Posted by: Lala | 2008/01/14



I am now really at wits end. I have a 4 month old lab x chow x gsd. a lovely little bitch so full of energy and so playful. BUT so destructive. I do not have a living room set anymore.... she destroyed it, I dont want to give her away, but moaning doesnt help either... she wets her self when I do that. I cannot leave her outside, because of the neighbours terrorising my dogs. She does have a friend an older lab x and lots of toys. So it cant be that she is bored. She is the worst gardener ever :-) she eats grass dig holes in them, bring me flowers. even fetch the neigbors newspaper and bring it to us, just to chew it up in the living room. I love her to bits but how to train such a dog?? Any ideas??????

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Is she more destructive when you are not there? Try using a DAP vapouriser where she spends most of her day. You will need to take her to school to train her to respond to voice commands.

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Posted by: Traxy | 2008/01/15


I found something that keeps my pup busy for hours. I bought a Kong (or rather an imitation, because the real thing is too expensive) from the pet shop. Every night I fill it with biscuits, canned food and a bit of peanut butter then I freeze it over night. works like a charm!

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Posted by: Blaah | 2008/01/15

Mine is Lycan i.e. werewolf and he lives up to his name as well,one minute a normal day to day dog, then the next a drooling, frothing crazy nut....
fortunately he spends his time out side, but i work from home, i also struggle with time with him though.
you are lucky though that she did not start taking out her boredon on your other dog, mine did and that was not nice nor pretty and we had to find other things for him to take out his frustration out on.
now the worst as far as that is concerned is he terrorises the dog (Boer Bul) behind us through the wall, they bark and go ballistic at each other through the wall....
we are now fixing that problem ;p

try playing wth her in the morning to tire her a bit, but give a decent come down period before leaving so she isn't all charged up when you leave

you will be suprised how much they can learn an how quickly
but remember to re-enforce tricks you have taught already between new ones so she remembers them

good luck and keep us posted

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Posted by: Lala | 2008/01/15

Thanks guys!!

Made me feel better.... I will never ever give her away am so fond of her. Its just nice to know my baby isnt the only destructive lab x chow x gsd around. Yes she is kept indoors for the whole day because of the neighbours. Ill look into the training suggestion. She is a very clever doggie, we spend a lot of time over weekends with them. i do realise this is not enough. will make a point do play with them everyday. maybe she just lives up to her name .... Chubby.... :-)

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Posted by: Blaah | 2008/01/15

Ah a fellow in arms
I have a soon to be 1 year old LadXChowXGSD male (40kgs worth of dog)
fortunately he has never destoryed my furniture, but he has destroyed my yard, the car licence plate, the gate, a couple of skirtings, water bowls, hose pipes, pillows, blankets, truned a maple tree into a bonsi and the list goes on, but he has been worth every destruction
he too wets himself if i am to hard on him, and wets himself when we come home and he has done someting wrong (before we even find it), he has never been smacked or harshly handled.

i have to tell you though that it will get better with paitence
there are companies that have peple that come to your house to spend time wth your animal, playing, training and socialising (at least in PTA)
they respond better to positive re-enforcement
and training
if your pup knows what you expect from her she will do that more than what you do not want her to do

i found with lycan the more tricks we taught him the less naughty he became
he can now: sit, beg, shake, lie down, roll over, sleep, speak, sing etc even go to bed on command ad fetch certain toys on command

i understand not everyone has the time to spend on things like this but a few minutes everyday is all it takes
we found this little (big) mix is very trainable and learns quickly

remember that alot of toys means nothing as toys don't throw themselves or squeak themselves

i found a empty 2l coke bottle is more interactive as it shoots all over the place when they play with it or pounce on it, there are other interactive toys on the market as well

the main factors you must look at is TRAINING, excesize (this mix needs alot), diet (some diets can make a dog hyper), i agree with cyber vet on the DAP as well as the animal is kept indoors.

good luck
this mix has a heart of gold, is very loyal, but rather naughty and stubborn, the time you put in will be worth what you get out

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Posted by: Jean | 2008/01/15

Remember that at 4 months old she will also be starting to teeth which could explain some of the chewing. With my puppies, I have given them a piece of grape vine to chew on as this does not splinter like some of the other woods and lasts a long time (one of my dogs gave me this idea when we took her as a pup to a wine farm and she found herself a piece of cut vine. She is now 5 years old and we still have the piece!) I also take a face cloth and tie a knot in the middle. I then wet it and put it into the freezer. Once frozen I give it to pup to chew on - soothes the sore gums.

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Posted by: Chill | 2008/01/14

Raising a puppy is HARD WORK and let nobody tell you otherwise. You have to PREVENT unwanted behaviour, by watching out pretty well all the time, so that you can intervene before things go wrong.

Puppy school is the best thing you can do - you'll learn all sorts of things and so will she.

You don't say if you're home with the pup all day but here's another thing: I doubt there are many puppies in the world who wouldn't be naughty and destructive if they are left in a house unsupervised for any length of time. This isn't them being evil - they simply want to play, explore, chew etc. If you can't be there to watch and train, then you will have to create an environment where the damage she can do is limited.

If you don't sort this out soon, you could end up with a long-term problem. Not only that, if you end up giving her away after that, she's going to have a very hard time and it's possible nobody will want her - very few people can afford to have an untrained, destructive, large-breed dog chewing up their furniture!

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