Posted by: Gigi | 2011/11/18

Kangmei Slimming capsules

Where can I buy these from in the Durban area.

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Our expert says:
Expert ImageDietDoc

Dear Gigi
I am personally not in favour of over-the-counter slimming pills and potions, but you can ask your pharmacy or at health shops in Durban is they stock these Kangmei slimming capsules.
Take care

The information provided does not constitute a diagnosis of your condition. You should consult a medical practitioner or other appropriate health care professional for a physical exmanication, diagnosis and formal advice. Health24 and the expert accept no responsibility or liability for any damage or personal harm you may suffer resulting from making use of this content.

Our users say:
Posted by: Anonymous | 2016/02/06

Where can in get Kangmei i am in zimbabwe?

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Posted by: Anonymous | 2015/09/12

Where can I get original pills in Pretoria

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Posted by: amy | 2015/08/14

Hey I've bought the original kangmei slimming capsule (gold) from our local chinese store,at first I had no side effects,however day 4 and 5 I experianced migraines nausea and vommiting,I'm eating better and exercising and drinking 2ltr of water as this a side effect from the tablets?its not worth it feeling this horrible all day!

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Posted by: Anonymous | 2015/12/01


Posted by: nadesca | 2015/06/15

Hi where can I get the original one!!! Please let me know 071 939 5331 from RiRichardsbay

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Posted by: Sarah | 2015/03/02

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Posted by: Anonymous | 2014/12/21

Have just lost 12kg since 20th November on an all new product. That's right in just 1 month. This is the most amazing product I have ever tried. I don't get hungry and my metabolism is working great, with enough energy to get me though the day. I have lst several cm's too. Was 95kg and now 83kg. The product is a combo and also keeps me regular. So so happy. The bottom line is that one must also eat right. Tony. 0729426052

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Posted by: Anonymous | 2014/10/28


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Posted by: nuna | 2014/09/28

Hi. I have been using the kangmei tea and it works. but I bought the capsules in vaal Beverly hills and the packaging was new, it was a container with a gold logo and 2015 expiry date and when I opened them to check the powder, it was light brown, I had a little flow of periods that didn't have a pleasing smell, headache and I started shivering a bit and was tired but couldn't sleep. could it be that they fake. are they dark brown or light brown and is the container packaging really new? please help.

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Posted by: Anonymous | 2016/08/11

There are two fakes, one is a white powder inside.. the other fake is a very light brown. That too is fake. The original is a grainy darkish brown/green colour. The capsule is also a white and dark green coating. The original is very effective. The white powder one also works but will give u bad side effects like sweating, nausea and mood swings. It does however destroy the appetite the most. The original I find gives me a sense of euphoria so it really lifts my mood and gives me loads of energy, and also kills my appetite.. so for me the side effects are good ones. The other fake, light brown powder just did nothing for me at all. Total waste.. was like having a spoon of water. Zip!

Posted by: keng | 2014/09/20

I have started taking kengmei gold for 3 days now no side effects as yet only a dry throat.I hope it works as I want to loose atleast 10kg in a month#fingers croosed#

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Posted by: xolie | 2014/08/29

Hi I bought kangmei there r 24 capsules inside others say ther should 30 plz help which one is the original

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Posted by: xolie | 2014/08/29

Hi I bought kangmei there r 24 capsules inside others say ther should 30 plz help which one is the original

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Posted by: Charmaine | 2014/07/24

I have just bought it at a Chinese shop in phoenix plaza for R35 and it works because half of Shoprite staff is using it and I spoke to most of them and they said it work wonders...

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Posted by: Zee | 2014/09/24

Hi Charmaine, this plaza you talk if.. is it in the Johannesburg area. My friend used the pills and lost so much weight. She is in Cpt now and I am in Jhb...

Posted by: zamanguni | 2014/05/23

hi iv just bougght the tablets i want to know is it safe to take two instead of one table. iv checked insude too the powder is brown.

