Posted by: Eish | 2008/10/14

Married man

I am dating a married man for the past 2 years and every body thinks I am his wife because they don' t know his wife.
He' s always with me
He spends 90% of his life and time with me.
He goes to his functions at his work place with me.
Where I stay because it' s in a complex they think he' s my husband because he' s always there.
i think my 10 year old is lucky to have him as a stepdad
he maintains my 10 year old as if he is his child and my ex ( my child' s father maintains too )
He just threw a birthday party for my daughter which my daughter never had a party before.
We always go to my child' s scholl whenever there' s parents meetings if my ex can' t make it.
Can I dumb him??????????
I don' t think so

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Are you proud of this ? Why does it matter that you have fooled others into thinking that he is your husband --- don't you ever think of his poor wife ? Why isn't he honest enough to divorce his wife and marry you ? Because he's playing you both, and maybe even other women too. He may do some nice things for your child, but that's no excuse for what he is doing to his wife. I'\m not sure who you wonder whether you can "dumb" --- but the child surely knws this isn't his real father.

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Posted by: Shame on you | 2008/10/16

Eish,Rihanna and co. You are right about men being just as accountable as women. My problem is : as women you should have more pride in yourself to subject yourself to such a relationship. No-one says you cant fall in love with someone else but if he loves you that much tell him you will only have a relationship with him once he' s single. Most men want their cake and eat it but women like you make it easy for them to do it. JUST SAY NO!!!!!! Innocent kids are hurt by affairs all the time and innocent women. As for what doesnt the wife do that you do? I will leave that part to your own sick imagination. Almost all men having affairs are still sleeping with their wives. And you call yourself a mother! What arent you teaching your daughter?Sis

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Posted by: That guy | 2008/10/15

i dont know...but as i guy, i think Eish and the skanky AIDS spreading slutbags commitee need to catch a f**king wake up! especially that Rihanna bitch! yes you read that right! well done - you dick hugging skanks are breaking families apart! and i know it - my parents got divorced when i was 17!

think about what you whores are doing! you doing it for money...thats of the 7 deadly sins...key word there...SIN!

keep your pants on! and if a married man tries to use you for the dirt that you are...have some pride to say NO!

enough said

and no - i dont think im being harsh but my selective choice of words!

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Posted by: Eish' s Conscience | 2008/10/15

%^& %$^Y*^$#$^& & *

Reply to Eish&#39 s Conscience
Posted by: Eish' s translator | 2008/10/15


Reply to Eish&#39 s translator
Posted by: But | 2008/10/15

But she married me the wife.....wena ur just a sperm dish nje.U dont have the qualities to be his wife.

Reply to But
Posted by: And | 2008/10/15

Ur doing this for money cause ur saying u dont love him.

Reply to And
Posted by: Eish | 2008/10/15

Must be hard being married by someone who can' t screw one woman only

Reply to Eish
Posted by: MEG | 2008/10/15

Rihanna - yes im sure if you tell yourself that that is the real world you will eventually believe it. I guess only the sluts will understand eachothers ways. Shame i pitty your kind, must be hard being a cheap screw.

Reply to MEG
Posted by: Man | 2008/10/15

Eish u' ll reap what u saw one day...for God' s sake u r the one who posted this stupid post...Tell your partner to post tooo so we can nail him....u r soooo stupid,

Reply to Man
Posted by: Eish | 2008/10/15

This is the real world not soapies
Thank you Rihanna for your understanding
thank you all

Reply to Eish
Posted by: Rihanna | 2008/10/15


Reply to Rihanna
Posted by: Eish | 2008/10/15

Why should it be about a woman??????????????????????

Reply to Eish
Posted by: Meg | 2008/10/15

Eish - its woman like you, and the men you mess around with that have destroyed my life. I hope all you sluts are proud of what you contribute so society, AIDS. May you all rot in hell.

