Posted by: ck | 2007/11/28

Mad Cat

My cat is about 1 year and2 months old in human years. He is extremeley aggressive. He actually attacks you while you walk past. Today has been the final straw. He also sprays all over the place. How do I get the smell out , and will having him "fixed" help with that?? Will it also help him being so aggressive? He also just pounces from nowhere and bites your legs. My son has countless scars as do I and it hurst. Any advice, beside getting rid of him???

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Yes neutering should resolve it. Doe she play atack or is it actual aggression?

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Posted by: Blaah | 2007/11/29

dettol is poisonious to cats
please take heed as well as savlon

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Posted by: ck | 2007/11/29

thanks for all the advice, I will go and try it.
I dont think claw caps ill help, cause he actually bites and then claws. And yes he does go roamung. He practically out all night and then sleeps all day. He has a huge yard to explore and hunt in and we have caught him with a few field mice and once with a lizzard. So I dont think he is really that bored. He is a "pavement" special breed. Meaning we got him from someone who got him from someone. Maybe its a male thing, I had a male cat many years prior to this one and he too was very egocentric and moody.

But thanks.

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Posted by: Cuca | 2007/11/28

To get the smell out:

Get an empty spray bottle. Mix even amount of dettol and water and then put in a cap or two of of vanilla essence. It works, I promise you.

(we were selling our house, and were having a show house on the sunday. This tom cat got through our window on saturday night and sprayed everywhere. It was a tiny house so you could smell it every where. This treatment worked, oh and bonus is that I do like the smell of vanilla lol).

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Posted by: Sindi | 2007/11/28

I do realize that it may not be the best thing that we did, but we cannot help it. It's so funny to see her swing around with that look she gets on her face and then we have to literally run for dear life. Hehehehe

Obviously we dont do it all the time!

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Posted by: Blaah | 2007/11/28

also her actions are motivated
you have turned it into a game
and it is a game for her
so the actions are re-enforced over and over

i bet she is a taddy cat ;p
they are all nuts

p.s. ck try claw caps till you get the out of the habbit of attcking available at the vet
harmless to the cat, soft rubber cap covers the nail allowing it to still put out the claws, but stops him from scratching you

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Posted by: Sindi | 2007/11/28

Eric, yes, she has alot of things to play with. Their back yard is quite big and they have 3 other cats as well. I never thought that she could be bored, tho, I thought that was just her nature. Now THAT is a mad cat. hehehe

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Posted by: Eric | 2007/11/28

There's a product from the same company that makes Feliway, I can't remember the name, it's a pink spray bottle, that removes pee smell. You can get it at your vet shop.

Cats that "hunt" people are terminally bored, the experts say. does he have toys and can he go out to hunt?

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Posted by: Sindi | 2007/11/28

A friend of mine has a cat that is like that. She does not like to be touched at all!!!!!! She is very very aggressive. It is a game for us, but if you pat her on her back she will swing around and chase after you. Not just for a while either. She 'hunts you down' until she gets you and then she slaps you with her paw. Nails out of course!!!! heheheheheh it is actually very funny. We are all afraid of her. Hehehehe

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Posted by: Blaah | 2007/11/28

you will get used to the vinegar smell
it isn't too bad
do it about a couple of hours before guests or everymorning before you leave

eventually no smell

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Posted by: Blaah | 2007/11/28

take a bowl
mix vinegar and lemon juice
mirco till hot
place bowl in centre of room removes the smell
jut becareful whn you take it out the micro that you don't get a nose full
and make sure you don't spill on yourself

it also cleans the mirco wonderfully at the same time

as for the carpet there is a product called p off if i am not mistaken that takes the smeel out
don't use any product with amonia as this will make him spray more

after being neutered he may carrying on spraying fo a little while but it should stop
fixing him alot earlier would have made sure this problem never happened, but hey, too late now hey....

get feliaway spray or vapouriser as well this seems to also help stop spraying

is he s specific breed?
certain breeds are more agressive spayed or not

if he attacks you
do not swot at him or make a fuss
he sees it as a game
if you can squirt him with water

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Posted by: ck | 2007/11/28

thanks, but how would I get rid of the cat pee smell in my house. It is very embarrasing when I have guests.


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Posted by: marianne | 2007/11/28

Having him neutered will stop a lot of the agressive behaviour and stop him from spraying all over the place.

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