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Posted by: mbali | 2014/03/15

I've been using the kangmei slimming tablets for four months nw I'm soo impressed I'm nw wearing size 34 frm size 38,,

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Posted by: Lerato | 2014/07/14

Hi Dear, Where do you get them. I have just purchased the fake ones. They look so real but they are not

Posted by: Anonymous | 2014/02/16

Hi guys I bought mine from a local pharmacy was told that its original was R60. I came on the net, opened the tablet saw the brown powder, checked the box, everything was in order, thort I had original, for 2 days I suffered some heavy detox symptoms thereafter I was ok but on day 5 I got an inflamed throat and my head was pounding, thereafter I got dizzy and flu like symptoms. As though I had been hit by a bus, I stopped taking it by then, ian on no other medication, except kangmei, I am gonna take myself to the doctor as uam feeling. Completely out of sorts, really guys rather eat healthy, I myself battle to lose weight and from wat I gather pills jus make u feel worse, iam feeling so terrible I cannot explain it, I have 2 wonderful kids I stil need to be around for and an amazing husband, these side effects are not worth it,

Reply to Anonymous
Posted by: Tenzy | 2013/12/15

Hi there i used to use the tablets and had excellent results, i want to start them again as i am battling to lose my baby weight - the reason why i stopped originally. My son is 7 months old and on solids and formula during the day, at night he likes to "breastfeed" - he sucks on me for comfort and drinks a bit during the night - my breast milk is mostly finished and wont give him a full feed. What i would like to know, is whether it would be safe to start taking the tablets now? i know that the box says usage during pregnancy and breastfeeding is not advised, would my case be a little different? what effects would this have on my son if he had to get any of it? i am slowly starting to wean him off the boob, and i know that wanting to start the tablets early is quite selfish of me, naturally i do want whats best for my boy but if the tablets wouldn't do him any harm then id like to start them up again. Please, any advice will be great, does anyone know about the effects of the tablet should it get through to my son in any of the milk he may get from me at night/ TIA

Reply to Tenzy
Posted by: kayla paulsen | 2013/12/12

hi im kayla .. Ive been using the kangmei slimming pill for a week now. And cant seem 2 loose weight.. I feel all the time hungry when i drink the pill. And get pains am i using the wrong pill or the right one? Inside the pill its brownish.. And on the top of the box its gold.. Infront of the packet its gold.. And in the back its also gold... I bought it here by a local china shop for R45.. What am i doing wrong? Please anyone reply on this message.

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Posted by: Anonymous | 2015/03/23

The boss is half green and half white the green must be a solid green. 12 pills per sheet X2 sheets per box. Gold behind sheet should be a silver gold not a deep gold. 1st pill should make you feel a bit loopy thereafter you will feel thirsty. Drink 2L of water and take a kidney support supplement as this product will destroy your kidneys. I have been taking it on and off for years. Eat right, exercise, and drink plenty water

Posted by: beverley | 2013/10/14

these capsules work for me!! i am hectic overweight nd it take away my appetite completely...there was a write-up in a cape town news paper a few months ago that it is deadly!!! any comments on this? I saw the write-up>>>>

Reply to beverley | 1 comment (hide)
Posted by: lynne1986 | 2014/03/03

every time something works, there will always be some or other idiot that will find something wrong with it!

Posted by: Jen | 2013/09/18

Hi there, I bought the red label slimming tables. so far no side affects, just not sleeping so good. just remember that if you decide to go on a dieet, you have to eat heatly and do some exircise, otherwise you are going to waste your time.

Reply to Jen
Posted by: mari | 2013/09/16

Hi waar in polokwane kan ek die kangmei produkte weet my asb op 0762324980.dankie

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Posted by: Anonymous | 2015/12/01

nee maan ons weet nie

Posted by: NAvisha | 2013/08/21

Hello , I am from mauritius . Can you kindly le t me know where i can get the kangmei slimming pills? In addition a friend of mine is going to Joburg. Can you kinldy give me the shop or pharmacy name and address where i can get the slimming kangmei. Thank you.

Reply to NAvisha
Posted by: Anonymous | 2013/05/23

I dont think they work and beside you might be putting your at a high risk.

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Posted by: Karen | 2013/03/04

Hi, Were in Centurion can I'll buy the Kangmei tablets and what is the cost? Regards Karen

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Posted by: AMANDA | 2013/11/20

hi daar Karen jy kan die pille koop by die Chinese mall op die ou Jhb pad R45 dit is fantasties en dit werk!!!

Posted by: Sanita Moulton | 2012/03/06

Does this capsule really work as advertised?