Reply to Meg
Posted by: Rihanna | 2008/10/15

Did anyone ever thought to themselves that we date them for the fum of it? They spoil us rotten and we have the best sex, so why not enjoy it. I have been having an affair with a married man for five years now and still get the best of everything. I don' t want him to leave his wife for me. I am just having fun and enjoying every bit of it.

Reply to Rihanna
Posted by: Eish | 2008/10/15

Married woman I hate myself too but my happiness comes first

Reply to Eish
Posted by: Married woman | 2008/10/15

Eish, I HATE YOU. One day you will reap your seeds when your daughter is married and is being cheated on by women like you who have no heart. Sies you and your slutish man are spoiling your daughter what about the wife' s kids who are left alone at night. YOU HAVE NO HEART! YOU DON' T CARE ABOUT THOSE KIDS. I HATE YOU!

Reply to Married woman
Posted by: Eish | 2008/10/15

Thank You girlfriend - Peeves to be honest I am happy to be with him I was never treated like this in my life.
I am holding on to this because of my little girl and yes my daughter do know that this man is not her father because she' s got a very strong relationship with her dad.
Last night we ( me and married man ) dropped her off to her granny' s place ( her dad' s side ) because it was granny' s birthday.I went and wish granny a happy birthday and left her there with her school uniform and her dad drove her to school this morning

Reply to Eish
Posted by: peeves | 2008/10/15

Eish... I am with you, you know sumtymz u fall inluv with some1 and luv cannot b deleted jus lyk dat, and I wont say wat u r doing is wrong coz dis man approached u not da other way round. U sound happy in the relationship and u say he does visit his wife maaybe its all bcoz he is away from her u know wat not all men use women maybe he does luv u both and beleive me its possible which 1 would prefer not knowing if he' s got sum1 or knowind about his wife and supporting his decion to have you both? If you are happy with this man that is absolutely fine sumtymz in lyf u hav 2 b selfish, &  I dont think u r confusing ur child coz she knows dat her boilogical father is around and gal u did a gud thing by keeping da communication btwn child and ur x going. You deserve happiness and I think until sumthing happens go for it!!

Reply to peeves
Posted by: Eish | 2008/10/15

Thank you so much Vegan I agree with you
Man should be blamed and well and punished.Why did he -|- en get married.
Why can' t he divorce and be a player.
What is he teaching his children when he spends almost a week without sleeping at home.
His wife is a nurse and she works night shifts sometimes and he leaves the poor children alone but still it' s a woman' s fault.
If it was the poor wife complaining about the husband sleeping around people were going to ask her " WHAT IS IT THAT YOU DON' T DO?

Reply to Eish
Posted by: Vegan | 2008/10/14

Eish, men should be held accountable too. You' re so f***ing right. Why are women expected to be well-behaved but when men cheat, oh it' s just normal?
I DO think you deserve better, as does his wife. Him on the other hand - I don' t know why he got married in the first place. He should have the balls to live with integrity. If he wants to f*** around he shouldn' t pretend to agree with marriage.

Reply to Vegan
Posted by: Eish | 2008/10/14

Why should it be about woman only.
What about man is this married man not going to get what he deserves one day?
Is he not going to be punished for his sins?
Why can' t the poor wife divorce him?
Man should also be blamed and punished for what they are doing to their wives and by the way I am not the one running after married man he is the one running after a single woman.
I never said I am better than his wife I am just saying the facts.
And by the way I don' t love the poor husband

Reply to Eish
Posted by: Sweety | 2008/10/14

Its so sad, are u proud of being a spare wheel? His a married man, doing things for u &  ur child aint gonna change the fact that legally he' s not ur husband. If he had a wife &  is cheating on her with u, how sure are u that he aint cheating on u to &  the next lady &  the next? U may feel like his always with u how can he cheat. Well my dear u got another thing comming! How would u feel if ur husband was doing some1 else behind ur back? u are so pathetic. The world is full of men, y him? Its women like u that break up homes, if its a happy 1 or not its up to husband &  wife to sort out, not for u to be the shoulder he cries on b.coz u jus make it worse! &  if this man has a child i dont know what type of heart u have to take away another childs father to care for ur' s. What goes around comes around &  when it does, u sink as low as the ground swallowing u

