use to help you focus, as attention deficit may well add to your memory problems. Using trance is something you practice and get better at over time. And take the Omegas. An internet search should reveal other supplements for memory enhancement, if that' s the way you want to go.

It is interesting to note that Cybershrink quotes no research articles and does not corret you on using the term ' hypnotist' . Which makes me wonder about his knowledge of the subject hypnosis as a whole. And his associating false memories with you mentioning common memory problems further testify to that. False memory syndrome has to do with dissociative tendencies, somehing less likely to contribute to your memory problems. False memory syndrome is an issue long dealt with professionally.

Your GP will hopefully refer wisely.

Of course Psychiatry has a contribution to make and I wonder if CS ' d rather like to inform us of the role domapmine and serotonin etc in memory dysfunction in underlying depressive or anxiety disorders.

Aplolgies if your question turned into a professional dispute!

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Posted by: HomoeoPsych | 2008/08/07

Hi Punky

It is indeed I, the fanatical, boring, pompous one!

CS is quite right when he states that there can be many causes of poor memory and that a proper assessment by your GP (to start with) is probably a very good idea. From your posting however, the problem here appears to be more one of difficulty in concentrating, rather than difficulty in remembering as you cannot remember what you never absorbed in the first place because you weren' t concentrating properly. Once again, a proper evaluation to rule out physical causes for this is a good idea.

As far as hypnosis is concerned, the issue doesn' t appear to be whether hypnosis can assist in improving memory (it can actually, but that' s a completely different issue - and testimony obtained under hypnosis IS admissable in most jurisdictions, provided that it is obtained according to a specific protocol. CS really shouldn' t be talking rubbish about things he clearly knows VERY little about!).

Where hypnosis quite possibly could be of value to you, would be in stress control and reduction of anxiety, that are probably the most likely cause of your inability to concentrate, should there not be a physical reason for this problem.

If you do decide to consider hypnosis, PLEASE ensure that you consult a properly trained &  registered psychologist or medical practitioner, rather than one of the legions of so-called " master hypnotherapists"  out there. Anyone who styles him/herself a " hypnotist"  is likely to be one of these lay therapists who often claim to be registered with some or other body, but these bodies are not statutory councils and have no supervisory or disciplinary authority. Consequently, if something goes wrong, you have no one to complain to. They also usually have only a rudimentary training in hypnosis (often one weekend or less), and have no training whatsoever in psychotherapy, diagnosis or psychopathology.

Go well

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Posted by: Punky | 2008/08/06


I dont think you answerd my question, you seem to have alot of anamosity against the hypnotist. I bought some Omega 3 &  6 tablets which many seem to think might help improve concentration.

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