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Making us of CBT

HI there

Can anyone tell me practical methods of using CBT to treat anxiety disorders and eating obsessions?

It doesnt look like the expert ever checks for questions on this page but I''d appreciate if someone can give me advice through personal experience.

I was going to a therapist who tried hypnotherapy but I think I''m one of those people who just doesnt respond to it - couldnt get my mind to relax and focus on just one thing. She also was a bit too " out there in the new age realm"  for me - I like practical advice.

I am now monitoring my daily kilojoule intake - making sure I don''t exceed my daily allowance even if I do snack every 2-3 hours. Eating healthy low cal items where possible. Drinking almost 2L water a day, started gymming. I also started a " Battle of the Bulge"  journal for myself so I can see progress and get the therapeutic benefit of " talking about my issues" . I drew up a list of goals for the year giving each a rating out of 10 for the likelihood of achievability. With 10 being the result depends on external factors so it might or might not be realised. Except for two items they all scored 3-5 points, so I realised that with more effort on my part I can achieve these things and I am responsible for making them happen.

Is there anything else you can advise me to do? I think about food/eating almost constantly through the day and wake up early hours of the morning absolutely ravenous and then eventually when its time to get up for breakfast I have breakfast and then throw it up (not on purpose - I hate vommitting so I would never make myself sick). I take a nausea pill and within half an hour I can eat a proper breakfast.
If I feel to hungry I feel nauseous and then sometimes throw up a while after I''ve eaten as the food feels like a shock to the system. If I wake up at say 3am ravenous, then eat and go back to bed - I feel sick because the food (provita or toast) sits in my throat and causes reflux.

I am really trying hard to change my mental approach and perspective of food and the concept of eating. I am so scared I am going to get too fat. My ideal weight is 50kg, I weigh 63!!!

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