Reply to Sanita Moulton
Posted by: Stephanie | 2012/03/04

What does the real kangmei look like

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Posted by: Annatjie | 2012/03/03

Just so that you know - I have bought the Kangmei slimming capsules from an agent in Polokwane. I have been drinking it for two months. No results except that I am not constipated any more.
I however noticed that it has an effect on my menstrual cycle. Every two weeks I would go without in over the weekend as to not to become too dependant on them. Once I stopped drinking the capsules I would start menstruating. I don''t think that this is good at all! I checked the contents of the capsules they are a khaki colour. This month when I had my actual menstrual cycle I had a heavy flow and the pain was excrusiating.
Could one of the agents please comment on this - is this normal?

Reply to Annatjie | 1 comment (hide)
Posted by: Anonymous | 2013/08/22

Hello Annatjie, just to find out did you manage to get answers to your request? I have the same problem and do not know if it safe to keep on using. I have been using it all together 3 years and are worried about the long term affects it might have.

Posted by: opal | 2012/02/29

Hi there,

I am an agent for Kangmei products and capsules in Benoni, please let me know if you are still interested in purchasing it, I could send you a brochure/ info if you like as well?

My mail address is

Kind regards,

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Posted by: Robynne | 2014/02/18

Hi I would like to order kangmei kapsules do you deliver to cape town and what does it cost?

Posted by: Amanda | 2013/11/20

hi there what about the ladies who said they have bad effects with the pills???

Posted by: Chris | 2012/02/29


I would stop taking them. Maybe you did not have the original one (which is supposed to be absolutely natural and save) some contain Sibutramine which is an ingredient that when tested showed a higher occurance of cardiac events and strokes. so if you experience a faster than normal heartbeak, stop taking them and see your gp.

Reply to Chris
Posted by: seema | 2012/02/27

it is my 2nd packet but now i got constupation n some time headach n fast heart beat just need 2 know is it ok for me ?.....but i must need 2 say just 2 kilos lost.(note : inside da capsule bown powder)

Reply to seema
Posted by: angelique | 2012/02/25

hi monica! there is a chinese clotthing shop next to the 1001 beads shop at parkrand shopping centre in boksburg that sells the golden logo tablets for R59. good luck!

Reply to angelique
Posted by: martha | 2012/02/21

Hey Monica I have a lady in meyersdal that I buy my kangmei products from if u want to u can email me on and I will give u her number she also delivers.

Reply to martha | 1 comment (hide)
Posted by: janine | 2014/12/10

Hi martha can you please send me the details of the agent that delivers, im also in the meyersdal area thank you

Posted by: KangmeiGold Capsules | 2012/02/21

Please add KangmeiGold Gauteng on facebook or email us for any questions or orders concerning the Kangmei Products.

Thank you,

Reply to KangmeiGold Capsules
Posted by: monica | 2012/02/14

where can i buy the original Kangmei slimming cpasules in Alberton Gauteng.
or how can i get them.

Reply to monica
Posted by: Anon | 2012/02/13

Good Morning

Have used the tablets for a week and cant seem to loose weight.. The ones I used were from a packet with the red label but the foild pack inside is printed in chinese. Am I doing something wrong or am I just in a hurry to loose weight. I bought them from a local chinese shop. Please help.

Reply to Anon
Posted by: Fat Attack | 2012/02/11

Hi will there be at the Oriental Plaza in Centurion? If so which store?

Reply to Fat Attack | 1 comment (hide)
Posted by: Karen | 2013/03/04

Hi Just want to find out were do you buy your Kangmei capsules and what is the cost for that? I'll stay in Cneturion. Regards Karen

Posted by: nalz | 2012/02/09

Hi, I started on the kangmei slimming caps today. So far I have only gotten thirsty. Will keep u guys posted on the weight loss. I hope I''m as successful as some of u.

Reply to nalz | 1 comment (hide)
Posted by: Lee | 2014/07/14

Hi dear, Where do you purchase your Kangmei pills. If you get thirsty all the time then that means those are original. Please help

Posted by: Kangmei Lynnwood | 2012/02/08

Some agent tried to sell me the fake ones as well this week.

Be careful.

You can contact me for the real product at affordable prices.

The postage charged is usually for express mail - I can promise you I am sending off a lot of packages and it was R57.00 up til December, a counter to counter package cost you R61.00 now!