Reply to Sweety
Posted by: Hurt by my man | 2008/10/14

Women that go after married are shameless. You think you are better than the wife. Do u know how he treats his wife? I am married to a man who has cheated on me numerous times, u will never know what it feels like to find out ur husbands chating on u...My husband beat me up, deprived me, used my money and most propbably to give another women what was mine. What goes around eventually comes around... remember u have a child

Reply to Hurt by my man
Posted by: frus | 2008/10/14

wow, wot an attack. i dont need to add to that. i hope you have heard and you will seriously think about waht you are doing and reconsider dating this guy.

Reply to frus
Posted by: happy | 2008/10/14

my ex hubby dated a woman at his work and I found out and fought with him and everytime telling me they stopped the affair to fing out 3yrs down d line he is still seeing him behind my back I send a posting here i was advised to leave him which I did today im happy the so called mistress is miserable apologising to me and complaining to me what my ex hubby is doing to her and gues what my ex wants me back, that mistrss tried commiting suicide twice n I was approached by her family to talk to her, ex is sleeping around like nobodys business, so listen to forumites you will win.

Reply to happy
Posted by: Mi-stress | 2008/10/14

I 1ce did that. Jip eventually his wife found out. She left him. I was happy. I now HAD him. Guess what ? 6 months later i got a phone call from his mistress.

Good luck to you - as I know exactly what road you are walking on - got the t-shirt.

You think what you have with him is special ? ha you are in for a rude awakening. You are no more special to him than any other one he' s fcuked. Oh you think you are the only one? That' s what he tells you.

Maybe also go and check him out on www dot do not date him girl dot com.

Reply to Mi-stress
Posted by: Kb | 2008/10/14

Eish - all i can say is i hope your kids dont grow up like you cause what a disappointment that would be, and i hope they dont ever find out what sort of a skanky life you live, as you wuld proberly be a disappointment to them. What a common " pomp"  you are, you should be ashamed. Then again people like you have not feelings anyway.

Reply to Kb
Posted by: M | 2008/10/14

He is already married to someone else - have some respect for yourself and find someone you don' t have to share. Women like you are a big joke you think that these men leave their wives - NO WAY and if he does leave his wife then one day he will do the same to you. I feel so sorry for his poor wife who probably does everything for him.

Reply to M
Posted by: Wife | 2008/10/14

Its women like you that I despise. My husband also cheated on me with a girl 20 years younger than him while I was pregnant. It went on for two years before I eventually found out. A baby was born out of that affair. Do you have any idea what it does to a person to receive news like this? And you stand there all smug and proud of what you are doing? I had no idea he was cheating coz he did it in working hrs and still slept with me every day. If he really wanted you he would have left his wife by now but hey, like they say : why buy the cow if you can have the milk for free. The sins of the parents are visited on their children so I' m praying for your daughter right now. You obviously have no self-respect. The shame is on you.

Reply to Wife
Posted by: CP MOM | 2008/10/14

Go the the HIV forum and see whats going on in the world. A man like this is probably sleeping with more than you and his wife and he will give you many things one of which could be hiv.

This man maybe has another woman " on hold"  exactly like you who he is also using for sex.

He is using you and paying you (via your children) - what does that make you ? Im sure even someone as " dumb"  as you will know the word....

What morals are you teaching your children?

oh and do you really believe he' s not having sex with his wife? ha ha you are so gullible if you believe that old old line these cheaters use.

Wake up

Reply to CP MOM
Posted by: Melanie | 2008/10/14

You are so pathetic Eish. This man has the best of both worlds. Why don' t you ask yourself why he doesn' t leave his wife and be there 100% for you and your kid.

Reply to Melanie
Posted by: Bob' s Girlfriend | 2008/10/14

Can you DUMB him?

that is absolutely the right question as


is the correct word for what you are and what you are doing........

Reply to Bob&#39 s Girlfriend

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