Posted by: chante | 2013/02/11

married man

How would I know if I am dating a married man? i am a bit worried as this man I dont know him out of blue phoned me and asked me on a date but he wont go on a date....and never answers his phone

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Posted by: chante | 2013/02/12

thank you JR. I think you right. I stopped contact with him. Ive been married and was cheated on, so I am very much wary havent even dated over 3 years now. I do wish I knew how is it possible he got my details and from whom. But doesnt matter

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Posted by: JR | 2013/02/12

A little strange - he asks you out but does not want to go.....? If it smells like fish, it usually is exactly that.

Trust your gut feel. If your gut tells you something is not right, it probably isn t.

Stop contacting him. Running after him comes accross as desperate and needy, and this (trust me here ok) is a huge turnoff for a guy. Let him do the running. If he isn''t running - he just isn''t all that into you. Good book by the way read it, the author is Gary Behrendt or something like that.

Totally agree, life is too short for games and trickery. Whatever you do, do not sleep with this man untill you know he is on the level. Getting pregnant by some dude who has a wife stashed somewhere, is the last thing in the world that you want. The mind boggles how, with all the contraception available on the market these days women still manage to " have accidents"  but seemingly they happen, and that is the last thing in the world you would want to happen to you

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Posted by: Ntate | 2013/02/12

Then wait, be very vigilant and observant, the little details are what gives it away. Anyone hiding something is bound to contradict themselves at some point or the other.

Other than that, good old coming out and asking never hurts anyone, no games, no trickery, if he is married, he should afford a choice of falling in love with him given the situation or not!

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Posted by: chante | 2013/02/11

I dont want be involved in a married person. But its hard to tell as he is very open about things, he just wont meet with me He says I must wait

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