Posted by: Mike Hunt | 2003/02/13

Main Course - Fur Burger!

Dear All

I would like some advice! My wife really enjoys me going down on her everytime we have sex but I am beginning to find this repulsive as she has begun to get lazy in the shaving department and I am very unsure in the way in which I should confront her with this matter. Has anyone dealt with this sort of issue before and can you please give me some advice.

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Pubic hairstyle is a very individual thing. And just as each of us may favour a particular head hairdo on ourselves and our partners, so, too, might we like a certain look below the belt. There are also women and men who could care less, or don't think twice, about hair down there. After trimming or removal using the methods discussed below, pubic hair almost always grows back, so body hair cutting, colouring, and other restyling decisions today usually don't mean being stuck with them for life.

Pubic hair can vary by amount, colour, texture, and coarseness. Some women grow the thickest bush in the forest, while others go "au natural," or prefer a little trim here and there. There are also women who choose to remove some or all of the patch of hair that looks like an upside-down triangle covering the mons pubis (the soft area of fatty tissue over the pubic bone) and/or the hair around the labia majora (the outer lips of the vulva). Yet, still others prefer to remove the hair completely so that the genital area is as smooth as the day they were born. Some of the women who choose to trim their pubic hair only do so on occasion or seasonally, like when they're wearing a bathing suit. Others prefer to have a neat "bikini line" all year round.

A variety of methods are used to reduce and remove pubic hair. Some people trim with manicuring scissors similar to the way a regular hairstylist would cut hair on your head. Other options are shaving, waxing, tweezing, or using depilatories. The following is a list of some pros and cons of these techniques.

Hair grows back within one to a few days
May be uncomfortable and itchy as it grows back
Might cause hair to grow back coarser
Possibility of cutting the skin, razor burn, and/or ingrown hairs
Can be done at home

Waxing: Commonly known as "bikini wax"
Hair grows back after a few weeks
Slight discomfort when the hair is being taken off
Hair growth diminishes over time
Can be costly
Can be done at home but may be easier to have it done professionally

Hair grows back quickly
Plucking is painful
Can be used to remove a few stray hairs that may be bothersome but not recommended for the full job

Product must say that it's safe to use on the bikini area
Can test product in a small area and wait twenty-four hours to be sure that no reaction occurs
Can cause irritation
Can be done at home

The information provided does not constitute a diagnosis of your condition. You should consult a medical practitioner or other appropriate health care professional for a physical exmanication, diagnosis and formal advice. Health24 and the expert accept no responsibility or liability for any damage or personal harm you may suffer resulting from making use of this content.

Our users say:
Posted by: loverboy | 2003/02/14

this is gon too far. The answer is communication. muff said

Reply to loverboy
Posted by: Lancelot | 2003/02/13

Get out the weed whacker.

BTW, Mike Hunt... are you any relation to York Hunt?

Reply to Lancelot
Posted by: BOB | 2003/02/13

Poor Mr Mike. You should not be the one to worry your wife's issues because with the name you have you should have issues with yo mama. Grow up young man.

Reply to BOB
Posted by: Horney | 2003/02/13

Hey Nikita,

You sound daring...I wanna freak you...I'm as horney as a 14 year old at an All Boys Boarding school in Bloem. Your name is a real turn on as if I'm ever turned off.

I await your urgent devilish response.

Reply to Horney
Posted by: Mike Hunt | 2003/02/13

Isn't there a professional that can comment with regards to my issue and response. I would like to know whether I am handling this correctly or screwing up like the girls say?

Reply to Mike Hunt
Posted by: beads | 2003/02/13

Mike, stop being so fussy. There's an age old saying... "eet hom soos n mango..hare en al".Go for it bud.

Reply to beads
Posted by: Whore | 2003/02/13

Well in my opinion I think you woman dont understand what your'll are like to like. You treat us like dogs and therefore we are. We can never talk to your'll without your'll bursting into tears. I think your'll should take a look again.

Hey Mike -|- ...

Just dump the Bit*h. Start cheating on her. Go and find some other whore that has a clean shaven Pu**y.

Reply to Whore
Posted by: Mike Hunt | 2003/02/13

Hi All

It is a very healthy marriage but you understand my wife is very sensitive and she is a big perfectionest. I think the world of her and I would do anything to make her happy and this is one of those things. I would rather find the best way to deal with this situation without upsetting her and making her think that I think anything less of her. I have so much respect for her and something like this should not bother me, I really should not care but I do and I want to find the best way to talk to her or get her to change.

I am very sorry Denise and Rita that you dont mind the person in your lives telling you what your faults are but I tend to be alot more sensitive and kind around issues like these :)

Thank you to those who understand.............

Reply to Mike Hunt
Posted by: Rita | 2003/02/13

Yes I agree with Denise. Can you imagine how upset your wife would be to find out that you couldn't discuss this with her you had to ask strangers???

Doesn't look like a healthy marriage to me at all.

Reply to Rita
Posted by: cornholio | 2003/02/13

My girlfriend like me being clean shaved(beard wise). I hate shaving my beard but end up doing so because the kissing dries up if I don't. The same kan work for you, you like clean shaven "Fur Burger". Don't go down on her as often, and if she asks why then tell her that's because you don't like the hairy effect. If she misses it she wil keep it cleanly shaven from there on.

Reply to cornholio
Posted by: Denise | 2003/02/13

Good heavens this is your wife that you got married to for goodness sake, she is your partner for life (hopefully) and you cannot discuss this with her??

When I read the stories on here I cannot believe that two people can do all the things they say they do to each other and yet the most simple thing of all is that they cannot discuss like two responsible adults what is bothering the other one. That is sad!

Reply to Denise
Posted by: Nikita | 2003/02/13

Why not get everything ready the next time, and then YOU shave her!

Reply to Nikita
Posted by: P-The Origanal! | 2003/02/13

About 10 years ago I saw a clean shaven one for the first time, and it looked funny, but after getting used toe it, (this relationship lasted about 3 years) I must say it is preferable to one that is not shaven. But even that does not bother, why should it. And nature must have created things the way they are for practical/medical reasons

Reply to P-The Origanal!

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