Posted by: des | 2008/06/10

long story...


about 5 months ago i started having really bad panic attacks. so bad to the point of Depersonalization. My Gp has since placed me on aropax, but what happened was that while my anxiety was being treated, depression started to arise. i have been on Cipralex now for a month and i can honestly say that there is a difference. The problem i am facing now is that the Cipralex costs R250 a month and i really cannot afford it. i hav left a message for my Gp to call me so i am expecting his call today.maybe he can put me on somthing cheaper.

The other problem is that we have an outsourced company that assist our company's employees with 24hr help, for example, law info, drug and alcohol addiction etc. i have met with them and they reffered me to a Psychotherapist, who in my opinion, is not helping me at all. in fact she straght out works on my nerves. i hav been to her for 3 1hr sessions, and i have had no help from her. i dont even think she understands what the hell i am trying to explain to her. i have spoken with this company and they told ME to cancel further appointments with her. Like yea, i am supposed to call her and say: oh i am sorry, i wont be coming back because your psychotherapy is not very effective?

I only have three sessions left of what is owed to me, and now they have given me another lady to go to which is about 30min drive from where i live! my gosh, as if this is helping cause now i have addisional petrol to come up with...

i am just so tired of trying to explain to peolpe what it is i am going through. i just cant get it right.
I dont have major things going on in my live that i can say: ok this and that is wrong, hence the reason for depression. i will be normal at work, then all of a sudden one of these moods will take over my mind and i cannot think clearly. i go completely quiet, and i really dont want anyone talking to me at that point. it feels like i am losing my mind. like i cant think straight and it feels as if my insides arnt attached to my skin. like everything inside me is moving around. i hav tried going to the loo just to get some alone time, but these bouts usually stay for about three hours..and i cannot exactly move away from my desk at work because i am not feeling well.
it feels like i am on the edge, like something bad is going to happen. if someone should blow a bomb next to me when i am feeling like htis, i think i will die of a heart attack. sometimes, i break out crying, AND I HAV NOTHING TO CRY ABOUT. i get so upset with myself because i hav no control over it. these feelings consume me. i hav two children, aged 4 and 2, and sometimes i will be driving and these thoughts will go through my mind. like an accident is going to happen and my children will be thrown out of the car. these horrible images in my mind really gets to me.or when i vacuum i hear a child crying.its like i am paranoid that something is going to happen and i wont be able to hear it because of the vacuums noise. i also hear things like people talking from a distance but i cannot make anything out. i swear i am losing it. i havent told anyone about the voices as i dont want anyone to think i am mad. it doesnt happen often, but i am sure it shouldnt happen at all.
and all this psychotherapist can talk about is breathing techniques, and that i should be so hard on myself and that i should think of myself as a porcelain cup. that it can break anytime and i should try and feel sorry for myself. Screw feeling sorry for myself. i want this to end!!!

please help me :(

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PLEASE, folks, for complex psych problems insist on seeing a fully trained, specialist psychiatrist, and don't just rely on a GP. GPs curently seem to have an obsession with Cipralex ( I'd be very curious to know how they have been so thoroughly "sold" on this particular drug, which does NOT have major advantages over many others that are cheaper. For instance, Cilift is similar and much cheaper, and likely to be at least as effective.
If the psychologist you have been sent to is NOT helping and indeed irritating, tell those who referred you and ask to see someone else. CBT methods should be very helpful in your situation, but some psychologists still use out-dated and ineffective methods that are simply a waste of time. Lets hope the new lady is more useful to you. Leave the other with her porcelain cups.
Depression can obviously sometimes be clearly related to sad events in one's life, but also often arises for entirely chemical reasons, which is where medication can help to correct the chemical aspects of the problem, while CBT can help you handle the effects of the depression, and bad habits of panicking and of negative thinking.
See a psychiatrist for a re-assessment and re-consideration of your treatment needs

The information provided does not constitute a diagnosis of your condition. You should consult a medical practitioner or other appropriate health care professional for a physical exmanication, diagnosis and formal advice. Health24 and the expert accept no responsibility or liability for any damage or personal harm you may suffer resulting from making use of this content.

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Posted by: Des | 2008/06/10

pray? i should probably pray more. you are right. i hope God will help me. i know that without His help, i woould have probably lost it by now...

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Posted by: pray | 2008/06/10


it will end

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