Posted by: Cindy27 | 2013/02/19

Maybe Pregnant!!!

Hi Ladies,

I have a 26 day cycle. I started with my period on 6 Feb (evening round about 19:30) We made love on 12 Feb. (he ejaculated in me) We made love again on 14 Feb (ejaculated in me and I didn''t go to toilet so it could drip out). Sunday afternoon I notice egg white mucus that was stretchy and I had a little pain. And last night (18 Feb) I started getting " ovulation pain" . This morning there is still a little pain.

I am sooooo sorry for the " details" 

I really hope that I''m pregnant!!!

Does anyone think that there could be a possibility that I conceived or might become pregnant???

Love Cindy27

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Posted by: Cindy27 | 2013/02/20

Hi Cc,

Thanks for the post. I''ll keep you know.

This 2 week wait is VERRRRRRRRRY frustrating!!


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Posted by: cc | 2013/02/19

Ovulation occurs roughly 14 days before you get your period... If you have a 26 day cycle, it means you expect your next period around 4 March, right? Back track 14 days and you are at 18 Feb. And you generally get pregnant from sex 2-3 days before ovulation, so I''d say there is definitely a possibility that you conceived. (conception should in fact be occurring round about now!) Keeping in mind of course ovulation can occur earlier or later for different people with the same cycle length.

That said, the best way to get pregnant is just to have sex every 2-3 days regardless of where you are in your cycle! :) I tracked my ovulation so carefully, used a home ovulation test kit and everything, and when I finally conceived, it was from " random"  sex we had a week and a half after when I thought I was ovulating.

You should be able to do a home pregnancy test in 2 weeks'' time. Try to wait at least that long before testing - sometimes you conceive, and then the embryo doesn''t implant properly and you still get your period, which is pretty devastating if you''d already got a positive result.

Good luck, and let us know what happens! :)

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