Posted by: ManWhore | 2003/12/17

left nut feels funny

I guys

I'm a tad worried about this. my left nut feels different from my right one. almost as if theres a swolan gland or something there. has anyone else ever had this, or do you think i should contact a dr. ASAP?

i'm keen on the dr story, but not so keen on him touching my nut. if its a her dr, then i'll be there in 5 minutes.

thanx for the advice

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Our expert says:
Expert ImageSexologist

Make an appointment for a full health exam, and discuss this problem in the context of the rest of your life, including any recent changes before your testicle started to hurt.

Testicular cancer most commonly appears as a firm, painless swelling of one testicle. Cancerous lumps in the testis are generally not tender when they are touched. Testicular cancer is a relatively rare form of cancer, usually occurring in men between the ages of fifteen and twenty-five years, especially if they have an undescended testicle.

Other causes of swelling of the testis, which are harmless: hydrocele, a collection of fluid in the scrotum; epididymal cyst, a fluid-filled swelling of the epididymis (the structure behind the testis where sperm mature), which may also cause fever and discharge from the penis; and varicocele, varicose veins in the scrotum, which is described as feeling like "a bag of worms." Inflammation of the testis can also be related to bacterial infections.

Torsion of the testis occurs when a testicle rotates, and the spermatic cord becomes obstructed and the blood supply is cut off. This most commonly occurs around puberty and causes acute severe pain and swelling of the testis. A hernia is the protrusion of an organ or tissue through a weak area in the muscle or other tissue that normally constrains it. The term is usually applied to a protrusion of the intestine through a weak area in the abdominal wall. The first symptoms of a hernia usually include a bulge in the abdominal wall and abdominal discomfort.

If during sex you are engaging in S & M (sadism and masochism), with twisting, pulling, or squeezing of your testicles, this may be a cause of pain. Otherwise, average masturbatory or sexual techniques do not cause your testicles to swell. It may be simply coincidence that you had more sex than usual before your testicle swelled.

Men are encouraged to perform a monthly testicular self-exam to become familiar with their anatomy, and to note if any changes occur. Do a testicular self-exam during a shower, when the heat of the water relaxes the scrotum. Rotate each testicle between your thumb and forefinger, making sure you feel a round, firm surface. Look at the rest of your scrotum's contents for any changes.

Lastly, testicular examination whether done by a male or female health care practitioner should not be your desiding factor - this is not a sexual experience but an examination that could save your life.

Dr Elna McIntosh

The information provided does not constitute a diagnosis of your condition. You should consult a medical practitioner or other appropriate health care professional for a physical exmanication, diagnosis and formal advice. Health24 and the expert accept no responsibility or liability for any damage or personal harm you may suffer resulting from making use of this content.

Our users say:
Posted by: peanut | 2003/12/19

'Smatter?', 'deassing?'. Are you for real, Khathi or are you trying to play an illiterate idiot? It is also amazing that you have not noticed that you are irritating just about everyone on this forum with your stupid answers written in pure bush english.

Reply to peanut
Posted by: Khathi | 2003/12/18

Ag Shame Peanut , trying to make you self smatter by deassing me. Can blame u, out of all the names you just had to choose Peanut, that shows how big your brains are. Anyway i did not say anything wrong in my reply, i think you are just too bored. Did not no what to say, so you decided to make yourself look smatter with my answer, coz what you answered here u just briefed my answer. Stupid u think people wont notice.

Reply to Khathi
Posted by: devil | 2003/12/18

hey Cape town raver....u sound just like a double adpater.....concerned about someone elses dick u moffie

Reply to devil
Posted by: peanut | 2003/12/18

Khathi, you are on the wrong site as well - you belong on an idiot site.

ManWhore, your problem is most probably a build-up of semen but you should have seen a doctor already. So what if he is a male? You can't let your pride lead to the loss of a sex life.

Reply to peanut
Posted by: Khathi | 2003/12/17

I dont know much about this, cause i am a women, but i think u should go and see the Doctor Female or Male as long as they are good, maybe this is serious stuff, you might even loose your man hood so go as quick as you can. The's only few men in this world so we can have one running around without his man hood.

Regarding the feedback you got from Devil, i think he is on the wrong site. He should go to this porn site, this is not a playing dirty zone china, here we talk about serious stuff and we give best advices as we can, so go and play somewhere else u are starting to irritate, u fool

Reply to Khathi
Posted by: CapeTownRaver | 2003/12/17

Devil: This is the second EXTRMELEY STUPID reply you have posted on this forum that I have read in the last 2 minutes. PLEASE STOP -|- ING AROUND - go play somewhere else! These ppl have ACTUAL problems (same as YOU apparently, but only CyberSHRINK might help you with tthat).

ManWhore - wow, what a name, but anyways, yeah, go see a doctor, and I agree with you, I wont let any man, doctor or not, touch my nuts, so find a female doctor and go for it! This isnt something you should play around with. A man's jewels are his pride, and if they are "sick" it has to be fixed!

Good luck!

Reply to CapeTownRaver
Posted by: DEVIL | 2003/12/17


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