Posted by: Lerato | 2013/01/25

Mans family

From man''s perspective:Can a man introduce you to his family is he doesnt love you?

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Posted by: Sweaty | 2013/01/29


It means absiolutly nothing. Men will introduce you to the families regardless. I was introduced to a guy''s family they even came to my parents to propose marriage. went as far a inviting people to the wedding and me falling pregnant after he insisted he wanted a baby. Today Im pregnant and he is nowhere to be seen. I have excepted it was all just about sex. so dont be fooled

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Posted by: Skye | 2013/01/28

Hi Lerato, Im a woman and dear no it does not mean a thing. stop reading into something thats not there.

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Posted by: Woman | 2013/01/25

Well Lerato i am not a man and excuse my imposition, bt i need to share with you that I am 32 and I have been intoduced to at leat eight different families by the guys I dated. They all left me, none of them commited their life to me, i am unmarried and have two kids from different fathers when I though the father of my second was actually a real deal. One other thing love cant be proven, it is felt + shown + nurtured. Dont look for an excuse to convince yourself that you are loved. If in doubt act

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Posted by: JT | 2013/01/25

I guess some families have no morals or values if they are prepared to be introduced to new partners every now and again.

As a mother - I have no problem what my children do where I can not see them but they can only introduce me to their partners only when they are ready for committment.
I never introduced my previous bf to my family but they use to see him coming to visit me and we would always sit outside. I introduced my now husband to my mother 2 months after we met because I knew he was the real deal and he intorduced me to his mother 2 days after we met because he felt I was his chosen 1.

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Posted by: Temba | 2013/01/25

The answer to your question is YES, and a big YES.

Why on earth do women like to place so much emphasis on being introduced to the family and gauge that as a sign of love? They then take that as an indicator that the man in question is really into them and is serious.I wonder if they know how wrong they are. Meeting his family is by no means an indicator of love, seriousness or commitment.

A man can introduce a new girl to his family every month and it is very unlikely for his parents to tell you about your predecessors. Some men are capable of doing that. But that''s also an indicator of mental instability on their part.

But ja it also can be a sign of seriousness for some men to introduce you to the family. But remember not to pay attention to what he says, look at what he does. Phela Love is a Verb (a doing word)

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Posted by: Regular | 2013/01/25

Sp JM, do you introduce all the ladies you are having sex with to your family?

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Posted by: JM | 2013/01/25

Women seem to hook their mind on small things that does not mean much to men(some). To some of us, introducing a woman to my family means nothing jut having sex with you.

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