Posted by: Dittohead | 2006/04/19

Latest Dr. Phil episode was embarassing

Did you see it guys. The one about the mother who doesnt treat her one child as nicely as the other becaue she is not as good looking and has a skin disorder. Then there was the mother that tells her daughter to please play with the pretty girls or the girls who wear nice clothes. Well the show was an absolute screw up. First of all when Dr. Phil's son walked around wearing make up to make him lok ugly the idea was to see if people would treat him differently. First of all Dr. Phil's son said he had a different personality doing the job and there maybe lies the reason why people treated him diffeently. We see the same thing in before and after photos in magazines where the lady or man in the before photo is shown with the most miserable look on his/her face and their hair or whatever is not properly donre anyway. haha
If the experiment was to be done properly Phil's son should have shown his usual cheerful personality whichhe didnt.
Then he tries to hit on this girl who is actually his fiance and she refuses the drink he sends over from another table. Why did she refuse he drink? What type of women doesnt have a heart and smiles back and just shows some respect and accepts the drink. It doesnt say anything positive about his fiance then. haha
And here's the catch at the and of the show his fiance talks about the drink offering and she is really beautiful, the thoughts of Dr. Phil to not judge people by how they look fell flat on their face by the obvious fact that Phil's son in a way is perhaps superficial for going for a beautiful girl. The lesson that Phi ltried to teach just fell flat on their arse! It all left Dr. Phil sounding superficial anyway.
It was the least effective Phil show I've ever seen. It didnt practise what anybody preached really.
Dr. Phil doesnt very often at all have bad shows.
I know you dont like Dr Phil Cybershrink but I find him to be a rather caring man and within the time frames of his program he always does his best to honour the idea of giving the best advice he can.
I dont think its easy at all what he does. And I know that just one session with a perso canot be that effective but I think he spreads education about many topics and gives hope to people with ideas.
Hell, even I know somebody like Oprah who got Dr. Phil a head start in TV gets people doing many positive things.
I agree with you Cybershrink that the actual process of putting these people on television and telling some embarassing things about themselves can have disastrous consequences but sometimes you can tell these people really just want help.
This may sound rude but are you perhaps jealous of his fortunes of being on TV and making so much money? I have seen so many times of him organising gifts and lift ups to people on the show that I think he comes across as a real giver. Nothing wrong with that in my opinion. However putting the boy on who had abused his daughter and sexually abused many other girls at school was absolutely unnecessary. What about how the other kds would dgrade him at school? You've got to wonder why these people go on TV rather than just see a local shrink in their area. Perhaps they want the free car or something. haha
I have contradicted myself in this post by looking at many sides of opinion but I agree with many of your thoughts too.
Go ahead and tell it like it is Cybershrink!

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Expert ImageCyberShrink

Hi Dittohead,
I don't watch Dr Phil ( if you'll check out the archives of this forum, I've discussed why I don't appreciate his pompous, bombastic and superficial interventions, and his devotion to the luxurious problems of the rich. From the sound of it, the "experiment" in this program was wholly phony and contrived, and signified exactly nothing ---which should have fitted well his general show style.
What he does is far, far, easier than it looks --- rather than facing the real mix of problems a normal practitioner does, he has a large team which carefully selects people to appear with him, there is much pre-programming and preparation, and contrived quick fixes. And not much follow-up ! As therap, i's as realistic as BIg Brother Nigeria is about African Politics
Not in the least jealous of him. I've done my share of TV and radio in various countries, and don't envy his work or his fortunes. He may appear very generous in the shows, but that is contrived by the design of the show --- I don't watch, so I can't be sure, but is he really giving gifts from his own pockets ? Or is his production team arranging donations from other sources ? That may still be worth doing, but it's not the same. As lady nina says, it is showbiz, not therapy. And I don't like it when the distinctions are deliberately blurred, as this gives people misinformation and unrealistic expectations.

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Posted by: lady nina | 2006/04/20

hi girl

you must remember it's showbiz more than anything else
and showbiz is all about giving the people what they like - it does say very little about our morals and standards - if these kind of things give us the kick we need ... the producers are in it for the money and i must say dr phil. so yes what they show is 90% of the time a showbiz because that what they are in - he is 10% of the time a dr and the rest of the time a talk show host who has to keep the producres and nnetwork happy by making them rich - that's all showbiz girl

sure he says a couple of good things but so do you and i - but how many " wisdom" can you come up with to keep the show on the road? unless he is for real there is no way he can be successful for mush longer - personally i feel he has to little to say to be on tv everyday - when he was with oprah he made an impact because he only had one show and had enough "wisdom" to keep us entertained but now with a daily show i fear he is finish and grasping at straws to keep the show on the road

tv is for entertainment and money, trying to make it into something more you need to change the people behind it
and since im in the film industry - i can assure you that 90% of the times its about money - it might start out with passion and morals but money changes 90% of the people over time


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Posted by: Regular | 2006/04/20

Don't you work?

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