Reply to Kangmei Lynnwood | 7 comments (hide)
Posted by: famida | 2015/10/16

Plz fwd your email add and contact nos

Posted by: famida | 2015/10/16

Pls fwd your email address

Posted by: Anonymous | 2015/10/09

I would like to purchase the original products please contact me via WhatsApp on 0613614556 or mail in thank yiu and I live in durban

Posted by: Anonymous | 2015/04/12

Hi I would like to purchase the original product only please. I live in Durban . My contact details r as ffg: furhana motala. 0827860981.

Posted by: Yvonne | 2015/01/09

Do you still sell Kangmei Gold? If so please provide your address where I can come and buy Thanks

Posted by: Nicole | 2014/05/20

I need the original pills,

Posted by: Carol | 2014/03/06

Hi, I need the original Kangmei...Please no fakes. Can you help me?

Posted by: rina | 2012/02/08

Hi ek het de pille gekoop op ''n advertensie wat my R340 vir 3 maande gekos het.Het weer by die plaaslike China shop gaan koop vir R50.00 Ek het die 2 pille vergelyk en oopgebreek, die een is donker bruin binne en die ander een ''n ligter bruin.Watter is die regte een albei is die goue boksie.

Reply to rina
Posted by: Neeltjie | 2012/02/07

Good Day,I have been using the Kangmei Gold for a week now and now I''m very constipaded.Is that normal.I do not know what to do.Can you please email me with a answer,my email address Please I need your help cause this is very frustrating


Reply to Neeltjie | 1 comment (hide)
Posted by: Anonymous | 2014/04/04

if you are constipated, just make sure you drink a lot of water to balance this out.

Posted by: alvira | 2012/02/06

i''ve used the capsules for a month now and have not lost any weight. can someone please tell me what i am doing wrong.

Reply to alvira
Posted by: liz | 2012/02/05

I''ve been taking it for two weeks and have lost 4kg. No side effects and I can see a difference! I''m gonne carry on taking it to see how it goes. I''ve heard that the colour logo doesn''t matter as long as the powder on the inside is brown and check for an expiry date at the bottom. Also I''ve been taking the gold one. I heard the red one and stronger and the black ons just contains chilli (or made with chillies) so its just different flavours I suppose you could say. As long as the powder inside the tablet is brownish and not white. Also follow instructions. Don''t give up if you don''t see results in the 1st two weeks. And drink enough water. Since most people reccomend the gold one I''d say get the gold one. I found it at china town for R60

Reply to liz
Posted by: tanya pretoriua | 2012/02/05

Can I buy This pills online?

Reply to tanya pretoriua
Posted by: Louise van Niekerk | 2012/01/30

Hi All, my Name is Louise, i have started using Kangmei
19/01/2012 - since then i have lost 4.5kg and i am very impressed. this weekend i went to China mall and baught alot of tables because everyone was complementing me on my weight loss. and they also wanted to use the tablet. when i was taking
the tables off the shelf a random lady came to me and my sister
to tell us to watch out for the fake ones because the red lable is
the stronger one between the gold lable and the red lable. so i was a bit confused. but baught the tables in any case, while we were walking around i came to another shop that sells the kangmei but the red lable, so i went in to maby buy a sample just to see if there is any diffrence. but the chinese man behind the counter told me that there is no diffrence it comes from the same factory and sometimes the run out of curtain inks and that is why the lables on the boxes is diffrent from another. then he told me the only way you can see if the tables is fake. is if you open one and the powder is white. because no hurbal powder will be white. it will be a broun greenish colour. so immediately i opened one in his shop and the powder was brown. then he said see i told you so. so i just knew if he wanted to make a sale out of me he would''ve told me that the red lable is the correct one. instead he was just telling me the truth. so for those that still does not know if they have the correct one. just open one tablet and check the powder, white means it is a fake drug that can make you very sick.

Reply to Louise van Niekerk | 1 comment (hide)
Posted by: Anonymous | 2014/09/17

Louise, dear, please learn to spell! Your spelling is horrible!

Posted by: Marietjie | 2012/01/24

I am currently trying to get pregnant, but can still do with a bit of weight loss ... will this capsules have any affect on fertility???

Reply to Marietjie
Posted by: Tumz | 2012/01/24

Kindly connect me with a Johannesburg distributor. Preferably in the northern suburbs of Joburg as I''d like to collect my purchase. Thank you

Reply to Tumz
Posted by: jaco | 2012/01/18

hi there i just want to know if this product is legal to use in professional sports and if they test me before a komp. will they D.Q. me. I have lost 8,5 kg in a month and feel great.

Reply to jaco
Posted by: Eureka | 2012/01/18

Hi There,

I have epilepsy and take anti epilepsy meds for it. I would like to know if I can use Kangmei Slimming capsules

Reply to Eureka
Posted by: Ilze Sutherland | 2012/01/17

I''ve bought the pills from our local chinese shop and was also extremely sceptical, bordering on scared, to take it. I have however started taking it and can (gladly) say that I have no negative side effects on my second day of using it yet. I''ve therefore come to the conclusion that I''ve bought the original one - here''s the description of the ones that I have:
Logo printed in Gold with an " R"  at top of logo, packaged in silver (foil like) package on the inside (no printing on this), pills are packaged in normal capsule packaging with silver cover and chinese printing on the silver cover, colour of the capsule contents are khaki''ish (greenish/brown) powder.
It''s too soon to say whether it is working, as I''ve decided to only weigh myself once a week so as not to get dishearted.
Hope this helps.

Reply to Ilze Sutherland
Posted by: Elaine | 2012/01/14

PPl in Durban go to Springfield park CHINA can buy the following kangmei products
kangmei slim caps (24) (Gold logo) = R35 to R50 depending which store you go into. a woman in JHB sells them for R120 plus delivery charges @ R40 or R60 postage...the box is as light as a feather!
the apple slimming cream is R12 whereas JHB sell it for R50... the veg and fruit caps I pay R70 and JHB sell for R150...

all very well ppl are earning money out of being like an agent for this product but to rip ppl off to this extent is very bad.

Reply to Elaine
Posted by: Zet | 2012/01/14

I found these pills when I visited Durban @ Northbeach where there is KFC and Spar supermarket few blocks behind Elangeni Hotel there is a small shop there next 2 Absa Atm that''s where u can find them. Hope this was helpful and they were much cheaper than here in JHB half price to be exact!

Reply to Zet
Posted by: zaahira | 2012/01/13

hi. i would like to know which is the original? the white or gold label? also. should the packaging be printed or not? and inside the tablet,should it contain brown or white powder? box should be dark green or light?

Reply to zaahira
Posted by: Maritza | 2011/12/13

Hi there,
I have epilepsy and would like to know if i could use these tablets??? I''m using anti epilepsy meds.

Reply to Maritza
Posted by: Maria | 2011/12/12

Where in Richards Bay can I get these Tablets and is it the real Gold one and how do know fake from the real one.

Reply to Maria
Posted by: Anne-Mari | 2011/12/09

Lise, did you use the original gold kangmei slimming capsule? There are so many fakes and if people use the fakes they can get very very sick. The original gold kangmei slimming capsule dont have any side effects at all and is 100% safe. U can email me at or look me up on facebook under Annies Kangmei. I will help you get the originals and if you still gets sick i give you back your money! I have faith in the original product i sell and have done my homework on this! The real kangmei capsule does not contains sibutramine. People is giving the original kangmei a bad name just because sume people experience bad things when using the fakes without knowing that. People who want to use over the counter slimming products please be sure to do resource before taking anything and be sure you choose the right product for you as person that wont have any effect when u have certin medical problems. Or even better consult your doctor beforehand to be 100% sure!

Reply to Anne-Mari
Posted by: Lise van die Kaap | 2011/12/07

stay far away - they are toxic! contains sibutramine - look it up...I have experienced it first hand - may lead to strokes and heart disease...

Reply to Lise van die Kaap
Posted by: Minda Bornman | 2011/12/06

You can order some from me - I can send it to you with express mail.

Reply to Minda Bornman | 1 comment (hide)
Posted by: famida | 2015/10/16

Plz fwd your email address

Posted by: mel | 2011/12/05

Hi I would like to know if this pill actually works. And if so, where in durban can I get it.

Reply to mel
Posted by: Mariska | 2011/12/01

i have been using the gold kangmei for about 6months and lost 10kg. please advice how i can determine which ones are fake as i see there are red and black ones now.

Reply to Mariska
Posted by: lolo | 2011/11/29

i buy them in china shops.

Reply to lolo
Posted by: DietDoc | 2011/11/18

Dear Gigi
I am personally not in favour of over-the-counter slimming pills and potions, but you can ask your pharmacy or at health shops in Durban is they stock these Kangmei slimming capsules.
Take care

Reply to DietDoc

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